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  1. DrBriCa

    S02.E06: The Sounds of Thunder

    My brain went through that exact same thought process! But yeah, I suppose Archer's reports about the Temporal Cold War could be buried under high levels of classified information. (Almost like Omega particle-level with only Captains and flagship senior officers knowing.) One other thing (among many) that bothered me greatly with Enterprise was how they made Vulcan mind meld taboo until Surak's teachings were re-discovered in Season 4. Seems a bit of a stretch that within just 100 years, Vulcans would master the technique again to the level where Sarek & Michael can communicate light-years away, Spock can meld through walls and with Horta, and T'Pau can return a katra into a reborn Spock.
  2. I googled trying to find out what his specialty was and what little I found seemed to suggest he's in the same position as the other new guy (I feel like this show actually would give them the title of "Ortho God"). Granted, I didn't look that hard. My initial assumption based on their dynamic was that Hot Asian Doc is an ortho fellow. He clearly looked up to and took direction from Linc (or Link?), but he also seemed very much superior in the hierarchy compared with Glasses. Since Bailey didn't brag about hiring two ortho attendings, I'm going to assume for now that "HAOG" has completed residency and is doing some fellowship under "Ortho God." (If this is the case, they may have held off identifying him as such to not detract from Jo's storyline of creating a research fellowship out of the blue.) Glasses, Qadri, et. al. should all now be second-year residents, since Jo was clearly depicted as having completed the program at long last. DeLuca is a third-year. I enjoyed Alex & Meredith's scene, though I agree that it's ridiculous to think that Bailey could just surprise Meredith with the decision, given that she is a board member and part-owner of the hospital. After April's name was mentioned several times in both episodes, I was sad Arizona was only vaguely referred to once when DeLuca teased his sister about being single. Though why they feel that Carina has more potential for a storyline this season than either April or Arizona is way beyond me at this point!
  3. DrBriCa

    S20.E40: HOH #15; Final Eviction; Winner!

    I totally noticed that as well. He seemed a little more like he wanted to be near her, and she was acting like any other jury member who greets the F2, not some someone newly engaged.
  4. DrBriCa

    S20.E40: HOH #15; Final Eviction; Winner!

    I remember she had several conversations with Haleigh that aired toward the end (even suggesting they sleep in the same bed once Fessy left). They seemed to have a decent friendship, but then H was evicted on KC's HOH. And Haleigh was the only Hive/Foutte member to vote for Tyler. Agreed with the rest that the proposal was dumb and inappropriate, especially to put her on the spot after she had not seen him for over 2 months. I do think production was aware, however, since I remember last season Cody specifically saying that he was told that he couldn't run up to Jessica as soon as they were onstage and that he had to wait for the winner reveal. So when Chris was able to stroll on over to Bayleigh without even a peep from Julie, I figured that production was all for it. I wonder if some of Julie's rush with the jury questions was based simply on how verbose Kaycee, Tyler, & Angela were for A's eviction last week and even leading into JC's eviction. Since they've proven to be wordy over the last week, she probably felt the need to cap them.
  5. DrBriCa

    S20.E37: Fast Forward; Eviction #13

    I'm fairly sure they'll still show the Jury House briefly. If they need it as a filler segment tomorrow, we'll see Fessy to Sam's arrivals, likely with special emphasis on Brett's as the only big blindside. We may or may not get a peak at Fessy/Hayleigh's showmance status just before Sam arrives. Otherwise, they'll show all the entrances in the finale and then use that to lead into the segment where the jury discusses among themselves their preferred player from the F3.
  6. Actually, they usually still fit a short post-veto segment in between the opening credits and the first commercial break. Then Julie gives the news to the houseguests, and they do the first eviction & interview. The second round of HOH/Veto/vote/interview is really squeezed into about a half hour of time between the 25 minute mark and the 55 minute mark. Then the show ends with us "eavesdropping on the houseguests," often with the next HOH just starting*. The following Sunday then spends a large part doing flashbacks to the maneuvers of the DE while the remaining houseguests are doing some time-consuming competition. *(Julie might need to take a few extra seconds near the end to preview for the audience the next week for the remaining final five, since they'll likely be evicting the F5 and then the F4 houseguest on that next Wed/Thurs).
  7. I also found Derrick's season rather dull, but I give him credit for having a good read on the players' dynamics. I believe he correctly predicted the winner of Celebrity BB early on by noting that Marissa had good social connections and was just under the radar of the bigger personalities. I agree with him here as well that despite how boring Kaycee was in the beginning (esp. for the viewing audience), she's racking up wins weekly now, making her a credible challenger to Tyler. I'm interested to see whom she nominates, especially if she holds off on her new buddy Hayleigh and instead puts JC (at last!) and Sam up instead. Too funny. I love it. Best line of the night! I agree with others that Brett should consider Angela in a potential F2 since the jury hates her (especially with her awful goodbye messages). At first I was going to say that her competition win record might just help her, but since he is Level 6's power bottom, he'd likely have to win HOH or veto at F4 as well as final HOH at F3 to even make it to the end, which would then give him a few wins to match up against her own.
  8. To be fair... out of 9 HOHs, L6 has only won three. And of those, Tyler's HOH for Week 1 should not really factor in, as he had the limitation where he could only nominate half the house, so he put up two early week players (Steve & Robot Sam). L6 seemed to welcome him among their numbers because of his HOH status. He then spent most of the pre-jury phase working both sides of the house until Haleigh's hack. It took five weeks for another L6 HOH (and during that gap, they lost Winston and Rachel along the way), and Angela still had 10 houseguests to choose from. She chose "safer options" from the other side of the house: Rockstar and Scottie, with the other side still iffy on Scottie's loyalty. Her HOH week also saw Haleigh as Hacker # 1 putting up Tyler, and then finally Bayleigh getting back-doored and a near-unanimous eviction vote, so there was a lot going on in that week that might have prevented the Hive from honing in on the core L6. This week is L6's third HOH. Foutte/Hive/"Gang who couldn't shoot straight" have had 5 HOH's, although Kaitlyn fell for Tyler's manipulations during her HOH. Sam's HOH was a wildcard.
  9. It looked like after Sam talked to Fessy in the backyard, Fessy entered the kitchen and Scottie was the first one he saw to process Sam's proposal. Fessy was ready to shock Scottie with Sam's odd suggestion, but of course Scottie already knew what Sam had said. I don't know if he also intended to name Haleigh (or "Kaitlyn 2.0") on his own at a later time, but since Fessy was already discussing Sam's proposition right away, Scottie went for it and threw H under the bus. It sort of (now in hindsight from the exit interview) comes across like the Bayleigh/Tyler conversation about suggesting Angela. Tyler fishes to see if Angela is already Bay's potential re-nom, and Bay interprets it as him proffering Angela's name outright. Now Scottie is the one fishing to see if Sam had just target Hayleigh (hoping that the wild plan would get Sam on the block), but now once it's confirmed, he oversteps his own plan to sink Sam by instead restating Sam's reasons and even calling H untrustworthy. So much better to watch than last season, where they actively ostracized and tormented whomever was destined for the block that week. Or even BBOTT where it also seemed like the two "sides" of the house never interacted except during competitions. Double eviction night likely will be in two weeks now that we have the Jury BattleBack (thanks to Kaitlyn's lack of puzzle skills). The JBB will effectively make these next two weeks stay at Final 8, so then a double eviction will bring them down to Final 6 in the after the first week of September.
  10. DrBriCa

    S20.E25: Power of Veto #8

    Yeah, maybe it's just me being an old crank, but pouring liquid on a floor where people are running is just plain reckless. Serious injuries can happen from slipping and falling. Agreed. I thought it was clever when he initially put the milk on the bathroom floor to make it less appealing for people to want to check under the sink, but leaving the trail of liquid into the hallway and directly in front of the backyard door was dangerous. Brett took a big spill onto his knee with that first fall and certainly could've had a worse injury. Production should advise against that tactic in the future (lest they want another houseguest to spend the summer in a leg cast). I was kinda hoping for some bromance flirting between Scottie and Brett during their scene with Sam plotting against Haleigh, especially after the Scottie crush zing.
  11. Sometimes the smaller container has a prize to entice houseguests who either believe they'll be safe or know they'll lose this comp; it could be like a slop-free pass for several weeks or other prize. But yes, many other times it has been a tool (a bigger cup, a cup without holes) to give someone an advantage. Perhaps since they (apparently) made the track a bit easier to navigate, they didn't feel the need to offer a helping tool. I guess technically he's the Veto winner this week (but when isn't he?!), so there's something, but yeah that was a bit blatant about production's preferred houseguest. If they have to use filler time for one segment of the eviction episodes, I'd rather bring back where Julie interviews the HOH upstairs. Then we would've known what adjective Hayleigh had planned for Julie this week!
  12. Tyler's Cloud App (based on what he said last night) is still good this week (Final 9) and next week (Final 8). Bayleigh's Identity Theft was also good until Final 8. His power lifetime was given as a set number of weeks; hers was specified up until F8 nominations. If anything, Bayleigh's power was shortchanged a week by Kaitlyn's unexpected eviction, but otherwise both powers were good for multiple weeks well into Jury phase.
  13. One thing I've noticed the past two weeks is that Hayleigh doesn't even look at the camera when she compliments Julie. Last week, she looked down at the corner. This week, she looked up at the ceiling in a sort of eye roll. If you're going to pull extreme compliments out of nowhere, at least look at the person when you say them! I'm glad Angela won HOH over Rockstar. I don't think I could handle a full week of multiple Rockstar confessionals! Now that the Identity Theft secret is out of the bag, if I were Bay, I would play up Brett's misconception that this is the only week she can use it. I'd want to find a way to save the power app this week so that I still have it down the road while everyone else thinks it expired. I'd probably talk with Angela about putting up two floaters (Sam, JC, or maybe Scottie) rather than my solid alliance members, otherwise I'd threaten to put up some remaining Level 4. That way, Angela might just do it since she thinks the noms are going to be overthrown. I wonder if one of the "hacks" will be something that activates a jury buy-back, especially due to Kaitlyn's eviction. Kinda like when the producers put in a Pandora's Box specifically to protect certain at risk players (like reviving the Duos twist to help save Rachel & Jordan in S13).
  14. DrBriCa

    S01.E01: Season Premiere

    The bar looks like what is usually the room with a big couch between the kitchen and bathroom where the cast can hang and gossip. Often it's used for the quick planning sessions during the Double Eviction nights.
  15. DrBriCa

    S14.E11: (Don't Fear) the Reaper

    That was definitely my problem with the episode and Bailey's behavior in the beginning. Maybe it happened "off screen" or I missed a line, but she never really seemed to make clear just why she thought she was having an atypical presentation of a heart attack. What specifically was she feeling that led her to realize that it was not indigestion (as she'd mentioned in the car while arguing with Ben) but something more serious? Since the show decided to play up her escalating reactions with insulting the doctors and side-stepping their routine medical history questions, it never really made clear just what symptoms women (especially POC) should look for when potentially experiencing a heart attack, aside from indigestion. If anything, the early events (plus the normal labs and EKG) did indeed made it look more like Bailey went to the ER first with panic attack symptoms as the docs initially suspected but then had an actual coronary event after the exertion of performing CPR on another patient. The Seattle Pres physicians weren't that off base in exploring the panic attack route for an exasperated patient with a high stress job working at a hospital that recently underwent an explosion and a computer hack.