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  1. There is no way Jackson would be able to drive to Ohio without a chaperone. I could see Jill keeping quiet about Jackson himself. If there was a chaperone that Jill could exploit, we would know about it. There would be a pic with a Dingus, or proof in the background of a picture... something! I also question where they would have met in recent times. I don’t recall any separate Duggars at the Nurptials. If it was something innocent like Anna & Josh and a few Duggars helped Nurie move, we would have heard about it. Jill, is that you?
  2. Tim uses a lot of “wells” when writing, so I believe it was him. Jill could have picked up the second half, but Tim had a hand.
  3. If Jill died Nurie & Nathan would be roped in to taking care of her siblings. I don’t see David remarrying unless there’s a 30-40 fundie virgin out there a la Jana. If there was someone’s adult daughter who had never been married and was done raising siblings, they would likely be coerced into marrying David. Isn’t David’s mom still alive too? I could see her raising the kids as well. Plus I’m not convinced that David isn’t just as crazy as Jill, she’s just the louder one. I wouldn’t guarantee life improves for them.
  4. Wasn’t there a fake wedding registry floating around at one point? I’m not sure I would trust a baby one just yet. If Nurie is pregnant, the only reason we haven’t heard about it is because Jill doesn’t know. I could see where Nurthan waited to announce at the reunion to the Kellers, then told Jill later. Maybe she’s too pissed she wasn’t the first to know? Their type gives two shits about waiting 3 months. Jill could find a way to grift both off a pregnancy or a miscarriage so I don’t see her holding onto the news too long.
  5. Michelle being there is weird, but my daughter goes to the hospital regularly and they had to stop limiting parents, stepparents & guardians. Too many custody disputes. So letting both Jeremy & Jinger in isn’t odd to me. My guess in this situation is that Doc is a fan.
  6. https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/mat-su/2020/09/27/mat-su-911-dispatchers-featured-on-new-show-as-alaska-makes-its-latest-appearance-on-reality-tv/ I can’t tell if everything is a re-enactment based on what the producers recorded in the dispatch centers or if the footage is real, but only the parts from the caller we hear dubbed over is re-enacted. Nevertheless it does seem like the producers filmed in each location for awhile.
  7. I think there might be a slight illusion going on or Nurthan was trying to stand back to highlight the cross. There’s a pretty big space between the one set of siblings and David/Jill/Janessa, but they seem more at an angle. I’m not sure if the pose is a pregnant pose or “Look out we can touch!” pose. I cannot imagine that Jill wouldn’t shout it from the rooftops unless there was an ulterior motive - double pregnancy or pushing Nurthan for their own social media account. They’re in grifting mode so I can’t imagine Jill wouldn’t play up any opportunity to get more $$$. A new grand baby helps the grifting game.
  8. There’s a lot of suburbs of Fort Worth in Parker County. There’s a Rob & Hilary Spivey who own property together in Parker County.
  9. Spivey’s likely live in Parker County btw. I couldn’t find anything belonging to a Duggar there, but didn’t search past last name.
  10. On the Reality shows at least, they are creating their own bubbles and requiring testing to prove your negative to film. Those work for the 4-6 weeks it takes to film that kind of show. DWTS is requiring that even married pros quarantine away from each other. It’s a harder ask to require regular show crews to create a bubble for 7-8 months.
  11. Depending on what happened, Austin might not be at the hospital with Joy. I know some hospitals were restricting partner access (or not allowing them to leave and come back). She wouldn’t be allowed to have any other family members visit, so taking glamour shots for the mags might be difficult. Her OB also might have agreed to let Joy go a few days past if fluids looked good and the baby looked small. I agree they released the JoKen news to get through the weekend, then we’ll hear about Joy & Austin early next week.
  12. Jill says that’s a fake account, but I don’t recognize that picture as one floating around and the Dinguses have liked & followed the account.
  13. One thing with Instagram is that Anna & Kendra could have blocked Jill and it would have removed them from Jill’s follow list.
  14. The one I worked for had long-term GM’s without college degrees. I always felt a little bad for them because this was literally the best they could ever do. One is a good friend of mine and has been with the company since he was 16. He’s tried to apply for comparable jobs with other companies, but everyone wants the college degree. He works too much to actually step back and get one. He’s in his 30’s and this is it for him. Good money but I can’t imagine it. He has enough personality that he might be able to weasel himself into a District Manager position like Jeff had, but there’s no way he could even dream about headquarters.
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