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  1. Is locking up the black hair products actually a thing in real life? I thought the episode was fun. As this is their last season (I actually think this season is better than at least the last couple), I will miss those scenes where the entire cast is just making stoopid comments.
  2. Finished this here in Canada on CTV Drama, which aired the episodes once per week. A lot of fun, if my attention slips occasionally. Cuoco really was great with so much charisma and star power. She really turned me around to her as an actress. So engaging. I loved that while Kassie had plenty of suitors, the show does not end her with a man. The main relationships she mends are her brother, her best friend, and her two flight attendants. With Annie unemployed, I hope she can somehow secure a job at the FBI. The short time she had with Kim, the chemistry was instant.
  3. Last night’s episode of This Is Us focused on the relationship between an African American woman and Vietnamese man. They are not regulars but were the focal point of the show. And their relationship was portrayed in that epic romantic sweep that the show does for their other couples (for good or bad). I loved those two characters.
  4. I LOVED this episode. Hai and Laurel’s relationship was so deeply felt in just one episode. The sequence of them seeing each other across the farmers market over decades had me SOBBING.
  5. I am going to assume that Daniel and Johnny will be butting heads over their different karate philosophies. I would like to see Johnny bring his buddies to support his case. Daniel can bring Chozen and Swank (I never saw that movie, BTW) to support Miyagi-Do. As the only woman in that entire bunch, Swank can provide more representational mentorship for Samantha (and Aishia, they really need to bring her back).
  6. Amanda would probably know about Miguel’s condition and know that Johnny is present at the hospital and the family. Whether that means Johnny and Carmen are romantic all that time is another story, but I could understand Amanda assuming they were a couple.
  7. I thought that the show (and how Ralph played it) made it that if Daniel had any lingering feelings for an ex, it is with Kumiko. Her never having been married was included for a reason. For a second, I thought she and Yuna were an item. I felt the chemistry between Daniel and Kumiko. Interesting that Daniel and Ali never truly had a scene together. There was always someone there.
  8. Am I wrong or were the movies and the first season not as violent? I will be honest, I either close my eyes or FD thru the fight scenes. If I notice that not too much damage has occurred, I will rewind and watch from the start of the scene. As I get older, the more sensitive I am to violence. But the cartoony nature of the fight scenes don’t help when consequences land. Sam gets PTSD but Dmitri or the kid who was thrown into a window don’t? Miguel’s plea to keep the tournament going doesn’t sound compelling enough to me to convince a board. Similarly, if the folks at State Farm was shown the video of the very same participants fighting at school, they would drop their sponsorship pronto. But I kinda wave it all away as a more 80s homage, the type I never enjoyed. When the show is not cartoonishly violent, I very much enjoy its humour and empathy. The show really should get credit by trying to give its characters a moment of humanity, even for people like Kyler and Yasmine.
  9. I loved Kimiko! And how they just introduced Tomita was just so beautifully done. That was my favourite episode. I also loved Ali. The dinner scene among Amanda (who was awesome this season), Daniel, Ali and Johnny was so well done. I could spend a whole episode just them catching up on things. I was irritated when they switched over to the kids fighting. I would have liked a moment where Ali expressed her condolences for Miyagi’s passing. And to see Mrs. Mills go all gaga over Daniel now that he is so successful. The kids figuring out how to merge Miyago-Do and Eagle Fang Do was well done, and demonstrated the chemistry they have. What I could have less of? Kreese! I really do not need anymore backstory for him. An enjoyable third season. The fourth season, I wonder if Ali will appear more. The idea of her punk daughter being a part of the series sounds intriguing.
  10. I didn’t care for either The Christmas Project or Christmas By Starlight , but the movies are revealing my age. I found the actors playing the elderly fathers hotter than the lead male characters.
  11. I loved this show so much!!! I uniformly enjoy all the kids. Jessie and AC were terrific. I have read that the ratings were good so a second season seems likely.
  12. The breakup of Jamie and Aisha was so well done. I am loving this show.
  13. I watched Dashing Through December. It was fine but nothing great. The actors were attractive but their personalities just didn’t mesh. They must have spent a lot of money on the music licensing. My favourite person in the movie was the best friend. Both this and The Christmas Setup really nailed the female best friend character. I hope both actresses can get their own Holiday movie.
  14. I watched and loved The Christmas Setup. I thought the the central couple was adorable (the lead Hugo is so my type), the best friend is fun, the brother is hot, and Fran Drescher really got the tone. She can be a lot but when the scene required a different colour she fulfilled it. The ending was confusing to me. Did Hugo accept the job promotion or not? It seemed weird that Hugo would at the very least go back to NYC. Milwaukee to NYC is okay but Milwaukee to London is a deal breaker?
  15. I have no kids and am an uncle to my sister’s kid and an uncle to numerous kids of friends and cousins. Regardless of whether I agree with their parenting styles or not, I would never buy a gift that would be against that parent’s wishes. She did that because she felt guilty for losing sight of the girls and then yelling at them. If the scene of that egg spoon game played as was, how did she not realize that she didn’t win? Did that school or whatever still give her the award for winning when the dad clearly interfered? I figure she blocked it out due to years of alcohol abuse.
  16. I have no problems with reboots. In fact, there have been several that I am enjoying A LOT: Saved By the Bell, Party of Five, One Day at a Time, The Babysitters Club, Cobra Kai. And even if one sucks, it doesn't diminish my enjoyment of the original series.
  17. I couldn't find any posts mentioning it but anyone else watch Christmas Ever After? It featured the leading actress who uses a wheelchair. Is this a first? The actress' name is Ali Stroker. Not familiar with her at all. The movie itself was only okay. ETA: Nevermind, quite a few posts about it. How did I miss it all? Anyways, it was okay. Canadians are getting the Lifetime movies slow and late, it appears.
  18. I wouldn't classify Edgar as a bully, but he was mean to her behind his back. He called her weird and then dropped the bracelet on the ground. Not the most offensive thing ever, but I could see why Lily was not pleased to see him at the nightclub. I have been rewatching episodes over the last few weeks. The scene where they meet at the party was so important--if you don't see chemistry there, you won't want them together. So good, even though they didn't really do anything but share a couple of jokes.
  19. memememe76

    The Prom (2020)

    I liked this movie a lot, a lot of fun! I was surprised by just how much chemistry Meryl and Keegan had. Like, really hot? To me, really inspired acting.
  20. This may be my favourite tv show football team ever. I would love them to reenact the freeway dance from La La Land.
  21. I really liked The Christmas House. Granted, I find Robert Buckley dreamy, but I liked the family's dynamic. I thought the flashbacks were well done (I also think Sharon Lawrence was really good in an underwritten role).
  22. I am sad, I think the show still have a lot of story for a seventh season. I also think the show is a bigger success than just six seasons. Is NBC just getting rid of sitcoms?
  23. Those senior students were fabulous! Also, Mack has been criticized for being one dimensional, but this showed him in a more positive light, in that reality show where he supported Lexi and in the dance helping Daisy.
  24. With the success of The Undoing, Nicole Kidman is really finding general population success on prestige television. We are also seeing that with Kaley Cuoco. I think an actress of colour like Taraji P Henson could hit similar gold going this route. Kristin Stewart is seeing her star shine with the success of The Happiest Season. It’s hard to dispute the fact that her presence increased interest. I wonder if there is an actress who wants to challenge the Hallmark system and create a series of thoughtful female centred movies.
  25. I quite enjoyed Five Star Christmas. The absurdist humour and ensemble nature was a nice change of pace for Hallmark. I also liked the young college student had a storyline not involving romance.
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