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  1. This is the first show since The Good Place that makes me all warm and fuzzy when I watch it. I love it.
  2. Amybeth just confirmed the show will not be renewed. It really is too bad as I think the show did some stuff really well, but they shot themselves in the foot trying to tackle subjects that had nothing to do with Anne.
  3. I seriously hated Diana in this episode. It was not cool to be so mean to sweet Jerry like that. It was totally out of character. Plus I'm really tired of all the modern storylines, they really don't have the right show for that.
  4. I skipped an episode for the first time. That's how much I loathe Gina.
  5. When will the second part of season 5 be released, anybody knows? The show had barely any momentum, and now it doesn't have any.
  6. Well I hope the writers understand now why the Gina character is not well-liked. How can they write the other characters so well and always screw up Gina like that? That was barely an episode, it was more like a container not even related to the actual season to showcase how awesome Gina is one last time. There was no plot at all; only that the 9-9 will be less awesome without Gina, to which I completely disagree. Sorry to her fans, but good riddance.
  7. Well, that wasn't very good. I barely laughed. Where was Lindsay? Where was Buster? None of the plots were very interesting. And they all relied on secrets and lies. I rewatched season 1 not long ago and what I liked was the different dynamics with the different family members. Of course, they were all mean to each other in different ways, but at the end of the day, you knew they cared about each other. Most of the plot points revolved around one family member and his relationship with a secondary character, like Tobias and is new, totally useless son. Why was Maeby never interacting with her
  8. Now Josh is amnesic. Is there any tropes they are not gonna use?
  9. I would just like to say that our accent doesn't sound like this at all.
  10. I loved Coach in the pilot and I was so disapointed when he left and we got Winston instead. When Happy Endings ended I clamored for his return and the departure of Winston. But I have to agree here, not only does the present Coach not ressemble at all the Coach I loved in the pilot (he seems more a mix of Brad/Damon) but Winston is alot funnier and Coach just seems out of place.
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