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  1. Kerstin looks like a starving prisoner in a gulag. Carolyn looks like a sea urchin.
  2. I'll bet she wore rompers because she was jealous of Courtney wearing rompers, and looking cute in them, on Monday night.
  3. Please, boss at QVC, send that woman home until she can clean herself up. This is pathetic.
  4. She looked melted and floppy the whole evening, to me. She's looked absolutely awful lately. Not that she ever looked great, but she used to look a lot better than this.
  5. I was wondering if her toenails were still bright orange. Yes -- she did a doggie leg lift and I saw them. From feet to face: closeup in RMS Beauty cream presentation. Her eyes look tired.
  6. She called Gary, "Gary Gobe" when she introduced him. I hate all the stupid nicknames she invents. She was presenting a beach cover-up top, and she kept calling it a caftan. It was a caftan-like garment, but, IMO, a caftan should be floor length. This top was a shortie swimsuit cover-up. Anyway the concept of caftans got her started on a long ramble about how much she liked old movies, and she saw an old Agatha Christie movie set in the 1920s where the rich women characters wore caftans. Gary went along with that because he likes old movies too, or so he said when she asked. Then she sta
  7. She wiped her nose while talking to Gary. She does that to the OAPs all the time. How do they manage to ignore what she's doing and keep on smiling like nothing happened? It makes me dread the eventual return of OAPs to the studio, where they and the hosts will be falling all over each other hugging and kissing, like they used to do. She'll be spreading her snot onto everybody.
  8. Nuage hoodie anorak jacket. She kept calling it a windbreaker, and recalled wearing windbreakers when she was growing up near a lake where it was windy. (Lake St. Clair? Her childhood home, Grosse Pointe, is located on the coast of that lake.) She got the crazy eyes for a minute, talking about it.
  9. This Cuddl Duds dress is too tight on her, although it doesn't look as bad as the Renee dress did.
  10. She wears those tight clothes so she can brag "I'm wearing the XS." Also so she can remind us for the zillionth time that "I'm busty."
  11. Her intrusive question of the night: What was the worst thing you ever saw on the side of the road? Courtney wouldn't answer, saying she was a news reporter in the field and did crime and accident stories, so people would not want to hear about the worst things she saw. Shawn was disappointed. So she asked two OAPS what they saw on the roadside. The guy said he saw the New York pizza rat in the subway. (Rat carrying a slice of pizza.) The woman said in New Jersey, she saw a four-foot black snake. Shawn immediately screamed and spun around in circles. Be careful what you ask, you fool!
  12. She finally removed that screaming orange nail polish. But I think she still has it on her toenails -- haven't seen a closeup of her feet yet.
  13. Courtney is rolling her eyes. Maybe she's thinking, How much longer do we have to see her hair in her face? Best closeup I've gotten of Courtney's new nose.
  14. I'd be offended. I'm shopping for secular products, not for spiritual assistance. If I wanted Bible merchandise, I'd go directly to one of the websites that specializes in those products. It's very presumptuous of CCB to do this. She has no clue what religious beliefs are held by the people who order her QVC products. Or if they are even religious at all, for that matter. Even JTV doesn't send out religious literature with the Christian religion-oriented items they sell: crosses, prayer boxes (little sterling boxes, like lockets, with some loose gemstones inside), and things like nec
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