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  1. kmariee

    Speculation With Spoilers

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNVPYYPKY1g Producer's Preview. I'm here for alllllll the Ripper!Stefan tbh... oh boy Caroline has no idea what she got herself into.
  2. This has always been my biggest problem with the humanity switch because the show plays if off like as soon as you flip your switch you just become a total dick. Stefan, Elena and now Caroline all have emotions with their switches off they just don't care about remorse, empathy or other's feelings but I feel like humor, anger, jealousy and rage all come out when they have their switches off. Just going to jump in with my opinion on the whole Stefan/Caroline debate, while I don't think it's Stefan's fault for not telling Caroline his feelings at her Mom's funeral it wasn't what he said that upset Caroline it was his absolute fail of a poker face when she asked him what category he wanted to be put in. He didn't have to say anything she read it on his face he was planning on "pulling the rip cord" and that's what broke her heart. Stefan is the one who was initiating all the romance between them after her Mom got sick, Caroline was fine just being friends with him after 6x10 he's the one who initiated all their romantic encournters. He followed her everywhere, he kept finding ways to hold her hand and touch her, he kissed her after telling her he wasn't doing everything because her Mom asked him too. I just feel like both of them let Damon's advice get into their heads too much and it was just an awful sequence of terrible timing but not really anyone's fault. Stefan blames himself because he's Stefan, but he also shouldn't have pushed her after she said if you push me I'll become your worst nightmare (unless Elena didn't tell him this, which is stupid on Elena's part since she knew Stefan was going to try and break through to Caroline.) I think Stefan knows he's not the actual reason she did this he just thinks/knows he could have stopped her (and Elena affirms that as well) if he'd just told her the truth. He definitely wasn't a "total ass" at the funeral but that has more to do with No Humanity Caroline being a dick to everyone.
  3. kmariee

    S06.E14: Stay

    I hope that now since at least Elena knows (I presume Matt was staying silent because he was afraid Enzo would go after his Mom) Damon and Stefan will now find out because this needs to either end or go somewhere fast. Damon better do something to protect Sarah because if he doesn't he just proved Stefan's point of being fearful in telling Damon because of the danger in his life, Enzo is Damon's friend and he wouldn't be all up in Stefan's business if it wasn't for Damon. Agreed. Please please please more of this Delena, I'm totally fine with them just being together if its like this.
  4. It's the way he said it. He said I don't think about her that way not I don't feel that way about her, when Caroline asked him point blank about not feeling it back he was quick to deny it, I think he had a lot of conflicting feelings. It also seems like he just always thought Caroline only saw him as a friend so he had no reason to dwell on his feelings. Well Stefan stalked Elena for 3 months after he saved her life to make sure she wasn't like Katherine and I think through that he fell in love with her. I don't think we ever saw Stefan fall in love with Elena because in the pilot he was already there. Besides falling for Elena has the added bonus of she's Katherine's doppelganger so he's already been in love with a woman who looked exactly like her and the doppelganger curse that draws them together. I think in the beginning of the season even though Caroline was dropping some obvious hints on Stefan because he was pushing her away so much he didn't see them. I think Stefan's issue in terms of love is him not being enough, he wasn't enough for Katherine because she was sleeping with Damon as well. He wasn't enough for Elena and that's why she fell in love with Damon. Plus Caroline always seems to have some guy interested in her around. I mean last season she had what 5 possible love interests? Even earlier this season she showed up in Savannah with Enzo and Stefan had commented on the possible chemistry between them last season. So it seems like after what Stefan said in the last episode that when Caroline told him she hated him is when it started to sink in how much she actually meant to him. I think that explains his actions around Damon & Alaric in 6x08 as well, he thought she hated him so there's no reason for them to encourage him to date her she wouldn't want to anyway. So now I'm starting to think Stefan wasn't focusing on his feelings for Caroline as much as he was just desperate for her to not hate him anymore, and the reason she did was because he ruined their friendship. I honestly don't think there's a right or wrong answer in terms of when Stefan actually fell for Caroline sort of speak, like you said it's been such a slow burn and there's a lot of moments between 6x08 - 6x14 where you could say ok that's it! I actually really like that about it, kind of the open-ended possibilities of it all. Yeah I think Stefan is a lot more free around Caroline, maybe because she's someone who's always so in control he can let himself be a little looser around her. I also feel like Stefan and Elena were both such serious characters in their relationship whereas Caroline is very funny and carefree so he in turn becomes less serious around her. I just love what they built between them but I'm terrified the writers are going to do something to ruin it.
  5. kmariee

    S06.E14: Stay

    The whole Liz Forbes cancer stoyline as been really moving and I really enjoyed the Damon and Liz scenes yesterday. I chuckled when he said all the open cases were him and I did think it was funny how he kept reminding Liz that she was a terrible sheriff (she really was.) I do wish we'd seen more of Caroline and Liz together in these past two episodes but maybe that helped sell the impact of Caroline's devastation that she didn't get to say goodbye to her mother. That's the reality of the whole thing too, you can't predict death and she had no way of knowing Liz was going to die that day but it was still so sad. I always liked the vampire dream vision thing and I loved little Caroline on the bike with Liz telling her she needed to let go and she would be alright... omg I'm tearing up just thinking about it. Also just stellar acting from MM and CA who just brought their A game. Bravo. The Jeremy stuff was good but I wasn't too sad to see him go. He probably should have stayed dead in S4 but it was a nice send-off and I liked the twist. I vote Elena should just becoming a stoner because I actually liked Elena last night. I don't even remember what happened in the Enzo scenes because it such an unbelievably pointless storyline. I like Sarah though and I would appreciate it if the show didn't kill her, I just want Stefan to find out about the whole Enzo plan and just killing him already. It brings the whole episode down. The kiss was lovely and I loved the way they shot it. I know the whole light thing has been a bit overdone recently but in this scene it worked. I think it was true to Stefan and Caroline's relationship, they're best friends who are falling in love so it should be sweet, tender, a little passionate and a little awkward. I also really liked that Stefan showed Caroline the vampire dream thing, I thought what he did for Katherine last season was really sweet and I was happy he showed Caroline how to do it. The music is always good but the Damien Rice's "Color Me In" and Ella Henderson's "Yours" were particularily spectacular.
  6. Well I mean not realizing that Caroline was upset on the phone and just focusing on herself is classic Elena, that's been around since S1 so I honestly couldn't even be mad at the scene because it was expected. I think that's why I warmed up to her a bit in 6x03 because she comforted Caroline after she watched Stefan walk away from her and she didn't say anything when Caroline admitted that she had feelings for him so it's like I'll take what I can get. Yeah her santimonious spiel to Stefan was ridiculous so it was great that he called her out on it, I still think it was pretty crappy that she just left him there too. Like clearly he hasn't moved on and he's not doing ok but she didn't seem to do anything about that. It was the scene you mentioned above that really ticked me off and I just can't with her anymore. My dislike of Delena stems almost soley from that now-a-days because like you said the way they write the couple together is just such a turn-off. I think the Liz storyline was to rebuild the Stefan/Caroline friendship but I don't think it's been used as a vehicle to make Stefan realize he has feelings for Caroline, I think he already did in 6x08 after he told her he pushed her away the most. He's never denied having feelings for her I think it's just a combination of she's his friend and he never thought she saw him that way (I think that comes from Stefan's self-loathing) so he didn't think about her that way. I'm sure it made his feelings deeper and hers as well because of what's been going on between them but those two have been dancing around one another for a couple of seasons now their hook-up was inevitable. Of course I will always admit I am a biased shipper so I can see how it comes off that way to viewers who never saw the chemistry between them before. I actually feel like there's been more romantic development for Delena than Steroline in regards to Liz's storyline. When Elena found out about Liz that's when she decided she could start dating Damon again and when Liz almost died she kissed Damon because "life's too short." I still don't get when Elena actually fell for Damon again instead of seeing him as a monster.
  7. I kinda gave up on SE at the S4 finale because I figured that was Elena's final choice but I still thought Stefan was the better choice, but yeah I think it was 5x07 where she made that speech I was done with SE forever. I can't even like them in earlier seasons anymore because of how thoroughly they've been destroyed. She was ok right after the memory wipe but by the end of 6x08 I full-on hated her again and now I can't even be bothered with her scenes. My biggest issue with Elena's awfulness is no one ever calls her out on it, Stefan has a bit this season but that's it. Bonnie especially needs to call her out on her selfishness because that's been a long time coming. I just really hope when Bonnie returns she starts doing things for HER without worrying what her so called "friends" need.
  8. Yeah that whole thing was one big mess. Elena was truly the worse, I just feel like she couldn't handle Stefan not being in love with her so she had to sugar-coat everything so she could mold him back into her perfect little Stefan doll that she has an emotional relationship with while she has a physical one with Damon. When she said "you were never a monster" um yeah he was, a couple of times, what show have you been watching? Holy Moly her speech about getting to be in love and being happy while he was drowning is by far the worst Elena moment in the history of the series (and that's saying a lot.) Who thought that was a good thing for her to say? I actually think that's the moment Stefan was like yeah I'm over this bitch. I think that was the point of the amnesia plotline for Stefan to get over Elena sooner than he probably would have otherwise, kind of like the sirebond for Elena.
  9. I have always been under the firm belief that Klaus is secretly in love with Rebekah but because he can't have her (because you know incest) he goes for women who remind him of Rebekah (i.e. Caroline and Cami.) That's a pretty accurate description of Klaus for sure. Though I'm no fan of Klaroline I do often wonder what they could have done with a Klaus/Caroline/Stefan triangle, I mean who's even the center of that triangle lol? I don't know, I don't care how big that place is Elena should have stayed somewhere else, no matter what they would have run into each other eventually. Oh and yeah even I don't think Elena would bang Damon with Stefan in the house right after they broke up, I'll give her that much. LOL Stefan can be a little dramatic sometimes, although I think his storm out when he had amnesia was even better. He may have actually done the flounce that time!
  10. I think you at least owe someone space when you break up and Elena never gave that to Stefan. Why exactly did Elena have to move into the Salvatore house right after her and Stefan broke up and she told him she has feelings for his brother. She has at least 3 other places she could have stayed (Caroline's, Bonnie's, Matt's) but no she moved into Stefan's house essentially making him move out (because honestly why would he stay there.) I just think a little discretion was necessary on her part and yeah she should have waited a little while before she jumped Damon's bones. That whole thing was so gross and I think the writers used the sirebond as a cop-out because that was just so trashy of Elena to do. I miss Klefan. Even now as I watch Klaus and Stefan attempting to have other bromances on TO and TVD there just isn't that same spark you know lol. I still think Klaus was a wee bit jealous of Rebekah and Ripper!Stefan back in the 1920s. So now that Delena has moved into their "honeymoon" phase I would like the writers to treat them like they did Stelena in the earlier seasons (like you said). Their relationship needs to stop overpowering the show and they need to stop having the same conversations over and over again. Just let them be happy on the sidelines and have Elena and Damon be a part of whatever plot they're in that doesn't revolve around why their good/bad for each other. At least then I can just pleasently ignore them, I don't think I'll ever like Delena as a couple because I despise Elena and I just can't root for a couple that involves a character I don't like.
  11. Seeing as she's inserted herself into every Bamon related thing this season (the rescue mission, the pancakes, the bourbon last episode) there's no way she won't insert herself into their friendship and of course make it all about herself. You know what I want? I want Bonnie to call Elena out when she finds out she compelled away her memories of Damon because she was too weak too deal with the grief of losing him. Because Bonnie sacrificed her trip home for Damon so he could return to Elena and she threw it all away. I want Elena to watch both Salvatore brothers be more invested in her best friends than her because both girls have gone through hell this season but at least they didn't take the easy way out.
  12. Agree with everything here. IMO Elena shouldn't be with either brother because I just think either relationship brings out the worst in each party. I think Stefan could never really embrace who he actually was with Elena because he was so scared of losing her to his brother and losing her in general because of the darkness inside him. I won't get into Delena but needless to say I just think they're awful together and I'll borrow a phrase from Kai and say "you two, still totally revolting to me." But credit where credit is do Elena is definitely the catalyst to repairing the brother's broken relationship that Katherine destroyed. Their mutual love for her brought them together again and now that they're not in love with same woman their bond is the strongest it's ever been. So if that was the ultimate goal of the triangle which it seems like it was then I'm happy with that. I kinda feel for Elena in S3 because it was a very rushed decision, she really only made it because she thought they were going to die but I also think making a choice was selfish of her. She should have just chosen herself, of course she was an 18 year old girl so I guess a bit of maturing was still needed. I just don't like how she strung both along and I think she's a lot more manipulative than she wants people to believe. I know it's wrong but I totally loved Ripper Stefan! I know he was a rotten creep and he was truly awful to everyone but man was he sassy. When he decapitated that hybrid in front of Klaus I just have massive heart eyes for him (sorry!!) When Elena was leading Amnesia!Stefan on that was the moment I just truly started to hate her. That's also the episode where I really started to get behind Steroline because a) it seemed like it might actually happen and b) Caroline actually got through to Stefan by reminding him who he was, that he was a better person than the ripper. Still love the moment where he burns his journals and essentially breaks up with Damon and Elena for good and says he really only trusts Caroline. I'm think we'll get more Bamon action once Bonnie returns (which ugh I still can't believe she's not back yet) I don't think it's going to be romantic but I really enjoyed their friendship earlier this season and I'd like to build on that.
  13. While it is true that you can't blame someone for their feelings Elena should have ended things with Stefan as soon as her feelings for Damon started to appear. In 1x22 Stefan told Elena about his insecurity surrounding his brother and her and she re-affirmed for him a couple of times that she loved him and he had nothing to worry about, but in 2x22 she kisses Damon (and with the shows timeline that's only like 4-6 months) while she's still in a relationship with Stefan. I get that she thought he was going to die but that's still cheating. Now canonly we know she fell in love with Damon in 3x01 but when Stefan made that phone call to her she re-affirmed her love for him again. So for me it's not that I blame Elena for falling in love with Damon it's that when she fell in love with Damon she still strung Stefan along when she knew it was something he was nervous would happen. I mean that's exactly why Stefan ended their relationship in 4x06 because he couldn't be in a relationship with Elena if she also had feelings for Damon. I agree with you assesment of Katherine and I think basically Katherine was in love with love and herself and that's basically how I view Elena now. Katherine played both brothers against one another because of their feelings for her and while Elena may have come off more innocently about it she did the exact same thing. Damon seems to be fine with being in love with a woman who's also in love with someone else (Katherine & Elena) whereas Stefan is not. He didn't know Katherine was also sleeping with Damon when she was with him and he walked away from Elena when she chose Damon for good. That's why I just can't see the Stefan/Elena relationship ever resurfacing, he's never going to be secure in that relationship and he has no reason to think she'd ever just choose him. I think Stefan deserves to be in love with someone that he doesn't have to look over his shoulder the whole time and wonder if she might be falling for his brother or someone else at the same time and I think he has that with Caroline.
  14. Yes Caroline has always been a much better influence on Stefan than Elena ever was. I feel like Stefan was always pretending around Elena. He never wanted her to see the dark parts of him but with Caroline he shared his bloodlust issues and even came to her for help when he thought he might lose control again. Besides Stefan is actually way less broody around Caroline and he smiles and laughs and lets lose in a way he never did with Elena. I just think they bring out the best in one another, Stefan thinks very highly of Caroline embraces who she is rather than putting her down for whatever flaws she may have. Caroline in turn thinks the world of Stefan and admires what a good person he tries to be despite the darkness inside him. Actually Elena is worse than Katherine, because Elena knew Stefan was insecure about Damon and knew about the history between the brothers and she fell for Damon anyway. And she fell in love with Damon before Stefan became the Ripper. So basically she fell for Damon despite all the awful things he'd done without seeing Stefan at his worse. And you know what, if there's one woman who's never going to choose Damon over Stefan it's Caroline. I think Stefan deserves that piece of mind.
  15. Thank you for bringing up how Amnesia!Stefan totally had the hots for Caroline and flirted with her in almost the exact same way that Caroline flirted with Stefan in the pilot. I just don't get why people think this came out of nowhere. I also don't get the idea that Caroline's crush would disappear after she got to know Stefan better and saw him as this totally amazing guy that Elena was crazy to throw away. I think she just repressed it because she figured it was never going to happen and I think the same holds true for Stefan. I mean when Stefan found out Caroline had feelings for him he wanted her to talk to him about it, why would he want to do that if he didn't harbor something for her as well? It's just a confusing situation for both of them because they're slowly falling in love with their best friend and it's something neither of them has ever experienced before. I get that people want to see a guy/girl friendship that doesn't turn into romance but these two haven't had purely platonic feelings for one another in almost 2 seasons. Just because it wasn't said doesn't mean it wasn't there, in fact other characters have mentioned it since S4. I think the writers took a lot of care into building up their romance. They wanted to make sure Stefan was no longer in love with Elena and that Caroline was no longer in love with Tyler. They did that. I mean this show desperately needs a new romance to focus on and these are two have been dancing around one another for years, they deserve a shot.