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  1. mrsnolatron


    I had to laugh at the end when Bright was handing out promotions like Oprah, but when he gets to Morse he just says, “Eh, good job.”
  2. mrsnolatron

    S15.E08 Top Ten Men 2018.07.30

    Was anybody else yelling at Vanessa to shut up during Darius and Comfort's routine?
  3. mrsnolatron

    S12.E07: Rock Never Dies

    Did I miss the explanation of the girlfriend's yanked tooth?
  4. mrsnolatron

    Murder, She Wrote

    "If a Body Meet a Body" - is that the one where Rex Smith (Solid Gold) is Stu the blueberry farmer and he spouts the line "Somebody! Stole my van!"? Ah, I love that delivery, and I don't even remember whodunit. I watched this show as a kid every Sunday night with my grandfather. It was "our show," and now the reruns are my Friday night wind-down ritual. I put the kids to bed, fix a cup of tea, and relax with those cozy little murders. Now my 8-yr-old wants to stay up and watch them with me, even though she doesn't always understand what's going on. And I let her, because it's a gentler way to expose her to more mature themes without it being too gory or frightening. Plus she knows Jessica is Mrs. Potts.
  5. mrsnolatron

    S01.E08: Bad Blood

    Because she's a teenager and you have to go to medical school to become a forensic pathologist. "To become a certified forensic pathologist takes approximately 13 years after high school" according to forensicpathologist.com. Granted, Shadowhunters don't follow the same educational schedule as mundanes, but it's still a stretch. She's a kid, even by their measure.
  6. mrsnolatron

    Books Vs Show: Compare & Contrast

    One thing the show has done for me that the books never did is make me like Alec. He was always a cypher to me in the books, and I never got why Magnus loved him so strongly. But in the show, especially after episode 4, Alec has become my favorite character. I guess his snark was always overshadowed by Jace's in the books, but it's golden here. I love all his takedowns of Clary, his guarded staring into Jace's eyes when they had to "parabatai" it up, and his bewildered shrugs every time Magnus complimented him. I feel like I can finally see what Magnus sees in him, beyond just the pretty face. So good job, show.
  7. mrsnolatron

    S01.E04: Raising Hell

    Simon's voice sounds exactly like Scott Wolf's to me. It's distracting. Also, how did Clary not get any of his (apparently multiple) voicemails and/or not call him back sooner? She's had time to recover from the demon encounter, return to the Institute, probably take a shower and eat something, and chat with Jace. Only then does she casually pick up her phone and call him. No urgency. I know it's to drive the plot, but don't make Clary look like an even bigger flake, show. Despite that, I loved the episode. Magnus is perfect, and Alec is finally showing some personality. Yay!
  8. mrsnolatron

    S01.E06: Episode 6

    When Demelza said to Keren, "Pardon my interference...it was kindly meant," it took me forever to figure out where I'd heard that before. It was Miss Bingley in Pride and Prejudice, only she said "Excuse" instead of "Pardon," and she said it with a sneer.
  9. mrsnolatron

    S12.E08: Top 20 Perform + Elimination

    I know I saw a flub in Ariana and Derek's "Cry Me A River" dance. I'm pretty sure she was supposed to hold his hands as he jumped across the stage but instead she slipped so he ended up dragging her across. And nobody said anything! And they are the two who got saved. Something's fishy in fishtown. Also, I think Burim is very easy on the eyes, and he looks like the world's best student standing next to Asaf, but I can't help thinking he was cast because he kind of looks like Robert Pattinson. Just me? Sorry to see Lily go. She was a non-entity to me until tonight. Darion looked like he was half asleep the whole episode.
  10. mrsnolatron


    While Ed is VO'ing the story of how the king and queen in Sleeping Beauty always longed for a daughter, the show cuts to Maggie (the boss lady) taking the other half of the torn photo out of an envelope, and she herself is the missing person in the picture. The show then immediately cuts to Marta in her hospital bed while Ed goes on to say the evil fairy cursed the daughter so she'd prick her finger at age 15 and die. The moment he says that, Marta wakes up. The heavy implication is that Marta is Ed and Maggie's daughter, and that she and Kirsten were both "bred" to be stitchers by their crazy scientist parents.