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  1. I was surprised it took so long for QVC to let Katrina do a TSV. After all, she was already working regularly after midnight, and doing a great job. I wish they'd put her on the Monday Fashion's Night In instead of Skunk. That would be such a nice change!
  2. So she's willing to spend a lot of money on her workout clothes and shoes, and spend a lot on organic food, but she won't spend a few dollars on one danged pumpkin for Halloween? Tell her to plant some pumpkin seeds next spring. She has a big yard and she can grow a bunch of pumpkins on the cheap. Then when she harvests them she can save the seeds and eat them -- an addition to her diet food menu. She can bring her bag of pumpkin seeds to work and nibble on them instead of eating lunch.
  3. There is information out there about Bob Bowersox, and he has his own website too. He hasn't disappeared. He's had some recent acting jobs. I didn't know anything about him until I researched this. All I knew was that he had been a QVC host, and I didn't remember seeing his shows. (I don't cook much, so I don't usually watch Q cooking shows.) So I was surprised to see how many other entertainment industry things he has done. Bob has a page on LinkedIn. There are over 10 people with that name on LinkedIn, but I identified him by looking at his work experience and seeing that he was a QVC h
  4. Or she thinks she's about to turn into 🦨, trying to squeeze her fat ass into XS when she needs medium.
  5. What weight? She's just about down to skin and bones. She looks almost as emaciated as Giuliana Rancic, and Giuliana has an excuse because she had breast cancer and a double mastectomy in 2012. Giuliana said in 2020 that the cancer-suppression drug she has taken since 2012 causes her to be too thin even though she tries to eat a lot. Kerstin has no such dire medical history. She is just messed up in the head. She seems to believe that if she starves herself, she will not get dementia like her mother.
  6. Rachel is a great host to sell clothing, because she looks good in everything. She knows how to style the outfits too. She's awful selling food, though. Silly, screeching, gluttonous. I wish they'd take her off the food shows.
  7. I get that on site and in e-mails from various sites where I shop. "Take another look!" "Don't let your find get away!" "Price drop on something you love!" "You might like ..." "Suggestions for you..." The one that always makes me laugh is my Amazon order history. For every item I bought, they have a place to click: "Buy it again!" Well, I guess the joke is on me, because there are some things I do re-order regularly, like my favorite toothpaste that my local stores stopped carrying.
  8. The first time I heard the term "mamacita" was when I watched the 2017 TV series "Feud," the story of the Joan Crawford/Bette Davis feud. (Jessica Lange played Joan, and Susan Sarandon played Bette.) In this program, Joan called her longtime housekeeper/companion "Mamacita." I had no idea what the term meant. I thought it was just a nickname Joan had for the woman. Mamacita was often disgusted with Joan's behavior and walked out on her several times, but she always came back. Until the time she didn't. Maybe Shawn saw "Feud" too? Or maybe she just picks up these inappropriate terms fro
  9. Do they think QVC doesn't do that? Do they think that Facebook, the king of data mining, doesn't do it?
  10. Phew! She's known for not washing her hair too. Last night she told Chaz she had two gallons of Wen in her bathroom and another gallon in the closet. Note that she said she had them, not that she used them.
  11. If the shoes were old merchandise, I'm glad they were sold instead of destroyed and sent to a landfill. I was just reading articles today about how design brands, such as Coach bags, and high end design houses will deliberately destroy unsold merchandise (even going so far as to burn it) rather than discount it. There is a big movement now for sustainable fashion, and design houses are being shamed into finding ways to sell or recycle old merchandise.
  12. There was no interaction with Rick at midnight. Shawn just said "we're calling it wine o'clock instead of midnight," and she went off the air. Rick, coming on with the wine TSV, repeated the wine o'clock remark. He said he didn't know anything about beauty products and reducing wrinkles (a reference to beauty products she'd presented that evening), but he did know a lot about wine, and he launched into the presentation. I was really expecting Shawn to step on his presentation, since she is so addicted to her wine, and addicted to insulting Rick. He got off easy tonight.
  13. They had a presentation of the Renee plaid shirt, which Leah and Shawn were both wearing. Since Leah was doing the presentation, Renee spoke mostly to her, but she had to speak to Shawn also because Shawn was wearing the shirt. There were some laughs and smiles, but mostly Renee made a point of ignoring Shawn. I don't blame her, after Shawn was so rude to her on Monday. Poor lil' Shawn had to sit there and try to look pleasant.
  14. Funny rubber face from the Elemis presentation. She was squealing about how you get two! But I think this is how she'd react if someone told her she had to take a shower every day.
  15. She did the final presentation of the Wen TSV. She sat there listening to Chaz and had that hank of hair in the middle of her face for a long time, not even trying to flick it out of the way. I wondered if she was kind of daring him to say something about it. Did Chaz's dog Hunter die? At the end of the show he held up a picture of Hunter and said ”I want to thank you all [customers] for your love for Hunter.” Shawn made a sad face. Then he kissed the picture of Hunter. I was unable to access his Facebook or Instagram to find out about it.
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