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  1. Just read an article that there's a blind about ma and Pa helping Josh cheat bc Anna won't put out... So gross
  2. After watching some episodes I saw when Carlin went to Evans house and they sing the song together. Carlin says it was written for her but it talks about getting your heart broken and loving again...who broke her heart?
  3. Latest Instagram pic shows a nose stud on Jill...so weird
  4. Sheila spilling the tea ... https://www.instagram.com/p/BbsnbAdg434/
  5. If this bitch say A.F one more time....
  6. Is there anywhere I can read the Craziness of all these random families? I love diving deep into the crazy.
  7. Yes I think in real life this type of thing really happens. The dark web is a real thing with some crazy shit...that I plan to never visit!
  8. Why do they start praying at birth for their newborn child to find a husband or wife that's super creepy. Also kendras laugh or giggle is super annoying. This is why I never watch this damn show.
  9. Since when do you do a bridesmaid first look picture?
  10. Kendra calling them mommy and daddy is super creepy! It just shows how young and immature she is.
  11. Alyssa and the lurch went on a cruise...she was wearing a tank top and real short shorts! Maybe she's in competition with jinger for the rebel role!
  12. So what was that random helicopter scene? I'm guessing that's how Jack dies, Rebecca was picking up his personal effects and that's when the house caught fire. Miguel heroically saves the family from the blaze and wins Rebecca's heart that way.
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