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  1. Cute to see Eva Longoria pregnant and with a fuller face -- but dress is too tight if I can see the belly button.
  2. Any publicity about Kate Hudson annoys me, but then I see her interviewed tonight and she seems adorable. ?. Loved her happy birthdays to her son and her 90-year-old grandma.
  3. My husband is a big guy, so those kinds of shirts don't bother me. Now, I know he wouldn't wear that color! ?
  4. I have heard of Dog 'n Suds, but don't think I have ever been to one. Root beer float or a malt sounds good right now!
  5. That was fun -- thanks for doing this! I am just so embarrassed for Carolyn -- that was such an awful look.
  6. Love the Big Al stories, but OMG, @seahag, I'm sorry you have been so sick! It sounds terrible. Are you going stir-crazy, or do you feel so lousy that you are content to be home? Hope this latest batch of meds get rid of the infection. Please keep us posted.
  7. Notice how much softer $$'s hair color is in the younger photo -- much more flattering.
  8. Wow, that top is definitely a "miss" for Amy. Not flattering even on her tiny body.
  9. Ugh. Camping. In the snow. Can we just have them cook?
  10. Amy posted on Fb that she made it in, thanks to her husband's 4-wheel drive car,
  11. Watching the rerun episode. So now we have the competitive baby birth stories ...
  12. That was Bryan Moylan wearing the men's capri-pants suit? Oh my. I do feel for Erika with her dad situation, but still don't need to read her autobiography.
  13. Hey, my grown son lost his wallet at a college football game. A guy from another city/state found it, found my son on Linked In, and sent the wallet back to him! (Nothing taken.) That renewed my faith in people!
  14. Very sorry to hear your day turned out so terribly, @Cricket, especially that Joe was feeling so bad. I bet he was disappointed, too. Re: your phone -- is there a county/state phone number you could call to see if there is a lost/found at the rest area? Just a thought.
  15. ???. He did seem very "relaxed!"
  16. Being an Awful Northerner (I assume in his world), I had to roll my eyes when he said "that's just not how we do it in the South" (or somesuch). Okay, Ashley Wilkes.
  17. Touch or click on the little heart at the bottom of the post.
  18. I wonder of the green "window" is a subtle way to get the consumer to start thinking about spring?
  19. I don't have a problem with SAHDs -- women have done it for ages. It's just that it is unusual for the man to be home. If they can make it work financially and that is what they choose for their family, okay by me. I think it is hard for a guy to be a SAHD because we as a society tend to see that as "weak." If a woman can do it, why can't a man?
  20. I don't have a problem with treating my shoes or boots with a spray protectant. Most winter suede footwear needs it anyhow.
  21. I didn't know "miscarriage" and "adoption" were taboo words in the Christian community? (According to the above-referenced portion of her book.)
  22. Hmmm, I usually go up 1/2 size in boots, but now I am wondering ...
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