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  1. This kind of thing seems to happen to Daryl a lot. And all I can think about is not what's happening to him but Dog. Daryl benefited from the water treatment, that's the cleanest I've seen his face in awhile.
  2. I feel sort of bad that I can find so little to praise about TWD these days. I want to say something that is positive but I can't think of anything. I like Daryl and Carol as characters, I always have, but I've decided that they aren't all that interesting as a duo anymore, not like they were in the past, which I know is probably because of the writing. They were much more interesting when they were wandering around Atlanta trying to find Maggie's sister Beth, for example, than they are now sauntering down the conveniently clear path in the woods for what seems like no particular purpose.
  3. I'm assuming that the dissociative nature of the character's thoughts and actions resulted from getting conked on the head when she was thrown into the train car or possibly just before that when she was wrestled to the ground and it wasn't meant to be an indication of some longer term illness. But what do I know? Only this. This was a crappy episode. Possibly the worst ever. I don't care about this character Princess at all. I don't find her interesting or enjoyable to watch and this episode was tedious, pointless and annoying. So it had that going for it.
  4. I wonder why the show runners / casting directors, whoever made the decision, thought that the actress cast to play Virginia was the best choice. It's not that the actress is bad, it's just that her appearance, her voice, her mannerisms make it hard to take her seriously in this role. I find her comical and I can't imagine that's the reaction they were going for. That guy with the ruptured appendix sure did turn awfully fast. I didn't really understand what was going on there at first. Are June and the other character just driving around looking for people who need medical assistanc
  5. I thought your cartoon strip was hilarious and I certainly couldn't improve on it myself. I'm not that talented.
  6. I find it hard to believe that clearing a fairly small herd like that would have been so terribly difficult to figure out. I get that it was a plot devise, Ginny's way of identifying someone with leadership skills, but I think the test could have been made a little more difficult. Also, it's hard to believe that she would trust whichever person did pass the test. I posted on the real time thread that Dakota was like Carl from the mother show, which meant the early seasons Carl doing stupid stuff that endangered other people. But I guess she's really more like Alpha's daughter, a supp
  7. I guess Dakota is FTWD's version of Carl from the mother show.
  8. I guess this will be some version of Morgan that's a bit like what he was in his "clear" phase back on TWD, before he ran into the cheese maker and learned that all life is precious. I guess there's someone out there who helped Morgan after he was shot, that's why he was in the tower waiting for that person to show up? I couldn't really follow that. And I guess the bounty hunter needed to get to El Paso, or was it Waco? But why? And what happened to the key that he found on the man he killed in the beginning? Does Morgan have that now? The guy at the end says they need the key. I
  9. I saw the storm troopers and I thought Hunger Games. I checked out of TWD after Negan showed up and stopped watching until this last season when I caught a few episodes. Other than the old regulars, I don't really know who anyone is and I can't say that it affects my watching pleasure, such as it is. I've decided that part of the problem with this show is that the zombies just aren't that interesting and they don't really seem to pose that much of a threat. They should have them evolve somehow, mutate, become something unexpected, do something unusual. I thought Beta's death was a
  10. I guess it depends on what the alternatives were. I'm supposing that being on your own in the ZA is not a good place to be, plus I think people are inherently social, beings, they look to join with others, so if you're out there alone or maybe with one or two others, and you're running out of ideas on how to stay alive when you meet Alpha and her crew, maybe it seems like a better alternative than continuing to go it alone. You start out thinking it will be temporary but then you get familiar with it, even if you aren't that comfortable, at least you're alive. And you're afraid of her,
  11. Agreed but it's why I think she makes such a good villain. It's kind of a common theme on this show, the bad guys are all creepy / annoying, sometimes close to cartoon-like in their menacing ways, except they always retain the creep factor enough to be actually pretty scary if you think about meeting them in real life. The Governor, Gareth (Terminus), Negan, now Alpha.
  12. I like Judith. But then I also liked Carl. I think she seems like a typical kid, which let's face it most kids that age can be kind of annoying. And her being a fighter, I would imagine that would be something you need to be teaching kids pretty early on in the ZA, especially with Michonne as her mom and how she lost her own son in the early days. She's going to want to give Judith all the survival skills she can, while she can. It's not like she fought off a whole horde or something. I'd rather see her fighting than have her be placed in jeopardy. When Michonne was screaming h
  13. This show is hard on doctors. And Judith is quite the little ass-kicker. Which I would expect being raised by Michonne but still, good to see the Rick/Shane dna at work there. Maybe Lori, too, I guess although I can't really remember Lori killing a lot of walkers. Or being much of a bad-ass although I suppose she was at the end. That hat, though, shouldn't it be getting pretty beat up by now? Carol's not that fleet of foot and, neither is Daryl, so the idea that they're running over rough terrain with any hope at all of catching anyone , that's fairly laughable. There was a ti
  14. Kelly Clarkson looks kind of scary tonight.
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