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  1. First of all. . .ew! YUCK! Secondly, we already have iZombie, why do we need this thing? Thirdly, I like my T. O. more Raylan-ized. Upshot, I'm skipping this show.
  2. iolanthe95

    S07.E22: End

    I'm very disappointed in the direction the Kings decided to take with this show. When I started it, I thought it was going to be about a political wife who learns to value herself and come into her own, instead it ended up being about a woman who is slowly corrupted Walter White-style. There's a reason I never watched Breaking Bad. I'm glad I stopped watching regularly. Still, I will try to remember the show fondly. It really was a great workplace drama.
  3. iolanthe95

    S06.E04: Oppo Research

    I think Alicia's anger at Zach came from hurt. She realized that they didn't really have the relationship she thought they did. I think that's why she said if asked during the campaign about the abortion, he should lie and say she was a good mother. She was angry at him AND herself.