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  1. I liked the pretty floral blouse she wore, but the jeans were screaming tight and not flattering. They showed every extra pound on her butt and tummy. She looked much better in the black jumpsuit she wore Monday night, since it was loose-fitting and just skimmed the body instead of squeezing it. But of course we must remember the QVC jeans rule: the tighter, the better.
  2. You can see some of the redness of her skin here where she'd removed part of the mask. In the no-makeup pictures she posts from home, her skin is always red and looks irritated.
  3. The facial mask again. She didn't make any weird tragic faces with it this time.
  4. She puffed out her cheek with her tongue to shave around her lips. Looked gross. We all make faces like that at home in private while doing facial care, but we don't need to see her do it on TV. The models don't do that either.
  5. They let her shave the crew members' eyebrows again. They shouldn't do that. But she said "Are there any men in the studio who want me to trim their eyebrows? I’ve done it before," and sure enough, a volunteer popped up. It's too much to hope that she washed her hands before touching his face.
  6. Shawn was much calmer on the Tuesday night show. She acted almost like a real host. Her hair looked clean, too.
  7. I understand why they use young models with smooth skins for the anti-aging products such as serums. Just look at their before and after pictures of old wrinkly faces. You never can see much of a difference, if any at all. But it's still deceptive advertising. Like the hair products OAPs always using models who have naturally thick, beautiful hair.
  8. They're getting plenty of sea weather on land. I watched Victoria Wieck and a host presenting jewelry yesterday. They were sitting at a little table on the dock, and a stiff breeze was blowing. Both women were constantly having to hold their hair out of their faces. I was afraid the jewelry display was going to blow over.
  9. I heard another negative sales pitch last night about the Dooney bag she gave her SIL a year ago. She said the bag was ivory color leather, and that it wasn't in tonight's show, but she was going to tell about it anyway. She (Shawn) never liked white or ivory bags, but her SIL loved that one and is still carrying it to this day. If Shawn hates everything, why the hell does she try to sell anything?
  10. The scary thing is that she can change in a flash. One minute she'll be smiling and talking calmly about the product, like a normal host. The next minute she's suddenly making tragic faces and flinging her hands around. Then, abruptly, she turns it off and becomes calm again. Or she'll be standing still presenting a product, then she starts dancing or kicking her feet or running back and forth on and off stage. She can go back and forth like this a dozen times in a single product presentation. It's jolting and distracting. Something is wrong.
  11. Bad hair day. There are little broken flyaway pieces sticking out all over everywhere. It looks like she had her hair done yesterday and then slept on it.
  12. More drama. Seen out of context, in these pictures she looks desperate, like she's going to start crying if people don't order the philosophy duo. “A completely free gift with purchase!” (facial cleansing cloths) #savemyjobpleasebuythis
  13. She and the OAP were thrilled when a caller said she was trying the mask for the first time. You'd think nobody ever bought the product before.
  14. For example, here's a drama face. She tends to make these tragic faces when extolling the virtues of a product.
  15. Booooo! It's the Joker! No, it's the philosophy white kaolin clay face mask. Shawn claimed that she loved it because it made her pores disappear. But she did her usual negative sales pitch. She said she didn't like face masks because whenever she used them, she never saw any difference and wondered why she had wasted her money. The OAP said "Thanks for the vote of confidence." Of course then Shawn said how wonderful THIS face mask was. Not snarking on her for looking silly in a face mask on air; any host or model would look just as silly in the mask. Snarking because she just had to make such dramatic, distorted facial and hand expressions while trying to sell the product.
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