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  1. One thing that just occurred to me: would Jay have known that was Alberta’s face on the tattoo? Are there any pictures? Just wondering if there is a deleted scene of him realizing that now he knows what Alberta looks like.
  2. I liked the shoutout about Altoona. The Railroaders museum there is worth of visit, but the town will never compete with New Orleans on jazz. Thorfinn and Hetty - so sweet! Those lyrics 😊
  3. No feedback on last night’s Drew Peterson story? As a local, I’d like read the impressions of the rest of the country/world. And, as a local, I’d like to offer my own perspective: Peterson is conceited, cruel, obnoxious, oblivious, narcissistic, and a host of other character flaws. But he is not as much of an aberration as one would hope. That does a lot to explain how he got away with so much for so long. In the meantime, he’s still collecting somewhere around $80K a year from his municipal pension, despite not working past the age of 55; if he had remained on the force, it would
  4. I’m liking Judd Hirsch’s character this season; maybe because our clothing preferences are so similar….. Really, though, can every episode not be about how insecure Beverly is?
  6. Pastor Rob: fun character, but would not be at all surprised if it turns out women aren’t his type. I know it’s a fine line he was treading in his discussion with Mary, but I sensed an undercurrent. Poor Dr Sturgis. And Missy needs another Red Lobster dinner with George.
  7. But the best Halloween episode ever, Take Me To Your Loudon, can be found online. This show is growing on me; looking forward to the mix of ghosts and modern world norms.
  8. Don’t mean to put out spoilers, but will every ghost get a week off? Nice approach to Halloween.
  9. I thought Judd Hirsch was very sweet (in his gruff way)!
  10. But if Pete died in 1985, would he know about the finale? That aired in 1990. Sam having no knowledge of Newhart makes me feel old.
  11. So I’ve been watching Only Murders In the Building. Besides Selena Gomez’s opening monologue, is anyone else picking up random Dateline references, like Cinda CANNING? I’m eager to see how it ends.
  12. On Saturday’s case about the foster-daughter murder, did anyone else have trouble believing the perpetrator? She was savvy enough to ask for a lawyer at the start, and her six month silence gave her time to draft a story to fit the circumstances. And the detective was convinced she was telling the truth because the husband bought cars and trailers? I didn’t believe her at all.
  13. No one has been arrested in the murder case. And unless someone confesses and gets a plea deal, the future defense lawyers have a Dateline episode to use to challenge the police investigation, unless a judge deems it inadmissible.
  14. If a friend is sick and needs help, I’ve learned that you get the friend to the hospital, and haunt the ER admissions desk until the friend gets attention, Me telling everyone that medicine is ineffective because a doctor didn’t call up my friend for a health inquiry leaves so much out of the story. Your friend/boyfriend was murdered; you have information. You can walk into a police station and demand to speak to a detective. If you see something, say something - that’s been drummed into us since 9/11.
  15. I was only paying half-attention to the hallterview, but did the defendant claim you don’t pay a girlfriend?!?!?
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