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  1. Loving this show, and I'd take a second season with a mostly new cast with a few from this season thrown in. Loving Andrew and Tony2, which I didn't see coming after the first few episodes.
  2. Great to see Alan Tudyk, and I too thought he might be the bad guy at first. Glad they didn't go there.
  3. Actually hoping Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Simpson and Jamie Lyn Spears are considering this for next season!
  4. Colby Armstrong's enthusiasm is infectious. I hope he comes back as a competitor next year. My family has had enough of Ron McLean's ramblings though.
  5. Glad to see Jamie Walters and enjoyed hearing his song. I hope he gets a some new downloads and fans out of it.
  6. This is very impressive. I hope it is highlighted in a later episode!
  7. I was happy for Sam and Paul but I'm hoping maybe a local (Toronto?) travel agency or business will chip in and give Korey and Ivana a trip or prize of some sort.
  8. Re:. Vanity Flair.... I don't know if it was a slip or what that magazine is called in this universe. A few eps back, Veronica had an American Excess card.
  9. My daughter and I fell have fallen in love with this show after binge watching the whole series over the holidays! We are bummed, shocked and sad about this ending though. I hope this is still part of Charles' texting test, maybe worked out with the MTA from the previous episode. It was rather a shocking cliffhanger for a comedy. We loved Amy's 'cool, cool, cool' and Jake reading Harry Potter though.
  10. Tired of the champ too. Was hoping that, for the first time ever, the two women could join together as a team to beat him.
  11. I was actually cheering for Rita & Yvette at the end, but how could they not recognize the Calgary Tower - they are from Edmonton (aren't they?)! Also, they were fortunate that the person manning the C-Train help phone was actually able to help them find the Beatnik Bus!
  12. I took it last night too, and spent some time on Google after. I'm not sure sure I want to look at the answers!
  13. Maybe we're the only ones, but my family would totally watch "Scott Lord, Construction Attorney", on whatever network chose to turn it into a TV show!
  14. I was prepared to like The Grinder better, but I have to say that I've been won over by Grandfathered. All of the actors are doing great work - loving Josh Peck!
  15. Matt and his unsportsmanlike behavior has actually turned my whole family (huge Jeopardy fans) off. We are going to take a break from the show until we hear he is off... if that ever happens ....
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