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  1. She seemed to think it was weird, too, which makes me think she really didn't know it was happening. I think a welcome home party would have been less awkward.
  2. In still laughing at "quack lawyer." Is that what we call lawyers who do their jobs and get their clients off? Monique was wrong but her lawyer did exactly what he was paid to do. I love it when Gizelle is rendered speechless. And I say that as someone who liked her this season. I want to see Michael in the hot seat next year. He's the most vile person on this show and he skates by every season. "I'm so glad juan dixon isn't here!" Yes, I'm sure Juan feels the same.
  3. I'm so sick of hearing about this damn fight. I may not watch next week but I'll be interested to see what'll happen when letters go out. I can't imagine a scenario where Monique is asked back but it's far from a sure thing because despite Andy's statement, I think Bravo quite enjoys violence. And sexual assault, too, given Michael's continued presence on the show.
  4. I purposely avoided watching the George Floyd video for months so big thank you to Bravo for showing it with no warning. That was awesome! /s I'm black, I know all about that kind of trauma so I didn't need to see it. That said, I like that we're seeing some of the protests on the show. It would have been super fake if we didn't since it was such a major event. If Kandi's story is deadbeat Block, I'm already bored and over it. Cynthia is annoying af. For all the (mostly true) talk of Porsha being dingy, I think Cynthia is also on that train. She's a dingbat who can't keep her boobs from spilling out on tv. And I'm sorry, Mike is creepy and gross to me. He's cheated on every woman he's ever been with and he looks like a naked mole rat. Kenya...whatever. The man has shown repeatedly that he doesn't want her just like every other man she's brought on this show. I don't care anymore although I will say good for her for building a pool at her house that she bought before he was in the picture. Imagine having the balls to declare you don't like pools so your family isn't allowed to have one. I'm ready for Drew.
  5. My advice about wigs? Leave them at the store. All of these women look ridiculous. I'm sorry, but none of their wigs look realistic and they're almost always too heavy for their heads. Candiace has GORGEOUS shoulder length hair (she posted it on sm last week) yet she insists on going on tv looking crazy. Same with Gizelle. Whatever happened to extensions/sew-ins? At least those look halfway believable. Anyhoo, I like Karen but she lost me this week. All she had to do was tell the truth and she wouldn't have come off looking like an unhinged loser. Wendy's mother rivals Dorothy for me. Meaning I don't want to see her again. She sucks. I need Robyn not to make fun of Karen. Girl, your AliExpress embezzled hat shoot was in an alley. You have no room to talk. Ashley is messy and annoying but I can deal with her. I don't want to see Michael again. He sucks. I would say I don't want to see Jamal again but, well, he's already granted my wish LOL.
  6. To add, the seed of doubt was planted for me in the interrogation room when she starting talking about fourteen year olds doing gang initiations. It was so nonsensical it made me pause and say wait, why would she say something like that? But I STILL found her sincere in her Dateline interviews until it all started unraveling.
  7. It's been a long time since Dateline surprised me but this one did it. I found the wife completely credible for the first hour or so.
  8. Karen dropped out of college after being sexually assaulted. She just wasn't able to finish. She mentioned this on the show but I can't remember which season. But Monique only said it once and it was only after Gizelle asked if she was homeless LOL.
  9. Actually countersuits are pretty standard and in this case, it worked. I'm not team Monique but I'd want the best possible defense too and she got that. I'm also a black professor and I'll be the first to sign it. The degrees, the "in my culture," the chip on the shoulder... none of this is entertaining in the least. And the sad part is, I WANT to like Wendy because I like that she's a straight shooter and I loved her event. She just can't seem to stop being obnoxious.
  10. There's nothing anyone can say to make Wendy's little speech any more palatable to me. Maybe it's the fact that I'm also a professor (not at john's hopkins) who studies race for a living but...the idea that black folks should concern themselves with what certain people think, after all the bullshit certain people have pulled throughout history AND just this year alone is laughable to me. And sad. I have standards. I believe in standards. But I'll be damned if my standards have anything to do with stereotypes which are themselves based on racism. Not a single one of these heffas even questioned the validity of the stereotype (spoiler alert: there is no validity to it). Dr. Wendy, if you're reading, did none of your academic institutions teach you to question assumptions before arguing against them? Miss me with it. Now and forever. Sidenote; I can't wait to see broke Chris and Michael crying on the reunion about how their behavior lived up to the stereotype of white men being violent. Oh, wait...
  11. @drivethroo I agree, having a slick mouth doesn't warrant violence. I said that in my post. I'm just saying Candace needs to realize that there are Moniques walking among us who don't have her restraint. For self-preservation's sake, she might wanna re-evaluate. That doesn't make Monique any less wrong.
  12. I think Monique was dead wrong. That said, the rest of these heffas are getting on my damn nerves. Well, not all of them. Robyn gave me life tonight. I thought she handled Monique perfectly. Facts, logic, and disapproval minus shenanigans (bodyguard? Really Gizzard) or concern that de good white folks are gon think bad bout us (really Dr. Wendy? Miss me with that shit you five degree having loser). I liked Monique but her refusal to just apologize and stfu has changed my opinion. Other women have fought on these shows and lived to see another day. There's a way to move forward and generate good will but girl, this ain't it. Candace...ehhhh...she's a victim here but I think it's very telling that her biggest allies on the show have repeatedly said they find her annoying as hell and wish she would shut her mouth. It can't always be everybody else. Sometimes it really is your jacked up personality that sets people off. Do you deserve violence? Of course not. But like Ashley said, sometimes you poke the wrong bear. Not everyone will argue back indefinitely...
  13. Re: Daniel, As fine as he is, and as much as I wanna see him again, that ship sailed last season when he smugly told Issa, "I always have to rush in to save you." That was the sentence that made her turn down head, sex, and free room and board. She ain't calling him. Speaking of fine...Bennett? I want him in it. I don't care if it's Kelly, Molly, Issa, or Ahmal. Somebody needs to climb that before the season ends. P.S. his name is Norman Towns. You're welcome.
  14. For me, the fascination comes from the twists and turns. As a true crime junkie, the baseline is Person Kills Spouse for Insurance Money. This is that on steroids. Woman's brother is a backyard hitman who tried to kill her ex-husband and succeeded in killing her new one. And then woman joins a cult. And then the cult leader kills his wife for the insurance money. Then he marries the first woman. And then the first woman's niece's ex is almost killed, likely by the brother. And then the brother is killed. And then the kids disappear. Honestly, you could remove the kids and I'd still watch every episode ever done because I know more fuckery is just around the bend. Niece's new husband is lucky to be alive after that wire stunt. He might wanna watch his back.
  15. This. I think I posted in one of last season's threads that Lawrence is the type of person who stuff happens to. He never means for things to happen, good or bad, they just do and then he either acquiesces to the good or moans and whines about the bad. I love this because it's so true to life for some and because the characterization for him has always been consistent. Chad is a go getter. Condola is a go getter. Kelly is a go getter. Lawrence is an "I guess"-er. The only reason he got off Issa's couch is because she (and Tasha) encouraged him to. The only reason he took Tasha on a date is because Chad told him he should. The only reason he dated Aparna is because she pursued him. And on and on... The only reason he and Condola had a convo about their relationship last night is because drunk lady made him think about his position. He knew from jump she was divorced so he could have BEEN asked her those questions but that's not his way. Bless his heart. And now he's gonna go sniffing back around Issa only because things with Condola are uncomfortable. Chad ain't shit but I'd date him over Lawrence any day.
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