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  1. Agree on your assessment, Booney. But I have seen this big floral print out there -- on young women. So it must be a new trend.
  2. I don't have Instagram. By "remains," do you mean the carcass?
  3. Rinna's boots. Really???
  4. I ordered the blue, because it had blue Sherpa (and goes with the blue comforter in that room.). All of the others had the white Sherpa, which always worries me as to showing dirt more quickly.
  5. I bought one of those Berkshire blankets yesterday too -- the blue one, because all the others had white Sherpa. We had so many extra blankets at one time and donated a bunch of them as part of decluttering last summer. Here we are in November, the guest rooms are chilly and I couldn't find an extra blanket!! ??
  6. OTOH, if she mentioned the baby all the time, some people would be critical of that too. No win situation.
  7. I have one of those mini-shavers and like it. Because it's cute and fun to look at! ?
  8. Interesting about the "Chel's Closet" segment of Walmart selling home shopping network items, including Susan Graver. I went to the site and so far have only found clothing from HSN, but I'm only about 1/2-way through.
  9. Speaking only for myself. Don't want pastels that are see-through, or tops so tight my breasts can be seen swaying, swinging and bouncing. ??. (If I'm lounging at home I'm wearing a bra anyway, but I don't sleep in one unless we have company.). So if I'm sleeping in pajamas that can be worn out of the bedroom, I'm grabbing a bra in the morning. Otherwise I'm changing into sweats/top in the morning before leaving the bedroom.
  10. I have seen an old photo/vid of her with long-ish (shoulder length), frizzy/curly hair. It might have been one of those Gold Rush days where they had to dress up as cowgirls.
  11. I was thinking the same thing, @hummingbird. Oh no!!!!! Her name is Kirstin or Kirsten, I believe. (Sounds the same; not sure about spelling.)
  12. I wasn't watching, but I heard her make this comment and it made me LOL. Not many overweight people would refer to their OWN extra weight as "girth!" She does crack me up.
  13. The Anybody TSV is really cute, and I was all set to order until I read a comment under the "questions" segment. (The poster said there wasn't a place to review.). It is a very thoughtful question/comment/review. Anyhow, she said the top runs small and the bottoms run big. I was about to go up a size based on the top measurements, but was concerned the pants would run too big. Fabric sounds great; think I will wait on this one. Note Jen (small busted) is only wearing the top right now.
  14. SSE, that sounds very much like a pumpkin bread recipe I have and make. My mom used to put a cream cheese/orangey frosting on her pumpkin bread -- so good!
  15. That video is GREAT! Get a load of those jogsuits! ?. Some of those hosts are before my time watching QVC, although I have heard their names. The story about how she became the first on-air guest vendor is interesting too.
  16. Yeah, not a great look for Carolyn. She must be going by the "it should fit in the shoulders" styling advice.
  17. Oh my gosh, TT, I am so very sorry! This is very shocking. Do they know what happened?
  18. I like the Huggables and their faux counterparts, but I do think they are heavy when you have a lot on the bar in a closet. I like to buy more of the ones that aren't made for pants -- they are lighter weight (in comparison, not compared to plastic hangers) and work fine for tops.
  19. Yeah. And my husband still thinks she is hot! sigh. But I don't watch her much, so he doesn't see her perform. lol
  20. I think I would a) try to volunteer somewhere and/or b) make myself a FABULOUS meal of things I love if I were alone! Thanks for sharing your experiences -- we may all be there someday. My mom used to say (despite there being 8 of us kids) "we are fine as long as we have each other (her and Dad), but if I were alone I would want to be with one of you." This I believe after she was guilted about being with inlaws/etc as a mom of a young family -- she never wanted us to feel "obligated" to be with them. That is good, but also not good. Sigh. Family dynamics are interesting/complicated
  21. I have heard good things about Aquaphor too -- thanks for the recommendation. I pick it up now and then, but then I forget about it. The Beekman guys are luring me in ....
  22. Oh so funny (but not) @CarpeDiem54! I'm not that familiar with SSC, so I didn't realize that product has been around that long. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  23. Please report in. I am interested but some of the reviews on Q were not good.
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