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  1. Probst literally had the lyrics just "come to him," called production and recited them over the phone, and they produced the song. I saw this in an interview before the season, hopefully someone can confirm because I don't know where to find it.
  2. I wish they weren't bringing back the Edge of Extinction twist. It may not be rational, but I have a sinking feeling that they're going to somehow use it to hand Ben another win.
  3. Ted was 150-200% happy with his wife.
  4. They aren't totally screwed, even if they mishandle the reunion. The ratings are fine. People who don't watch the show have a general sense that there was a mishandled #metoo moment but nobody's boycotting or marching in the streets. People who watch the show and are angry about how it was handled might be a little angrier if it's not covered well in the reunion - and again, I don't see how it can be, without Dan's presence - but most of them will come back for the long-dreamed of All-Winner's season.
  5. Not allowing Dan to be at the reunion does seem wrong to me, if they're going to talk about him at all.
  6. I'm starting to believe Dan might have a problem.
  7. I'm honestly surprised to see the level of anti-Dan sentiment here after what seemed like a genuine apology. So far he's playing a good UTR game aside from the Kellee incident. His name never comes up.
  8. I understand where you're coming from, and I don't disagree that it's a valid milestone, though like many others in this thread I didn't know that Aaron is African-American. But I do believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if Probst had pointed that milestone out, in any fashion, it would have seemed hamfisted and patronizing, and that he would be being raked over the coals for it all over the internet.
  9. I like Aaron but he was an obvious pick, big threat for an extended immunity run. Missy was last week's villain, for coming up with the faux scandal and recruiting Elizabeth into it, but I personally wanted Janet gone first. I know some people were disappointed that Dan didn't go on a witch hunt to clear the air - and his name - but that wouldn't have helped his game. Accepting (or pretending to accept) Janet's apology and moving on was probably the smart move.
  10. I've seen others state that production chooses the clothes they wear, so I'll take that for granted. Up until now, I had been figuring that Lauren had pants or shorts she could be wearing and was just choosing to do everything in her underwear. But after reading your post, I looked back at the first episode. She's in a blue dress, which of course she couldn't swim or compete in. So yeah, they decided from the start that she'd be eye candy. I wonder what would have happened if she had put her foot down, and insisted on being given some shorts? Would they really have refused and not l
  11. I don't think it's obvious because it means that a player can come off the jury and be back in contention, which is so far from anything we've ever seen before that I'm still confused by how it all works.
  12. Johnny declared himself the "King of Spring Break," or something like that... he's in his late 30's, for fuck's sake. I don't hate him like some viewers do but that was just pathetic.
  13. I can only imagine they might lamely throw in that Emiko's mother is too proud to take Roberts help. But there was an adult Emiko, sitting with Robert and plainly stating that she needed money, and plainly not happy... a disaster in the making, even if she wasn't a murderer.
  14. It makes no sense. Robert Q. would be desperately funneling money to Emiko and her mother to keep them quiet, not rubbing his lack of support in Emiko's face like we saw here. I mean, there's usually a lot in this show that doesn't make sense, but this abandonment is the foundation of her entire plot, and the plot for this series going forward into the rest of the season. The only way he, and Moira if she knew about Robert's 2nd family, could avoid scandal and DNA tests and court orders and public humiliation, would be to provide complete and total financial support... it makes no sense.
  15. My hope is that they're testing the waters for taking Barry's adoptive family, including his sisterwife, out of the picture altogether. Possible as a way of changing the doomed future of the Arrowverse in general, what with the Flash disappearing and Star City becoming a hellhole and all. Maybe as a result of the Crisis storyline they've teased? Even if it doesn't happen permanently, I join the chorus in saying this return to where the focus of this show will always belong (actual superhero adventures, featuring the original team Flash), was a nice change of pace and I hope we get more of i
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