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  1. My money is on Fred (or Frederick) Noyes Keller. It’s Nathan’s grandfather‘s name. The youngest Keller brother is already named David, so I don’t see them doing anything with that. The name hasn’t been used before. Jill and the Keller‘s never did a theme so I don’t think Nurie will either.
  2. Most Texans go to this beach. South Padre Island is way more South, Galveston is dirty water… Port A is just right!
  3. Harris might not have gotten a stimulus check. Young adults who were still dependents fell into a weird black hole. Mark could have had his stimulus check go to David, just depends how their custody situation was worked out. I think that would have actually been an interesting episode if that had happened. Darlene was employed at the paper, so it would have depended on Ben paying her above board and her actually doing taxes. Becky should have gotten a check and so should Dan, unless he was being squirrelly with the drywall business.
  4. That’s kind of what I saw an issue with. It’s like he was 90% of the way there on brains, but the last 10% was so dumb it seemingly negates the 90%. I mean that probably pretty well describes Josh Duggar, but from a court guilty perspective it’s a red flag.
  5. It’s hard to tell without seeing the transcript, but I gathered that 1 file set had 65 images in it and 200 files were deleted all together. 200 was the entirety of the collection. But that was part of the Reddit recap so I’m not sure if those are the actual hard numbers or just the ones she recapped/presented.
  6. I believe it stems from one specific video/file that is one of the worst videos ever made and is well regarded as such. It is also pretty infamous on the mainstream side: there are YouTube discussion videos and a Wikipedia entry about it. So while it’s awful it was on this computer, this situation isn’t a top 5 situation.
  7. Yeah but would they lie on the stand and say nope, they had no idea what the password was and Josh always unlocked the computer himself, especially if they thought (or knew) forensics would show otherwise? Like I said, I think Josh is guilty. But I also think there are more holes in the case then people realize with what we saw today. I’m sure the Feds have a lot more breakdown of everything, but if this was supposed to be their best synopsis to keep Josh in jail today... it didn’t work. Now whether that’s because the judge is a Duggar sympathizer or because something was missing is
  8. I read that and I had the opposite feeling. They proved Josh was at the car lot that day, not necessarily that he was the only one that could have had access. I would have liked to see a stronger rebuttal on why it absolutely had to be Josh on the computer. From what I understood, the more private accessed electronics - the MacBook and the iPhone - did not have CSA on it. The biggest connection the Feds has is the password that contained his birth year, but apparently that was pretty widely known as a common password. If they get a brother or two up on the stand to say that yes, the ma
  9. One of the things I didn’t like for the prosecution was the fact that everything seemed to take place those 3 days in May. If the prosecution can’t show more definitive proof that the CSA was accessed repeatedly between May and November, I do fear that the defense is going to claim that it was a set up by a scorned employee. They may even win depending on what exactly the Feds have. There’s a couple of things that I would have liked to see but didn’t: 1) repeated evidence that the files were accessed multiple times over the course of the six months. 2) some kind of rebuttal f
  10. There is no way Jackson would be able to drive to Ohio without a chaperone. I could see Jill keeping quiet about Jackson himself. If there was a chaperone that Jill could exploit, we would know about it. There would be a pic with a Dingus, or proof in the background of a picture... something! I also question where they would have met in recent times. I don’t recall any separate Duggars at the Nurptials. If it was something innocent like Anna & Josh and a few Duggars helped Nurie move, we would have heard about it. Jill, is that you?
  11. Tim uses a lot of “wells” when writing, so I believe it was him. Jill could have picked up the second half, but Tim had a hand.
  12. If Jill died Nurie & Nathan would be roped in to taking care of her siblings. I don’t see David remarrying unless there’s a 30-40 fundie virgin out there a la Jana. If there was someone’s adult daughter who had never been married and was done raising siblings, they would likely be coerced into marrying David. Isn’t David’s mom still alive too? I could see her raising the kids as well. Plus I’m not convinced that David isn’t just as crazy as Jill, she’s just the louder one. I wouldn’t guarantee life improves for them.
  13. Wasn’t there a fake wedding registry floating around at one point? I’m not sure I would trust a baby one just yet. If Nurie is pregnant, the only reason we haven’t heard about it is because Jill doesn’t know. I could see where Nurthan waited to announce at the reunion to the Kellers, then told Jill later. Maybe she’s too pissed she wasn’t the first to know? Their type gives two shits about waiting 3 months. Jill could find a way to grift both off a pregnancy or a miscarriage so I don’t see her holding onto the news too long.
  14. Michelle being there is weird, but my daughter goes to the hospital regularly and they had to stop limiting parents, stepparents & guardians. Too many custody disputes. So letting both Jeremy & Jinger in isn’t odd to me. My guess in this situation is that Doc is a fan.
  15. https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/mat-su/2020/09/27/mat-su-911-dispatchers-featured-on-new-show-as-alaska-makes-its-latest-appearance-on-reality-tv/ I can’t tell if everything is a re-enactment based on what the producers recorded in the dispatch centers or if the footage is real, but only the parts from the caller we hear dubbed over is re-enacted. Nevertheless it does seem like the producers filmed in each location for awhile.
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