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  1. I switched to a Sonicare toothbrush and I love it. It gets to the backside of my front teeth and gets rid of all the fuzzy stuff!
  2. Bought my turkey today. That is not my favorite part of the meal. I love the dressing, mashed potatoes/gravy and pumpkin pie the most! I do, however, love leftover turkey sandwiches! Yum.
  3. It has been said before, but if you are selling fashion, you should know some minimal sewing/garment terms. The Carole Hochman OAP just said the side slit on a top was a "pleat," and the pleating at the neckline was "shirring."
  4. Received two Cuddle Duds orders yesterday and am pleased with both: http://www.qvc.com/Cuddl-Duds-Double-Plush-Velour-Leggings.product.A293100.html?productNumber=A293100&storeId=10251&catalogId=10151&langId=-1&partNumber=A293100&upsh=1&sc=CSWB&TZ=CST http://www.qvc.com/Cuddl-Duds-Stretch-Fleece-Novelty-Pajama-Set.product.A280242.html?upsh=1&sc=A280242-CSWB I think the velour leggings were a TSV? These are not skin tight, which I like. Not sure if I'd wear them out of the house, but I might with the right top. The waistband is comfortable and no
  5. Yeah, they are always bad. Good deal for ID thefters , I guess. ?
  6. "I bought this because it's the Frau's Dad's favorite." Right. (I know, she is just trying to fill up space with words, but that is NOT a sales tactic!)
  7. I like her too. She even -- gasp!! -- admits to wearing a size medium. I also like the other fashion expert, Jessica Manuel (I think?) -- very pretty and easy to listen to.
  8. I am built like Carolyn in the belly and I give her credit for being open to showing the fit. (Don't need close-ups!) I honestly don't see her as wanting to show off that part of her anatomy, but being "willing" to show it for those of us who appreciate seeing how much bulk around the waist, how much "bunching," etc. Sorry if TMI, but we all have our issues!!! lol
  9. Carolyn should size up in that Heavenly Jersey Tunic. It is tugging on her belly. Or she should have chose something else to wear. She just said "it's not clingy" as she pulls it away from her body because it is sticking to her.
  10. I ordered two colors in two different sizes. Wish me luck. It's an updated look for a reasonable price. I have not had a lot of luck with Evine's fashions but they hook me back in now and then!
  11. Okay, I think that older woman on the Mally presentation is very pretty -- but all that Mally stuff around her eyes is not a good look. IMO! I say this as a 60-yr-old. (What??? I'm 60????? Lol ???)
  12. Prindables:. It's a matter of taste, of course, but an apple coated with candy and then candy on top of that is not appealing. Sugar overload. I would prefer Apple + caramel + nuts.
  13. I think those Hallmark movies would be too formulaic and a sugar overload for me.
  14. I think fewer people on these boards watch HSN, though. I mostly only watch for fashion, Colleen's Thursday night show (sometimes), DIane Gilman (very snarkable although I admire her business success), or the glitzy Aspen lady** who is such a hoot! ** Just remembered her name: Joan Boyce! I love her shows, even though I've only bought a pair of pj's from her.
  15. What accent? Said this WI native now in MN. ????? (Truly, I don't hear it!)
  16. I like Stan, but he doesn't need to grab the models' hands either. That is not showing off the garment. It's a little too "be nice to Uncle Stan." The astrology doesn't bother me; it's kind of a throwback to his 1960's-70's era to me.
  17. That top is so wrong!!!
  18. Do you really think Supermodel Iman would wear the TS she is offering? Of course not. OTOH, I think it's ok she is offering it to the masses, who are not as gifted (shape wise) as she is! Looks just a little too polyester-ish to me.
  19. I don't know! I can't believe she gets away with saying that!
  20. Cheers to those of you who watched! And thanks for the reports. I couldn't watch -- makes me too anxious. ???
  21. Beekman Brothers on now. Love the recreation of their "mercantile" on the set. The cookies look good. Their cookie jars are cute, but they are big! I recently stayed at a place that had Beekman bath products. I liked the bar soap and lotion; didn't try their shampoo. Would consider buying the lotion.
  22. I like Stan until he grabs the models' hands and makes them stand that way with him. It's a little creepy, in a forcing-the-models-to-do-something-because-he's-the-boss kind of way.
  23. They still sell that deco-wrap valence thing????? I remember that from ages ago!
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