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  1. I got a kick out of the interaction between Carole and her mother. They were cute. Her mom reminded me a little of Bette Midler (maybe it was the voice or accent).
  2. I just do not understand Dorinda ripping into Sonja at a dinner party (horrible, horrible, horrible) and then saying "all is fine, no grudges." Right.
  3. (Sorry this is so messed up.) Had to say, I agree! Bo + Hope 4ever!!!!❤️❤️❤️ Also Patch + Kayla! Sigh. ❤️❤️❤️ ????
  4. What is with the Rinna and Eileen waving their hands and saying "that's enough Kim! Buh-bye!" over and over? I thought that was incredibly rude. Is that something Kim has done in the past?
  5. I think Chelsea looks little like country singer Patty Loveless.
  6. I have been giving Dorinda the side-eye for a couple of seasons now. Her rant against Heather. She also tells everyone what the other one(s) are saying, then sits back and lets the fur fly. Can't quite figure her out.
  7. I'm not aware of most of the off-camera stuff that was "in the news," so a lot of the undercurrent escapes me.
  8. I agree. Does she need the money? I am very tired of her and her storyline and I've only watched a few seasons.
  9. Good post. I also do not think Ericka intended to flash anyone (if she did).
  10. I haven't watched all seasons of RHOBH, but I thought that bunny stunt that Andy and Kim concocted was COLD. As someone upthread suggested, Kim could have donated the bunny to a charity and just told LR ( if she had to say something) at the reunion.
  11. This. I was late to the show, but I clicked in just as Shep was proclaiming that he once didn't remember the name of the woman he'd slept with the night before when he saw her the next day (or something like that). Very funny. Pigs.
  12. Here in Minnesota, it is common to take off our shoes as we enter, probably because winter is so long here. But I would never ask a guest or a friend to do so. And in winter, we are wearing socks. In summer, I am in sandals and I will ask a host if they would prefer I keep my sandals on or go barefoot on their floors. At home, we take off our shoes because there are so many toxic substances on the grass or garage, I prefer not to bring them in. Again, I would not ask a guest to do so. I thought it was a regional thing, because I once asked our realtor in Indiana about asking potenti
  13. If the whole "tea" was for Tinsley to meet the other HWs, Beth could have made more of an effort. I don't blame Tinsley for feeling snubbed. OTOH, Ramona's asking T whether she wished she had had children was a bit TOO personal for a first-time meeting! lol
  14. This makes sense. "Perfect for two." Because after watching Lu's tour, I'm thinking all that outdoor space, but how many months' use do you get out of it? NYC gets cold and snow in the winter, right? The kitchen was so spotless, I figured no one is cooking there.
  15. That's a style. Front tucked in, back hanging out. I think it's weird, but it is a thing!
  16. Beth would only go to the wedding if it was a paid appearance or they'd use her products??? I thought Lu said she only invited one HW? (Forgot which one.) Sonja's denim pantsuit -- lol.
  17. I liked Katie's dress from the waist up (the floral part, not the striped part). It was not the usual strapless wedding dress. Also thought her hair looked pretty. Did not like Lisa's dress.
  18. Who took care of/raised Erika's son when she left?
  19. Casual Erika is so pretty. I empathize with her about her grandmother, as we go through this with my mom. I see where she gets her reserve and tough girl persona, but because I tend to be sensitive and a "cryer," (even though I hate it!), I would encourage her to see that not everyone comes from her place. That doesn't make us weak, but different. I wish I were tougher, because that seems to be the right/tough thing to be.
  20. Yes, I admire her for being honest, too! I would never have had the guts to say that back in my dating days. Hence those awful racketball dates... :)
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