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  1. Love the way he says "Keel-ay" :)
  2. When they show the results (e.g., of Stage 1), anyone else wishing they would include the ages *not* of the teenagers but of the adults? I guess as an adult, I see it as more of an accomplishment the older you get.
  3. I sure hope those particular tattoos are temporary. I am hoping that her son will design her something that she would like to keep permanently.
  4. Enjoying this so far. Pia reminded us of a younger Traylor Howard, from 2 Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place / Monk.
  5. I agree with you on this. She could have started with a more familiar aria ... introduce us laypeople to the more obscure choices as she continues. The song she sang sounded like random notes to me.
  6. We watched it once and thought it was awful. Michael Bolton looked uncomfortable. They could have just brought him out when it's time to sing.
  7. tracyhmcd


    Yes! Amazing chemistry from the minute they were on screen together!
  8. Finally decided to give this show a try. Binged through all of the shows over a couple of weeks and am now caught up. Gotta say - I love it! I miss Ennis Esmer and hope he comes back, but I am loving the relationship between Danica and her girlfriend. Zoe always makes me laugh. And I love the respect between Angie and Shade. Now I have to wait a week until the next episode!
  9. Very sad to see Kaitlyn go - she seems very engaged in this process. And for any of these hockey players, they *could* look at staying involved with Masters figure skating, which even has competitions. I would recommend this especially for Akim. Overall, I am really impressed with all of the hockey players. It's not easy to learn a new sport, especially one where you learn a new routine each week, especially when you are in your late 20s or 30s.
  10. I'll watch again for more Kylie Bunbury and the hope of more Ryan Phillippe in flashbacks anyway.
  11. We don't normally watch medical dramas but watched the entire season and loved it. The stories were very human. Hamza Haq and John Hannah were amazing in their roles. As was the actress playing Ameera. Nominate her for a Canadian Screen award!
  12. I enjoyed Dylan in the short-lived Fox series LA to Vegas. The cast also included Dermot Mulroney, in a nod to the confusion.
  13. Wonderful to hear Melissa O'Neil sing again. I think I had her album after she won Canadian Idol. She's gotten better. Roselyn Sanchez was a fun addition as well.
  14. Enjoyed the show and the cast, and I don't usually watch medical dramas. We found the background music overwhelmingly loud though.
  15. Nice to see Brooke Dorsay. I always enjoyed her in Royal Pains.
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