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  1. charmante


    I watched both free sections and had to pause several times to make sure I hadn't had a seizure because while her demeanor was totally normal and she was speaking with poise and conviction, she was making absolutely no sense. But it definitely wasn't me. She is cuckoo. I'd love to know what franchises she was denied! (smart companies!)
  2. charmante

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Just popping in to give props to whoever named this thread. I crack up everytime I come here. 😂 #sendinglove #beautifulsouls
  3. charmante

    S13.E08: The Toilet Exploded!

    I don't think they film very many days out of the year. Also, while their kids are definitely exposed to the public, I don't see that much of their privacy has been sacrificed. Kate is a daily part of their life and we hardly ever see her. We've never seen anything related to their school life except a general reference to homework. Nothing at all related to what schools they go to, what grades they are in, what grades they GET, their school friends, etc. Actually, the fact that we don't see these things has led people to assume that they have no friends - which I doubt is the case. When I stop to think about how much I actually know about Will and Zoey's everyday life, it's not much. Bill and Jen's mission with this show from the beginning was to "normalize" the public perception of the lives of little people, which I think they continue to do very well. As someone with a disability, I can honestly say they have inspired me to stop making excuses that keep me from pursuing my dreams. They've also inspired me to be unapologetic or ashamed of accommodations I need to ask for or to make in order to live a full life. (One episode immediately comes to mind - it was the time Jen went for a pedicure and needed a pillow or stool - can't even remember exactly - but after that I had my first pedicure in years because it gave me the confidence to ask the salon to make some adjustments to accommodate my leg issues.) Bill and Jen continue to be an example of people who have not just accepted the hand that life has dealt them, but have lived a full and happy life in spite of challenges and are raising their kids to do the same. That said, the world is not always a kind place and I can imagine Will and Zoey will have their share of real-world disappointments ahead (if not already) - and maybe knowing that is why Bill and Jen give them a bit more leeway at home. Also, I think they are smart for taking the opportunity to make some reality TV $$ while they can. Neither one of them seems to rely on it as their primary income (they both have continued to pursue their careers unlike many other "reality stars" who have abandoned any other form of gainful employment.) It's gravy $$$ for maybe a few weeks' inconvenience a year - and no one (including the kids) seems to be any worse off for it. It also appears they have taken the money they've made from it and INVESTED it in real estate. And yes, they took a loss in Houston, but that had more to do with the hurricane which they couldn't predict. They weren't the only ones who lost money because of the storm. I still think the Florida waterfront property was a good buy. Anyway, I'm all for them riding this gravy train as long as it lasts. Good for them!
  4. charmante

    S13.E08: The Toilet Exploded!

    Again, I think this is perspective as with most things. In today's celebrity-age, I think people like the Kardashians (who private jet everywhere) and own dozens of $20K handbags and other luxuries) are living a gluttonous lifestyle. More power to them if they can afford it. However, I don't see that anything Bill and Jen own are what I would consider luxury. I do believe real estate is a good investment (and the waterfront location of that house at that price made it worthwhile to buy & renovate vs. finding something "move-in ready" more inland.) I think they have nice cars, but they definitely do not have "luxury" cars by any definition. They don't seem to own (or at least don't show that they own) any expensive jewelry or other luxury items. I get that not everyone can afford a $2M house or a relatively expensive car, so I can see how those purchases may seem excessive to folks who may not have lucrative careers or upper middle class incomes. But I am still not seeing anything I would define as flashy or "gluttonous" living when I watch Bill and Jen. Here's a shot of her wedding set which is pretty and perfectly-sized for her, but far from the "rocks" of a showy celebrity.
  5. charmante

    S13.E08: The Toilet Exploded!

    I don't know what she makes but I am sure it is way more than $200K. I am in an executive support position in a large corporation and I make very close to that! I have a SMALL (most people would probably say tiny LOL) house (1,500 sq ft) and when I bought it I gutted it and redid the entire interior. I bought my fixtures in lighting, granite and plumbing showrooms, not Home Depot, but I didn't think that was unusual at all. My car costs as much as Bill's. Jen has been carrying the same LV Neverfull for years. I have more Vuitton than she does, and I'm not only not on TV, I'm not "rich." So, I don't think the Kleins are living large AT ALL. If they are, my perspective is way off. Maybe if I saw Zoey with a Chanel Mini I might agree, but I see the Kleins as average upper middle class.
  6. charmante

    S08.E19: Not to Stir the Pot, But...

    I think this was/is the driving motivation behind Chelsea falling so hard for Cole. I am also in the "I don't see the chemistry"camp, but I do believe Chelsea is a good mother. She has said many times over the years how terrible she feels for giving Aubree a terrible, drug-addicted father. I truly believe she harshly blames herself for this (she didn't make great decisions with her relationship with Adam, but she really needs to forgive herself!) and I think she sees Cole (and the way he treats Aubree) as a way to erase the past and make it up to Aubree. She may not even consciously realize that is what she is doing or that is why she was so strongly drawn to Cole, but that's my take on it. It's really quite unselfish of her to abandon the pursuit of true passionate romantic love in order to give Aubree what she thinks is the perfect dad and family. I am not saying I don't think she loves Cole - in fact, I think he is actually the answer to her prayers and makes her very happy. But not because he gives her heart palpitations and makes her weak in the knees - but because he heals her heart when she sees him give her daughter the loving father and happy childhood she was afraid she'd robbed from her by her poor choices.
  7. charmante

    King Of Queens

    "It's not a moral issue, it's a DOSAGE issue! Stay the course, man!" Too, too funny!