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  1. Thanks BASTET! It's a stupid commercial. Do bears often "poo" in people's tents? I don't live in bear country. "head scratch"
  2. Forgive me if this has been addressed but what the fresh hell does the kid on the Buick Enclave commercial say when the bear destroys their tent? "Did the bear just PUNE our tent?" WTF?
  3. I vaguely remember watching Denise's reality show way back in the day and I remember she had a lot of dogs and maybe other animals but it seems like her house was kind of chaotic and kind of gross like there would be old dog poop on the floor? I remember liking her but thinking she needed to clean up the place. Am I remembering this correctly or am I a dummy? I've slept since then so forgive me if I am way off.
  4. OMG! You described him exactly how I was thinking about him. Verrrrry creepy dude indeed! I hope we are wrong for all the females in this family.
  5. I'm just getting around to post on this wench. She is such a narcissist that twice she mentioned to her brother not seeing her, Kroy or the kids but her pigsty HOUSE first. Materialistic much, wig? I'm so glad he and his wife were eye rolling most of the time. Her bro seemed outspoken but dickish at the same time. It must run in the Zolziak family. The kids seem like simpletons, I guess because their parents are dumb as loud mouthed hicks. Kim, great job raising kids with "Failure to Launch" syndrome. Effing idiot! God I can't wait for them to go bankrupt! Now that's a show I'd tune
  6. I live about 60 miles from this house of horrors and I can tell you that Upshur county has diddly for animal control as my county and surrounding counties are HAVENS for puppy mills and animal neglect. When Dallas news shows an SPCA raid I always hold my breathe that it's not my county. I would be very surprised if Big Sandy, which is unincorporated, has any animal laws but the very basic and even then, animal control is so in over their heads. We have rescured 4 dogs that have been dropped at our ranch and many more we will get spayed/nuetered and all shots and heartworm meds started and they
  7. I really have not paid any attention to this guy but when he was going on last night about marrying in 10 days when the ink hasn't even dried on his divorce papers, he gave me the straight up creeps! Maybe Denise doesn't have a good picker. I watched her reality show years ago and I liked her and her parents. This new guy is just way too thirsty, big dick or not!
  8. Sunshine23, your post made me giggle because my mom sent 3 of us off and was probably thinking, "Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!"
  9. I really appreciate the good thoughts and I will definitely check out what sounds like a wonderful read.
  10. Thanks a ton, Giselle. My thoughts go out to you and all who have lost their moms. Hugs to all.
  11. Usernamefatigue, I am so sorry for your loss. I too have gone through this just a few days ago. My high school sweetheart just died last week and I talked to him the night of his death. We dated for 5 years 30 years ago and I knew I wasn't ever going to marry him and I finally broke up with him and he was heart broken but we both went on to marry other people and I have a wonderful husband of almost 26 years. I stayed in touch with my HSS and his marriage was not good but he was also an alcoholic. We lived 1200 miles apart but kept in touch especially about our college team, that's what we
  12. My husband said the exact same thing! It must be a reaction from anyone that has not been watching these stoopid shows since the jump.
  13. So funny that you said this. I am always reminded of my sister when Lu won't show any emotion but "I'm great! Everything is great!" Believe me, you don't want to go through life like this. My sis has been unhappily married for 30 years and her daughter went through a horrific crime a year and a half ago and my sister just won't let down her guard. It's very painful to watch. I think it is a reason we aren't very close and have never been too close even as kids and we are only 18 mons apart. I am sad for her. OTOH, me and my bro are very close.
  14. Damn, the only thing Christian did that was wrong was not leaving without notice. If I were him, I would have booked the bus back home and scooted out the door that morning and she would be none the wiser. Also blocked her number.
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