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  1. I want the straight hem too. I've tried curved hem tees,, and although they look nice when brand new, the hems always tend to curl up after you wash them.
  2. It's Weird Eye Shadow Day too, from Our Lady of Perpetual Surprise. The white eye shadow goes with her blinding white teeth. Should we call Jen Our Lady of Perpetual Clavicles?
  3. I can't stand the extreme cropped denim jacket. Not flattering at all, not on anybody. It just looks like you're trying to wear a child's jacket.
  4. Kerstin was very perky today, posing like crazy. A total contrast to the blubbering mess on her Instagram.
  5. NYT and other large publications said they were eliminating the paywall temporarily for coronavirus-related articles, as a public service. Maybe they didn't consider that article fit their criteria closely enough.
  6. Yes, Joan was notorious for being a clean freak. She would have had a fit if she'd been around to see Shawn's kitchen and closet.
  7. Wow, David was really handsome! I had seen pictures of him as a young man, but not that one.
  8. I went and looked at the product video. Apparently you just put them indoors or outdoors as a table decoration or a patio decoration. They are battery powered, and light up with "rainbow" different colors. They are actually made of sandstone, not plastic. Apologies to anyone who likes them, but they look like pretty useless products to me. Well, maybe if you wanted a giant size indoor night light? I can't believe the original price was $57.00. (for the 12" size)
  9. She's planning to be back on air in a week? Ugh, that's not a very pleasant prospect. We had speculated she was allowed to stay home because she was the caregiver for her father. Well, he still has terminal cancer, so why does she get to go back to work? The only answer is, she's not the caregiver.
  10. I can think of two possible explanations. One, she has a strong, shall we say, "friendship" with someone high up at QVC. Two, she has some dirt on an important QVC executive. Surely QVC could not be tone deaf enough to deliberately give a steaming pile like her so much power in their company because "she sells." Or could they?
  11. Another host crying and whining on her Instagram, not nearly as bad as Skunk, but still quite excruciating. Kerstin in her pajamas, weeping and blowing her nose (at least she used tissues!), reading scripture, and worrying that she isn't a perfect mom. Come on, Kerstin, woman up! All of us are experiencing hardship and stress during this time of crisis. Cry about it in private. On your QVC-branded social media account, try to present yourself as someone who can hold herself together. Use Antonella as your example.
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