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  1. You guys, I think the circumstances are getting to me because I actually enjoyed this episode, particularly the prank Scott and Khloe were pulling on Kris. Mostly because of Scott, but still. I feel so dirty! Kim could not keep a straight face. I actually don't think Kris was in on the joke. *small voice* Even Kylie didn't annoy me and I thought she looked pretty in the scenes right before the operation when she had no makeup on. She actually looked her age! One thing I did notice - was it me, or did Khloe not seem all that thrilled with Malika's pregnancy announcement? I thought she was a little weird about it. Jealous of the attention? Anyway, clearly I have to get out more. I'm losing it!!
  2. I feel like NLG has a pretty obvious alcohol problem. She drunk tweets, catches hell, then deletes them or does damage control.
  3. I'm slightly interested in this Kylie storyline about being "too sick" to attend that fashion show for her collaboration with Balmain. No way would she want to miss that just out of laziness, so obviously something happened. Was she really too sick? Or was it some other "personal" issue? Breakdown because she found out Travis was cheating on her constantly? I don't particularly buy that their breakup has been as relaxed and amicable as she (and Kris) have let on to the public. And I kind of want that dirt. The only really interesting things about the whole family at this point are the things they don't want the public to know. They are pretty good at keeping certain things on lockdown, sadly.
  4. Yeah, there is no way that Rob would be capable of caring for a young child by himself. He can't even take care of himself, I think the poster above probably perfectly described how he is taken care of by Kris. The problem is, Black Chyna also does not seem to be in any way a stable parent. I think Dream's best hope is a good, consistent nanny. Hopefully they keep at least one nanny and not a revolving door of new ones. And hopefully some of her aunts are good to her. I do believe that the Kardashian women love their kids and nieces and nephews. Hopefully they are consistently there for Dream, too.
  5. And now I think this is EXACTLY what is happening! Not because I don't believe Khloe would be stupid enough to take Tristan back, because obviously she has no sense whatsoever when it comes to men, but this does REEK of a storyline for the show. They already are trying to paint Tristan as desperate to get back in the family's good graces in the newest episode that just aired. Honestly, I barely believe he gives much thought to his daughter, much less the rest of that family.
  6. Oh dear. This is totally going to happen, isn't it? Oh, Khloe.
  7. Kourtney used to be my "favorite", and over the past couple of seasons I've realized she is completely insufferable. So smug and self satisfied. Who knew that Lord freaking Disick would become the highlight of the bunch.
  8. I mean, I think she's just asking her followers the question as a way to engage with them on social media, since I've seen a lot of parents asking that same question on my own social media. I think it's more to look relateable for Kim. I highly doubt she's actually taking their suggestions. Interacting with her "fans" on social media is a big part of her job.
  9. I cannot believe Tristan agreed to that, lol.
  10. Kylie has donated 1 million dollars to Coronavirus relief efforts. https://www.tmz.com/2020/03/25/kylie-jenner-donates-1-million-coronavirus-relief-efforts-covid-19/
  11. Was Bryan Craig wearing a toupe in yesterdays episode? The bald spot was gone and the top of his hair looked a slightly different colour...
  12. I'd do it for 5 million. And absolute anonymity.
  13. Kylie (and her lips) looks perfectly normal in this picture. She looks much cuter without the crazy make-up and clothes. This picture seems to support her claims that she hasn't had surgery. To me she looks like she did a year or so ago, before all the speculation. http://www.tmz.com/2015/04/08/kylie-jenner-age-looks-without-makeup-photo/
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