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  1. I liked Gallery Girls too. It was a peek into a world of which I know nothing. As I recall, there was on girl who was quite pretentious, though. I don't watch this show enough; I get Scheana and Katie mixed up.
  2. Another Kristen(I think) comment that made my jaw drop:. "I could have sex on this couch!" as they were touring the beach house. Who says that?
  3. Those girls don't know what a clambake is??? (It looked good, BTW.) Jax's gf should dump him.
  4. Meryl -- you rock! Thank you for pointing out the roots of some of the "elite" actors. She is awesome. She looks good. Lovely, inspirational speech.
  5. Awww, Goldie, I still love you! You have made it from Laugh-In's ditsy blonde in a bikini to respected actress. You are You.
  6. Viola looks great! Need to see the movie. Liked her speech.
  7. I am sure Carrie is a nice person, but I am so over her. I liked Sofia's dress - she looked amazing. She read the script.
  8. LOL. Yeah, I don't know a lot of them, either. Like you, I will watch for the pretty -- maybe the goofy speech, and the occasional win by someone I know.
  9. So happy for Tracee Ellis Ross! She is so good in Blackish!
  10. He looked good but I can't get over that awful storyline with Dead Denny in Grey's Anatomy. He looked so greasy in that role, and I never understood the immediate attraction between him and the blonde doc. lol. Yes, I should be over it by now!
  11. I don't mind Nicole's dress except for the sleeves that are hanging over her hands. She often looks so washed out, though. I hope she and Keith are happy -- she deserves it after being married to Cruise.
  12. I didn't see it, but doesn't she always look great? (Sorry, I am clicking between this and the Packers game!)
  13. I like Janelle Monae's dress and I think she is talented.
  14. Just saw Natalie Portman. Her dress is very plain and I agree, the color is not great. I wonder if she was going for a '60's Jackie Kennedy look?
  15. Jessica Biel -- I thought she was so pretty in the TV show she was on when younger ( sorry, forgot the name). Since then, I don't see it. She has a good shape. I think she and Justin are cute together.
  16. Michelle Williams was so good in Manchester -- especially that one scene; brought me to tears.
  17. Colchester, England episode: When I saw all the baby toys and kid stuff in the two decoy houses, I figured they were going with the empty house that had a bare bed in the master. I liked that couple though, they had a fun rapport between the two of them.
  18. Thanks for the info on the Philly episode, NYGirl! I wondered about that third house in the "suburb," but hey I live in MN and thought maybe that's a Philly suburb. Good to know my instincts were right.
  19. Can anyone tell me which place the woman in Philly chose tonight? I missed the ending and am wondering if Mom won out with the house in the suburbs. (I have my doubts.). The buyer was a building preservationist. Thanks for any info!
  20. Family moving to Brisbane -- I was ticked at the dad when he kept saying he didn't want any yard maintenance. I'm thinking, you are staying home, you can do yard work during the day! But then in the recap, he is working so it probably was a good choice.
  21. The couple in Chicago tonight were pleasant and cute. I got a kick out of their mattress on the floor in their new place -- brought back memories of our first place. I finally told husband we needed a bed frame when I was pregnant!
  22. Rinna, Eileen, and Dorit are exhausting. They need to Let It Go. PK's comment about the Have Nots getting to see how the Haves live was disgusting and pompous.
  23. Didn't they get to choose their teams this time? I prefer when the teams are chose by knife-pick or whatever. Seems more fair that way.
  24. I love Vince Gill. Recently saw him in concert and he joked about how much weight he has put on. Bob Seger was fun to watch -- so much energy! I didn't realize this was on last night, but found it On Demand. Always enjoy it and getting exposed to performers like Mavis Staples and Martha Argerich, who I don't know as well (or at all).
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