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  1. Odd conversation about a dress, which turned out to be misleading comments by Isaac. A399138 Isaac Mizrahi Live! Always Isaac Gingham Midi Skirt Shawn: I love her [the skirt]. It just makes me think of “Bridges of Madison County.” It makes me think of any great movie where there is like a farm and a white house with a white picket fence in the middle of nowhere. And Mama’s baking a pie and you can smell it from a mile away. Isaac: Oh! You are so funny. [Later, as she holds skirt up to her chest] Isaac: The other thing, you know, this harks back to a couture collectio
  2. Here you go. Half-squat followed by two leg lifts.
  3. Another knot conversation, and she also made fun of Katrina and mocked her. Isaac, not to his credit, went along with it and laughed. She's so jealous of Katrina. A397180 Isaac Mizrahi Live! Embroidered Topper Isaac: I just think it’s so chic. [notices Shawn is tying a knot] Okay… Shawn: I know, I know, I know, you’re not maybe loving my choice. Isaac: I don’t, I don’t, [his comment obscured because she’s talking over him] [crosstalk as she keeps defending her knot] Isaac: [capitulates] I like it. If you’re that girl who likes to knot things, please go ahea
  4. Interesting, isn't it, how she went on the attack and called Isaac a "knot hater" when he tried to object to her knot obsession. So if you don't want to go along with her obnoxious knotting that ruins the lines of every designer's clothes, you're a hater? Somebody needs to tell her she's a fashion hater.
  5. It's interesting that Walmart calls the garment a "tunic" and Isaac calls it a "dress," when the length looks exactly the same on both. I don't think it's a good "dress" for older women, unless you're one of the lucky people who still has pretty knees. But it would be fine for use as something like a casual swimsuit coverup.
  6. Cancer scars? What cancer scars? Is that supposed to be from when she claimed she had a toe amputated? (Which was a lie -- the whole world can see she has all ten toes. I believe she backtracked on that claim later and said "I almost lost a toe.")
  7. You have to squint to see it, but she's wearing her "bitty cross" necklace tonight. She pulled part of her hair back, but not that damn loose piece over her eyes. She's really ass-kissing the MAC OAP, going on and on about the "pro-artistry great brand." Okay, we KNOW you like it by now, Shawn. We're still waiting for "new social host" Vanessa to show up on Dare to Share. If she's smart, she went into hiding over on Q2.
  8. She was doing her back-and-forth hip swiveling and mouth pouting here while the MukLuks OAP was talking. Then she pointed her foot while showing the joggers. She just has to draw attention to herself. She dissed joggers in general during this presentation. She said she'd worn joggers so much at home over the past year that they were worn out from multiple times in the washer and dryer, so it was time to replenish her jogger wardrobe. The OAP emphasized that these joggers would go in the washer and dryer and come out fine. She even said she had washed and dried the pair she was wearing tha
  9. Well, it beats several weeks of bright orange polish. Negative sales pitch. "I usually don't like jelly sandals... they feel gummy... but these are, like, EL-E-VATED!"
  10. ”This is s little small for me, but it’s the only one I could find.” Extra small. So, Skunk, why didn't you wear some other top that was your size?
  11. Hair is all over her face now. She said this handbag has "juicy" webbing straps.
  12. Heads up, I think Skunk will be live on QVC2 tonight at 9 p.m. to midnight with an accessories show. Possibly it's a rerun -- QVC never tells you which Q2 shows will be live -- but the posters at the other place said she'd be live. I'm sure she hates having to be on The Deuce.
  13. Last year I bought a nice heavyweight D&C cotton denim shirt from the website. But it was an older item on clearance.
  14. Here's another spread! She did a seated doggie leg lift. The blue outfit they are all wearing was A451811 Attitudes by Renee French Terry Lounge Hoodie Set. It's so thin I thought it was supposed to be pajamas.
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