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  1. Pfft, tapeworms are so old-fashioned. Today they use laxatives, such as that green tea called Skinny Tea, or something like that. Hmmm, Kerstin eats all that green stuff, and perhaps she also drinks the Perricone green drinks... and maybe has to buy a lot of PooPourri.
  2. I can't stand her smug expressions when she poses. The models have ordinary pleasant facial expressions, but Kerstin always projects "Look at me! Aren't I cute? Aren't I thinner than everybody else?"
  3. As to materials, they are different with the different colors. For A382367 Vince Camuto Leather Lace-Up Ankle Boots - Gaviana, website says: "Figi/Silver Taupe/Snake/Leopard: cow/kid leather upper; textile/man-made lining; man-made outsole "Black/Dermy Pink: leather/man-made upper; textile/man-made lining; man-made outsole "Imported" Apparently the Vince Camuto Gaviana boot style is exclusive to QVC. I couldn't find it anywhere but QVC in a Google search. It's not available on shoes.com or Zappo's.
  4. You're right. I have a Teeter inversion table (older model) and I would never dream of hanging upside down. I just recline it a little bit, until I can feel a nice stretching sensation in my torso, and I don't stay inclined very long. My husband tried it and was unable to tolerate it, because he said he felt all the blood rushing to his head. I think Kerstin actually scares people away from ordering the table when she hangs upside down. Older people with health problems just don't want to try that. Her exercising is too extreme, just like her diet. She needs to go do infomercials for some health food company or exercise equipment company that targets women her age, and forget about QVC and their demographic of older women.
  5. Here is Kerstin showing off on the inversion table, hanging upside down. Most people just do a gentle reclining on this type of table. F13701 Teeter FitSpine X3 Inversion Table with FlexTech Bed. Watch on YouTube: (Her presentation of the table is not on the QVC website any longer) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b2q5HTXFLA
  6. Git it git it git it! 😁
  7. She screwed up the presentation of A368822 Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Relaxed Hooded Cardi with Pockets. Either she was flat out lying, or she had been given the wrong information, or maybe a little of both. She said both she and model Ade were wearing size XXS. The problem is, this sweater was never available in size XXS! Look at the QVC web page for the sweater. You can see that there was never an XXS. If there had been XXS and it was sold out, they would have shown the size with a slash mark through it. There was no XXS at all. The smallest size offered was XS. Even if that's what she had said she wore, it could not have been true. The Barefoot Dreams size chart says size XS is size 0-2, with body measurements of 32"-33" bust, 24"-25" waist, and 35"36" hip. There is no way in the world those could be Shawn's measurements. To be fair, maybe the person who prepared her Q card wrote incorrectly that the sweater came in XXS. But that is still not an excuse for her claiming to wear such a small size, when she showed the BF size chart. By the way, when there's a closeup of the sweaters on the rack as she goes through the colors, you can clearly see that the samples on the rack are size S. If she took the sweater she was wearing off the rack, she would have known it was size S, not her fantasy size XXS. A368822 Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Lite Relaxed Hooded Cardi with Pockets https://www.qvc.com/Barefoot-Dreams-CozyChic-Lite-Relaxed-Hooded-Cardi-with-Pockets.product.A368822.html?sc=IROA
  8. How about that wine she drinks all through her Christmas shows and shows with Leah? She either wears Depends, or she's sneaking off to the bathroom every chance she gets.
  9. Yuck, she just asked for permission to go pee. "There's a downside to all the Perricone greens I've been drinking. I have a lot of bladder pressure. [Listens to her earpiece.] Oh, I can go?" [leaves stage, and a promo for another program comes on.] Damn, don't they have some signal they can use to tell the control room they need to go pee, without announcing it to the world?
  10. Carretta. On the ownership paperwork for their salon in NJ, her name is listed as Shawn Killinger-Carretta.
  11. The pockets are pooched out on the jacket. She said she's wearing XS.
  12. A "long weekend" generally means 3 to 4 days. Unless it's urgent business travel or some personal emergency like attending a funeral, you don't fly all the way to Europe to stay for that short a period of time. Or unless you are so rich you don't mind spending thousands of dollars on short overseas recreational trips. She's just running her mouth.
  13. I posted some pictures if the shirt on the QVC thread. Yikes, it's a mess!
  14. She did a presentation of V36915 HoMedics Air Compression Back Stretching Mat. Damn, she's scrawny.
  15. Kerstin on Sunday, looking like she doesn't have a care in the world. She was selling Givenchy lipstick, which she said she loves. The camera crew gave her an extensive period of closeups. A273732 Givenchy Rouge Interdit Temptation Black Magic Lipstick
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