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  1. She's been posting comments, most recently on Saturday. Click on her name. Hope she is on the road to recovery. ❤️
  2. She wore that outfit while trying to look sexy on the Northern Nights mattress. The clunky shoes ruined the outfit. Linda gives off prison matron vibes.
  3. I've watched her do countless nose wipes. She pushes it sideways with her hand. LOL, I never thought about her getting her nose trained to move ahead of her hand. Or maybe it's trying to get away from her! "Arrgh! Here comes that hand again! Help!"
  4. No, neither Shawn nor Mally mentioned what Shawn said earlier about the daughters getting smelly -- "things are starting to smell" --due to hormones. (Shawn said that right at the beginning of the presentation for A457961 Curie Deodorant Sticks and Body Spray 3-Piece Set -- see product video.) If Mally was watching earlier and heard the remark, she must have decided to ignore it. They mostly stuck to talking about the products, no personal comments. Mally debuted a new fan. Her old one said "Yasssss!" and this one says "Queen." I wish at least one of the OAPs who works with Shawn wou
  5. The wayward piece of hair was in her face again during the mattress presentation. You'd think that as much as it fell in her face during the Graver and Dare to Share shows, she would have gone to her dressing room on her break before the TSV and gotten a barrette to hold it back. But she didn't do anything about it, so we have to assume she likes having it in her face, over her eye, and down her nose. What a silly affectation! First picture: those legs and white sockfeet belong to the model, who was lying on the mattress in a dignified, reasonable way, not trying to express a fake come-hi
  6. LOL, I was thinking of that show they did from her shoe closet at home. It would be easy to get your shoes mixed up in that place.
  7. She got the Northern Nights mattress TSV, something she liked because she got to spend a lot of time lying down. Picture no. 4: I think I see a price tag on her shoe. Those are the Valentino shoes she said she got from The RealReal. Why doesn't she take the price tags off? This isn't the first time we've seen her wearing shoes with the tag still stuck on the sole.
  8. Looks like two different shoes to me too. Wonder if that was one of her shoe shows and she was demonstrating different colors. Or maybe she got dressed in the dark.
  9. Okay, Skunk, use some of that philosophy shampoo/shower gel on that dirty lanky hair when you get home tonight. She claims she has these products in all her bathrooms and uses it every day. (Just not on her hair often enough!)
  10. Josie was on with her body butter and glamorous evening gown. I noticed Shawn's arms kept moving in the background while the camera was doing closeups of the jars of body butter. Eventually Shawn said she had been massaging her bare feet with the butter, and joked about the optics of that not being very pleasant for Vanessa, who could see her doing it. Of course Vanessa just laughed it off. Quite a contrast between slovenly Shawn with hair in her face and ugly glasses, and glamor girl Josie in her pretty gown, neat hairstyle and clean-looking face. Shawn tried to make a connection be
  11. The mystery of the change in nail polish color is solved. No, she didn't give a shit how many viewers hated the yellow polish. What happened was that she had to present a nail gel color, Perfect Formula, in this show, so she used their mauve color. She did put it on top of the yellow. They had a closeup of her applying a second coat of mauve, and you could clearly see the yellow polish along the cuticles and on the edges of her nails. She just humiliated Mally's daughters. The next product after the nail gel was deodorant. Shawn said she was thinking of Mally, whose two daughters had reac
  12. She's been fighting that hank of hair all evening, shaking her head to throw it back, or wiping it back with her hand. It won.
  13. Vanessa, Shawn and Carmindy, with the blush presentation. Shawn's wearing one of her ugliest pair of glasses. Why is the lighting in the studio making Shawn's skin look so yellow? Or is that a self-tanner screw-up?
  14. "I'm wearing the extra extra small" in the tank top. She name-dropped another non-QVC brand. She said she buys her layering tanks at Old Navy. Susan said something like, "Oh, okay." Shawn went on to say that Susan's tank top was so good it could be a regular top as well as a layering tank. Too late, the damage was done. Shawn had admitted she wants cheap discount tanks for layering. So far she said she's ordered two of Susan's blazer jackets and the tank top. Some of the black pants too? Maybe she did, or maybe it's a lie to entice viewers to order.
  15. She changed that awful yellow nail polish to lavender. Sloppy job. The phone pic is Susan with her grandchild. The hank of dirty hair is heading for her face again.
  16. 🤣 @Booney, those are so good! It looks like all the window treatments fell on Kerstin.
  17. Her ankles must be double-jointed! A399836 Skechers Washable Flex Appeal 4.0 Lace Up Sneakers - Fresh Move
  18. She didn't do a very good job modeling the tunic. The color is pretty, but otherwise it doesn't look good. Also I think this is just a bad design on the part of Gary and Denim & Co. For once I actually wished she would knot it up, to get rid of that weird asymmetrical hem.
  19. She thought she was going to get Gary involved in a discussion of adult beverages, but he undercut her. She was disappointed, but she tried to recover and roll with it. A388217 Denim & Co. Printed Heavenly Jersey Tunic w/ Asymmetric Hem Gary 6:26: Hey, I’m at home tonight, and I’m gonna watch a movie and have my favorite beverage. And you just feel so good and soft and cuddly in it. [the top] Shawn [in teasing tone of voice, as she poses and swings her glasses in a circle]: And Gary, what would that favorite beverage be for you? What would it be? Gary: My good -- Oh, I
  20. Closeup, makeup and hair in A393917 Prive Revaux High Power Blue Light Blocking Readers. She said, “If you’re ordering in the 0.0 [reader strength] , it’s just a fashion story, you just are wearing them because you love the eye candy of jewelry on your face.” As someone who went through a lifetime of wearing glasses and contacts before I was finally freed of those things through cataract surgery, I strongly disagree. I absolutely hated glasses. I never considered them as "jewelry for the face." I just wanted to get rid of them. These PR glasses looked better on her than her usual th
  21. This dress (which she put on while making Laurie wait) is the only thing I've seen in the show that looked good on her. If it weren't for the tragic hair and the hiddy yellow nails, I'd say that was a successful look. "I put on the size 2."
  22. Wiping her nose in the Clark's boot presentation. She called Isaac's OAP Jaqui "Mamacita." Tacky and rude! She also called her Jack.
  23. On Q2. That hank of hair is back in her eyes. Time for a shampoo.
  24. Because that's what a lot of small Internet retailers do. Buy wholesale, mark the products up, make a profit.
  25. M78396 My Grandma's 28-oz Coffee Cake in Gift Box She totally pigged out in the presentation of her favorite cake, My Grandma's coffee cake. She ate multiple samples of each of the four flavors, then talked with her mouth full. I mean very full, like chipmunk cheeks. She'd tell Mary Louise to describe the cake while she was eating each flavor, so ML had to carry the presentation. And, as we expected, she rolled a piece up into an icky-looking dough ball. She did her version of the Happy Dance - arms up in the air, but she didn't dance in a circle. Guess David has a trademark on the r
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