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  1. On Saturday’s case about the foster-daughter murder, did anyone else have trouble believing the perpetrator? She was savvy enough to ask for a lawyer at the start, and her six month silence gave her time to draft a story to fit the circumstances. And the detective was convinced she was telling the truth because the husband bought cars and trailers? I didn’t believe her at all.
  2. No one has been arrested in the murder case. And unless someone confesses and gets a plea deal, the future defense lawyers have a Dateline episode to use to challenge the police investigation, unless a judge deems it inadmissible.
  3. If a friend is sick and needs help, I’ve learned that you get the friend to the hospital, and haunt the ER admissions desk until the friend gets attention, Me telling everyone that medicine is ineffective because a doctor didn’t call up my friend for a health inquiry leaves so much out of the story. Your friend/boyfriend was murdered; you have information. You can walk into a police station and demand to speak to a detective. If you see something, say something - that’s been drummed into us since 9/11.
  4. I was only paying half-attention to the hallterview, but did the defendant claim you don’t pay a girlfriend?!?!?
  5. My life is very dull: when I’ve helped friends and family move, throwing footballs and having camp fires never were part of it. Just lots of carrying things and reassembling furniture. Didn’t like anyone involved in the case, but the look of triumph the plaintiff shot the defendant when JJ was lecturing defendant seems at odds with plaintiff’s self-assessed non confrontational manner. Every time either side spoke, the personalities kept getting uglier. Very depressing case.
  6. She is being such a bee-yotch to that driver! Seems like only yesterday she was a Luddite, but today she’s an expert on the capabilities of Postmates messaging apps! The more she cries “baloney!”, the more I believe the plaintiff. Truth is stranger than fiction. Where’s the second dog?!!!!
  7. Is this what a blackmail situation looks like to bystanders? HOW did the show get renewed again? Remember one of the sight gags in Airplane II, the movie poster for Rocky XX?
  8. Isn’t a court appearance traumatic? Where was the emotional support animal then? Defendant seems to embody JJ’s phrase, “beauty fades, dumb is forever” despite the fact that she’s using her cuteness (and hair extensions) to get her own way now. That will fade, eventually.
  9. “The limo picked Sydney and I up!” Forget the other weaknesses of the episode, this is nails on a chalkboard for me. No actor, writer, director or editor noticed this mistake?!?! It’s the grammar equivalent of 1+1=11, because two ones together are used to write 11. https://learnersdictionary.com/qa/when-to-use-i-and-when-to-use-me
  10. I liked Mary’s joy in his bagging skills! Heavy things on the bottom, cold things together, etc. Feels like that scene provides more training than my local grocer…..
  11. I was too distracted by the centipedes on her eyelids. Still, it could have been interesting to see the video.
  12. The more I heard the defendant mention debt, the smarter the plaintiff seemed. If his name is on the title, couldn’t it be seized to satisfy a debt? Or wouldn’t he have the right to seize it from the daughter? Based on his histrionics in court, I can easily imagine him doing that out of spite. The daughter’s restraint and tears spoke volumes: she didn’t take this action lightly. There are some people who expect adoration from others: defendant reminded me of some I know. Nothing is ever enough.
  13. Is JJ sanctioning the delayed theft of the puppy?!?!! Seems like she is. The plaintiff has been taken advantage of twice. Something tells me this won’t be the last time the defendant is sued in her lifetime.
  14. Poor Billy. i guess his little sister has been written out, or did Herschel take her?
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