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  1. tomatoflyer

    The Grinder

    I watched all 22 episodes but in the end, I won't really miss this show. I found it hilarious, but the same jokes over and over were tiring. I think my memories would be much fonder if it didn't get a back order.
  2. tomatoflyer

    S02.E10: Et Tu, Brute?

    Isn't Anika too obvious? I really think it wasn't her at all. Otherwise not a very interesting fall finale.
  3. tomatoflyer


    Meh. I'm so over Gerald. Way too much of a man child for my tastes.
  4. tomatoflyer

    S01.E10: Evil Handmade Instrument

    I enjoyed it. It left me excited for its return in February, and really, that's all I care about.
  5. tomatoflyer

    The Grinder

    I've never enjoyed holiday-themed episodes, so this wasn't my favorites episode, but the ending (both with dad being in on the Yao thing and the grinder new Orleans) were enough to make this an okay episode for me.
  6. tomatoflyer


    Meh, this email email episode returned to the "Jimmy acts like a jerk but learns a powerful lesson" thing.
  7. tomatoflyer

    S07.E09: Episode 9

    I guess I'm the only one who liked the socks and shirts. The only person I disliked was the first guy because he couldn't give a straight answer too save his life. I can't imagine being in business with him. I did actually lawugh out loud watching them play bubble soccer.
  8. tomatoflyer

    S01.E01: Derailed

    I guess I' m the odd man out because I loved it -my favorite pilot thus far. I've never seen ER, and I think it' s far better and with a very differrent tone than the night shift. I also watch Grey's anatomy and code black, but I feel this show has its own voice. I can't wait to see where they take things.
  9. tomatoflyer

    S01.E09: Authentic Flirt

    Maybe if you're undercover as a married couple you shouldn't openly ask your "husband" if he's been married before. I approve of the nickname stubbles. This episode made me want jalapeño poppers.
  10. tomatoflyer

    S07.E08: Episode 8

    I liked this episode. Everyone seemed thoughtful and smart.
  11. tomatoflyer

    S12.E07: Something Against You

    I'm black. When talking to other black people I'll outright say it, but when talking to white people, I'm more likely to be more subtle, so I didn't find it weird for the characters to not be so direct.
  12. tomatoflyer

    S05.E08: Rasputin

    I...I kinda like Jake now? He says all the stuff I think about Olivia. I get that he's done bad things, but they all have. At least he''s taken off the rose-coloured glasses. Olivia, really? Why should I care if Rowan dies? I definitely don't care if he's scared. And would the world really be so welcoming to Olivia? And does Fitz really not realize he's completely whipped? He's just Olivia's puppet at this point. Heck, he's always someone's puppet. They tell him to dance and he dances, but he never realizes it. He has to literally have the other person tell him for him to see his own foolishness. The case of the week? Why does every case feel so recycled? And so boring? I'm not looking for anything life-shattering but the writers are putting zero effort in.
  13. tomatoflyer

    S04.E05: Regarding This Wedding

    I know Riddle is supposed to be evil...but I agree with a lot he said. And what was up with both Gabby and Severide acting like 2 year olds because they didn't get their way? If I spoke to my superiors that way, I wouldn't have a job to go back to.
  14. tomatoflyer

    S01.E09: Sundae, Bloody Sundae

    This episode was so stupid. After the last episode I thought things were picking up but it's back to being horrible again. The June 13th episodes now seem pointless with no interesting butterflies.
  15. tomatoflyer

    S01.E08: Persecute Envoys

    Weller is smug was hell when he's just standing there, did they have to give him a reason to increase it to 5000? He was unbearable this episode.