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  1. I mean, Sydney just makes it look effortless and cool. VK is stomping and flailing about willy nilly.
  2. I wonder if they planned to use it no matter if they had a boy or a girl. A friend of mine went that way...they had the name Barrett picked out (I think it was a family name) and it was both their girl and boy name. They had a boy.
  3. veronicamers

    Kids Baking Championship

    Y'all, I had a Kids Baking Championship encounter this weekend! I was with my kids at one of those indoor climbing places yesterday and guess who else was there? Misha! I recognized him right away and polled my kids to see if they thought it was him. We were in Maryland where he lives so it made sense. Anyway, I got my chance to introduce myself. He broke into a big smile when I asked him if he was Misha from KBC. We chatted a bit and he was super nice and polite. I told him my family loved him on the show, thought he went out too soon, but know he'll go on to do great things. He was with a group of other kids around his age and they all seemed to get a kick out of the fact that he was recognized in public. A fun experience even though my kids were too shy to talk to him directly!
  4. Yep, Jason Dohring is a big time Scientologist. Loved him on Veronica Mars (obviously), but feel tainted now that I know his affiliation. Check this out:
  5. Hey there fellow Tarheel! I'm originally from the "other" boro...Greensboro. I'll echo everyone's sentiments that this was an amazing episode. I knew quite a bit about Lisa McPherson's death as Janet Reitman's book goes into a lot of detail about it. She met a horrible end and COS is 100 percent responsible for it. I can sense real contrition in Mike. And while on its face it might seem odd that he forged a relationship with the Mintons, I can kind of understand it. What the Mintons went through was all consuming and traumatic and when something like that happens in your life you tend to go real deep into a "Why? Why? Why?" sort of place. Mike Rinder was their link to COS and probably one of the few people who knew the whole sordid story of how they found themselves in this untenable situation. So while it is sort of twisted they'd be reliant upon him for answers, for guidance, for sympathy...I can sort of see it.
  6. That's what I recall as well. I'm pretty sure he never came to Clearwater and peaced out with another woman, leaving Leah, her mom, and two sisters to make it on their own. Ironic that he's the one who led the family to Scientology, then never had to suffer living under their structure in Florida and California.
  7. This was a fascinating episode. I appreciated seeing Leah get emotional about her childhood years in Clearwater. A lot of that ground was covered in her book, but I feel like it is rare on the show that she opens up about her personal experiences. I found it quite moving. I had a work trip to a resort in Clearwater Beach a couple of years ago. I made sure to drive through downtown Clearwater to see Scientology "mecca." I agree that the streets were oddly quiet. I snapped some photos of Ft. Harrison from the car to send to my fellow Scientology obsessed BFF. On the way back to the airport, I stopped at a bagel shop in Clearwater that I saw some good reviews online for. It was delicious, but y'all know I was looking for clues as to whether the owners were Scientologists!
  8. Yeah, I thought that was a bit strange. I didn't realize it was known as a pacifist religion. I grew up Quaker which is one of the historic peace churches (along with the Mennonites and Brethren). There are pacifist factions in all Christian denominations, but I was not aware it was a central tenant of The Jehovah's Witnesses. I'll have to do some reading on this.
  9. Hadn't heard about this string of arsons targeting Kingdom Halls in Washington state: https://www.washingtonpost.com/religion/2018/12/09/another-jehovahs-witness-center-has-been-destroyed-month-rash-arson-attacks/?utm_term=.c8e13c878a1f
  10. veronicamers

    S03.E03: Spies Like Us

    I've long thought that going after Scientology's human trafficking is the best path for legal/legislative action. What they are doing to children (holding them under coercion, forced labor) fits the definition. Addressing their tax exempt status is fraught because of the issue mentioned above...so many other "mainstream" religious groups who have a ton of political influence would see it as setting a precedent and a veiled attack on their own status. This episode was infuriating. I don't know how anyone could withstand the pressure tactics Robert was describing. Having people approach your neighbors, show up wherever you go, causing scenes in public places? Unreal.
  11. Oh, how horrible to witness that that. My son had RSV when he was 11 months old and it was so scary. He was in the PICU for several days and needed help breathing. Luckily he came out of it fine, but it was a rough time. That baby is like really new, right? And they flew? I'd have to veto that idea.
  12. What a lovely, genuine person. She's a real asset to the team.
  13. I voted for Ashlee. Her determination and drive inspired me. Other faves are Bridget, Erin, Cianna, and Jalyn.
  14. The ones I think we know: Amy, Kashara, Lacey, Miranda, and Christina
  15. What the what? I grew up in North Carolina and have never even heard of World of Faith Fellowship. These cults man....operating in the shadows, destroying people's lives.
  16. A sentiment made unforgettably by Tory in the documentary Jesus Camp!
  17. That reminds me of a story about my kid and JWs. There is a group of them that stand right by my office with literature. One day my son (he was probably 7 at the time) was at work with me. We were walking to get lunch and passed by their display. The cover of the Watchtower was about disciplining children and it had a photo of a kid on it. So my kid saw it and was all "What's that?" The JW started chatting with him, encouraging him to take a copy so he could "learn how to be mindful of your mom and dad." I was like NOPE, gotta go, Happy Meal is calling!
  18. My husband recognized Jerry Minor from Mr. Show! I really enjoyed the special. The stories of suicide and family isolation were heartbreaking. I feel like the JWs are so...under the radar? I don't know. I grew up down the street from a Kingdom Hall but I never saw anyone going in or out. I've only known one JW in my life. It was at my first job out of college and I just remember being so curious about the fact that she didn't celebrate any holidays or her birthday.
  19. I would argue it played on a racial stereotype/trope and is thus racially insensitive. There are literally endless Halloween costume possibilities. I'm disappointed when people make a choice to perpetuate a stereotype with a costume.
  20. If we are people living in the world interacting with other humans we know how to "play up" aspects of our personality to make people feel comfortable or to feel liked ourselves. That can be inauthentic, but I've never gotten a "she's faking it" vibe from Kashara. That accent is not a put on and it's offensive that people equate it with her genuineness or her intelligence.
  21. veronicamers

    S13 E12: Time's Up

    Ha! I spent my childhood shopping at Belk's!
  22. veronicamers

    S13 E12: Time's Up

    IIRC, Meredith said she and her husband were diplomats. That translated to me as foreign service officer. That would jive with her saying that they are moving to Bogota. Foreign service officers are posted at embassies (or consulates I think) for a few years (most people I know have been at their various posts for 2-3 years before moving on) and then you get re-posted. You have some say in where you end up, but not total control. It's a pretty competitive process. I know folks who have taken the foreign service exam a few times before passing.
  23. Yeah, throwing shade at the show's fans (essentially accusing us of being losers FOR WATCHING YOUR DANG SHOW as opposed to what...trying out for professional cheer squads ourselves?) is not cute. I wouldn't have expected such a reaction from Judy this late in the game. That defensiveness should have been worked out in the first couple of seasons of the show. Benefit of the doubt, she's just really stressed and hates team decisions being put under a public microscope like this. But that is not the watchers' fault. That's all on Kelli and CMT.
  24. veronicamers

    S13 E12: Time's Up

    I could still see the favoritism shining through VK's cut. At one point she says rather meekly "but not this year?" and Kelli softly responds "not this year." There just seemed to be this underlying thing of "you will be on this team." If this is the way Kelli was with VK from the beginning, no wonder VK thought she had a spot on the team. Kelli is treating her with such kid gloves compared to others.