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  1. In some seasons, chefs usually openly talk about whether they are cooking for the judges or for the regular people that they had to serve for that challenge. And many of them very honest about they are trying to please the judge more. I would think good food is good food, and the opinions would be relatively consistent. But lol, no. Not the case at all. Which is why I am very glad that this season including a panel of very different chefs. In season 14 Charleston, in which i am rewatching. There is an episode where the superfans were able to give a score. Of 7 matches, he disagree with th
  2. I am trying to do a demographic breakdown because despite a lot of criticism. I feel like Top Chef casting is extremely diverse and should be given way more credit than people give the show for. Even with early seasons. However, I ran into a problem with people like Gabe Erales. I can't tell if a person is a white Hispanics. If anyone is rewatching old seasons and stumble upon a person that is racially ambivalent by look, let me know because I can't watch all 17 seasons just for this project. I just want definite proof to defend this show integrity.
  3. https://www.mashed.com/365480/the-best-dish-tom-colicchio-ever-ate-on-top-chef-exclusive/#:~:text=The dish Colicchio is referring,Top Chef in season 9 ( https://www.bravotv.com/blogs/best-thing-gail-simmons-ate-on-top-chef Gail in 2017 and Tom in 2021, after all these seasons of Top Chef still said Paul Qui's dishes are the best they ever had. If they had an all winner season, Paul inclusion is a must. I hope by then, he was able to genuinely and properly redeeming himself to his victims (if that what they want and to be honest, they matter the most and really can be argue the only
  4. Uproxxx pointed out Chris's dessert must be crazy good for Dale to want second even though it was the 14th dish he ate that night and must have been full. Hunger of course to me is one of the greatest ingredient out there for a good meal. Which is a factor on why going first tend to be better. I will give another example, on Top Chef duel, Marcel and Richard went head to head on making a dessert with a hot and a cold component. Richard serve second. And in that 3 to 4 minutes between the judges eating/criticizing Marcel dish to eating Richard's dish, the heat transfer between the two temp
  5. Read my reply to catrice, I do attribute this to Gabe that design the team to be almost independent of each others outside of plating really. He tried to make the team element of it into non existence. For what it worth Sara is the the most team player of the group. She, even with her insecurity of the front of the house, trying to push to got some of that stuffs (drink and what not) done 1 hour before service. Since everyone making 2 dishes independent of each others. Anyone taking their time decorating etc is wasting their own cooking time. Unlike the other team, the Penny team do thei
  6. Kokoson team, 5 of dishes are collaborated works. I think there is a reason why Gabe's team is the way it is. They stray awayed from collaborating. They strayed away from having a front of a house/executive chef. Just so that no one supposed to fall on someone else's sword. And that everyone supposed to own their own dishes whether it is success or failure. 7 dishes aren't divided by 4, hence Gabe had to do an extra dish to make the work load even and everyone is separate from each other in term of their food. I think they trying to beat the meta game, and all a while digging their own
  7. I hope my post merge and not double post :/ put can't seem to put quote into an already existing post. Anyway, past contestants did mention that for restaurant war challenge, going first is a big advantage. The Judges are probably hungry, whereas when they going to the second service they already more than half full. Especially in regular season with a larger amount of service. Where they could just focus on the judges then play catch up. Rather than fell so far behind due to services when the judges come. People serve second usually would have a line that very backed up by the time the
  8. I am thinking while watching the episode is that he (Brian Malarkey) pick Dawn to go base on the ranking on the episode avishar going home (right after Nelson/Gabriel) and that Sara is the winner of the competition based on wide range of cooking (not really, her range is about as wide/limited as all the top players of this season). So for Dawn to have that edit, and for Sara was the one that went home. Man, Malarkey got one two, two punches right there. Anyway, I do think Sara can cook back in. As for the discussion on Dawn, regardless of her, HER TEAM CANNOT WIN. The other team was flawl
  9. okay, shot fire. You should not apply to be a showrunner. What you advocating for is a gigantic budget for renting, shooting, manpower, food, scheduling for a one hour episode. May as well just toss the whole Restaurant War episode in the trash. I think you are looking for like Kitchen's Nightmare or something. Or a documentary of some kind. The reason why Restaurant War is absurd, it is because tv is absurd on its face. Look at other competitions. People hanging out on an Island and do weird stuffs and call it Survivor. It made for tv. The stresses bring out drama, which some folks
  10. Dale was arguably one of the forefront runners of both very competitive seasons that he was on. He was definitely top 3 in season 4 with Antonia Lofaso (love her) behind him, Richard, and Stephanie. Would you be happier if Lisa F (or Mike I) from that season be on there since she is runner up and even beat Richard Blais in the finale? In season 8, he kinda pretty dominating. Had probably the most wins of everyone before he got eliminated 6 solo wins and 1 team win. Not sure if he would be the strongest 3 in that competition. I would argue that he is, but there can be a good counter argum
  11. I really really want to try more French food but unlike other cuisine. French is on the more expensive end, it is hard to able to try too many dishes. I had 4 dishes so far. Even escargot, I like the Asian preparation more. I hope I am able to try a lot more French food. As for Italian, I had try what claimed to be the best Italian restaurant in Charleston with people speaking Italian, the food taste like cafeteria food even worst than Olive Garden. But I used to live in Little Italy in Chicago and had try the food there. Their pizza is well interesting but probably not for everyone esp
  12. Hmm, this is a crackpot theory because I haven't go over the data and especially we have a few contestant that trained in classical French and do pretty well (and win). But Chris, like Nicholas Elmi had always been criticized for under salt. Likewise, Hung, back in the day, had food that was (at time unfairly) consider as soulless. And in either this or the last episode, it seemed like they meant salt when they say soul XD. But yah, Chris is a very technically sound chef. His protein was cook masterfully while completely bland. As far as my very limited exp with French cuisine (and by th
  13. I saw some weird reddit post accusing Tom of favoritism and gave Gabriel an immediate chance to come back to the competition. And then another LCK chance after he lost the first one. Here is my response. . When Last Chance Kitchen first came to be, there are some obvious flaws. 1) Early eliminate chefs had no way in hell to actually come back to the competition. 2) And in the event that they did, they could literally miss 90% of the seasons and win it all. Which would make the fans outraged. LCK came to be in the first place to the fandom always had chefs that they think unfairly e
  14. Allow me to grate your nerve some more. If you rewatch the series, Maria happened to bump into Gabriel quite often. Team up with him in the very first challenge and had cook directly against him couple of times. Gabriel grates on her nerve just as much as she grates on your nerve. And I like Gabriel, I do buy that his asshole-ness is just him being assertive after years of not feeling self confident due to being overweight (at least that is the explanation that he gave). That also explain the many many non meat dishes that he cook too (also his salad in last chance kitchen). Many chefs d
  15. Like usual, a lot of self projection of the posters on the people on screen. But then again, even the most lovable people like Shirley Chung had her own haters (for the weirdest of reasons) so of course that magnify 20x for someone like Gabriel. One thing is for sure, without him, there would be way less tension in the first few episodes. In season past, there are seasons where everyone are lovely (probably molded by the backlashes of other contestants in season past), and some viewers had complained how boring those seasons were. We are in the 18th seasons. Gone are the contestants that
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