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  1. maasa

    S15.E21: Good Shepherd

    I'm looking forward to this episode. I always wanted Amelia scenes with Amelia, Derek & the rest of their family.
  2. maasa

    S15.E19: Silent All These Years

    I am a fan of Jo and Jolex. I'm happy Jo is getting storyline but her speech in this episode felt like it was carefully constructed just to set up the plot of Jo taking off. Finding out what happened with her mother being raped would cause her pain & would be something she needs time to process and work through. I can even get Jo not being ready to talk to Alex about it yet. But I won't buy Jo taking off from Alex at this point in her life. The partner going to a friend to talk to their SO is a go to for this show but I didn't mind Alex going to Linc to talk to Jo. I like that Alex doesn't feel threatened or jealous of Jo & Linc's friendship. I'd like to see Alex and Linc form a friendship going forward. Its almost always been Jo having to mix with his friends so this is a nice change. Jo should have gone to therapy years ago! I'd love to see it happen now but it looks like Owen is going and in Grey's world I don't think we'll see 2 characters going at the same time. I'm with you but in EW a couple weeks back Krista declared DeLuca the leading man. So it seems that we'll be seeing way more of this. Guess DeLuca won't be a fun fling but instead probably be her big relationship after Derek. I'm glad I don't care who she ends up with.
  3. maasa

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Ha, for real! We're left with male triplets that Meredith forgot Ellis had when she was 10 at this point. It can't be pregnancy so my guess is something related to Derek's sisters and/or mother since we know they will be making an appearance. There's been no mention of her staying in touch or keeping them in the kid's lives so I can see a repeat of her being stressed that Derek's mother may be coming. I wonder what the trigger to get him to go will be. All of them need therapy but any that actually go generally have been driven there by some event. I really hope its not the baby dying or something really tragic. I'm interested in this one. I'm very interested in Jo but I think the last episode made it obvious Jo is going to have a hard time through the rest of the season so the description doesn't add much.
  4. maasa

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Add me to the list of people who thinks that Jo is the product of rape. If that is it I hope its left at that, no reason for her to then go looking for her father. while watching her best friend operate on her husband with his gunman holding a gun to her friend's head. Also, her stepmother died of hiccups & her father blamed her then hit her, she donated her liver, her husband moved to DC & her best friend left . Oh, and her dog died. I'm pretty sure there's more. That is why I disagree that Jo getting a dramatic story about her bio mother is too much on a character. So many of the characters have a lot on them. They don't appear interested in giving Jo or Alex storyline other than a dramatic episode or two so I'll take it. Alex's mother should have been a much bigger story & she smelled fire & knitted a hat for Bailey so we'll have to see how this even turns out.
  5. maasa

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    I was pretty excited that Jo was getting an episode until I read Teddy will be all over it. I wish it was Alex. We're going to meet the last Shepherd sister. In reading the comments someone speculated that Kate could be the Kate Jackson mentioned from the support group. Kate lost a brother. I'm assuming she will be part of Amelia's upcoming big episode. https://tvline.com/2019/02/07/greys-anatomy-kathleen-shepherd-season-15-cast-dereks-sister/
  6. maasa

    S15.E12: Girlfriend in a Coma

    I agree. I also think Koracik has great chemistry with just about everyone. He's a great addition to the cast. I'm a Jolex fan so I'm pleased with them being together (storyline would be nice) but I feel like they got most of the other couples wrong. I know each has plenty of fans but for me I think different combinations would have worked better. I remember when DeLuca first appeared there were tons of comments on how much he resembled Derek. I agreed. I think its a big miss in not making him a Shepherd. He could have been a nephew of Derek's. That would have given him built in family ties to Meredith, Amelia and by extension Maggie, Richard, Katherine & Jackson. They could have left him with Maggie or paired him up down the road. Meredith has better chemistry with Koracick, Owen, Jackson and even Linc. If they really wanted Meredith to be with a much younger guy they should have left Maggie with DeLuca and paired her up with Jackson. They both have children, powerful surgeons as mothers and have both been married so there's common ground. Amelia and Owen have been back and forth for so many years I honestly have been done for years. I think its a given that Owen will lose Leo right around the time Teddy has her baby. So pair them back up. Free up no longer has a brain tumor Amelia for Linc or Koracick. The episode bored me. I felt bad for coma lady but I felt like it was obvious from the start that she wasn't going to make it. So instead my mind wandered and I sat there thinking how to redo the pairings. Ha,
  7. maasa

    S15.E08: Blowin' in the Wind

    I'd be happy if they went with an Amelia/Korasic pairing down the road. I think Owen/Teddy will come together unless Teddy loses the baby. Owen & Amelia have bonded over the baby and the insta family with Amelia, Owen, Leo & Betty but I'm not convinced that they'd work long term as a couple. Korasic knows all Amelia's history and doesn't seem put off about her baggage. They work well together as colleagues & I could see it turning to more at some point. I don't care for Meredith & DeLuca. Its partly because he had an ongoing sexual relationship with her sister and partly because he looks like he could be Derek's son. I'm all for an older woman/younger man storyline but I think the show missed the boat. Instead of pairing Maggie with Jackson they should have kept her with DeLuca and went with Meredith/Jackson. Its still Meredith with a way younger guy but one where the actors share chemistry and the characters have enough in their backgrounds where I could see the pairing seems like it could grow. I see no chemistry with Meredith & Link but I guess he's the best option. I find it skeevy to sleep with your sister's ex-sex partners but YMMV. In the end though as long as she's not with Alex I'm good. I think Ben & Bailey will be separated until the end of the season or done for good. My guess is that they want Ben freed up for love interests on Station 19.
  8. maasa

    Grey's Anatomy in the Media

    I couldn't find the media thread & didn't know where to post. Grey's will be on the cover of EW & there are six covers. There's also a couple of short videos at the link. The one where they test to see which character they are is cute. https://ew.com/tv/2018/09/20/greys-anatomy-six-ew-covers/
  9. maasa

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    I'm hoping so for a few reasons. Jo was so excited to get the MassGen fellowship so I'm hoping there's a fellowship for her that allows her to specialize & further her career. There's already 3 general attendings so her chances of getting anything interesting professionally are slim if she becomes general attending #4. Also, it would be nice to see Jo have a professional relationship that is completely separate from her relationship with Alex. He being a recurring character shouldn't matter. We wouldn't need to see him every week. I also wouldn't mind Chris as a possible love interest for Amelia since Teddy is there for Owen now.
  10. maasa

    S14.E17: One Day Like This

    It was from season 2, episode 5 when she was waiting at the bar after her pick me speech. The shot is from when George walked into Joe's. Derek didn't show up until after she left and then he picked Addison.
  11. maasa

    Post-Election Fears & Anxieties

    Its just forum talk. Its how people in forums talk. Nobody has more respect for people who voted for the bigot than I do, no one. Nobody has more respect. When you're a forum poster they let you do it. You can do anything - call them dumb fuckers, you can do anything. Just forum banter. Make the forums great again! Its gonna be great folks. You'll see. People are gonna be very happy. FTR I'm fine with being a "hateful sore loser" by anyone who condoned Trump's platforms of bigotry and hate by casting their vote for him. I stand behind my feelings of concern for my fellow citizens of this great country. Feel free to call it a temper tantrum or some other derogatory phrase. I'm used to it because the President Elect and his supporters have referred to citizens of this country as far worse. BTW, I've had no trouble leaving the house.
  12. maasa

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    Yes, Derek was oh-so-Dreamy. Dreamy when he never told Meredith he was married while sleeping with her for months. Dreamy when he told her he was signing divorce papers then didn't. Dreamy when telling his wife he was trying with their marriage yet remaining emotionally connected to Meredith - stringing two women along is really dreamy! Dreamy when he remarked about the men she slept with after he dumped her. Dreamy when he took a bat to her engagement ring. Dreamy when he was off in DC kissing other women. Meredith did her share as well but please, Derek wasn't any less flawed than the other characters. Meredith is aware that Megan was in Owen's life, that he cheated on her and that she died. She went into their sexual relationship with this information and chose to pursue him. I'm not seeing at all how Nathan did anything wrong in relation to Meredith or Maggie thus far. I don't see he being nice to Maggie and offering her food as him flirting. From what we have seen he has been nice to people for the most part. Maggie also is not little miss innocence even if she speaks like a child when talking about sex. Let's not forget she is a department head/teacher who just stopped banging her student. I can see why Martin would be looking forward to having story with both Meredith and Maggie. He's an actor and its obvious that you get screentime and material on Grey's Anatomy if you are involved with the sisters. He was there promoting the show so of course he's going to be a cheerleader for it and all storylines. Its his job.
  13. maasa

    Promos & Sneak Peeks

    Meredith is acting like she's had a psychotic break. Its too over the top to just be a someone having a hard time 2 years after her husband passed. Maggie should have apologized for slapping Thorpe the way she did, ass.
  14. maasa

    Grey's Anatomy in the Media

    The ratings for Grey's have been stable for years regardless of whether or not the story centers on Meredith. Combine that with the fact that the ratings barely budged when Patrick/Derek left and I think that proves that the audience is invested in more than just Meredith. She barely has a relationship with half the characters on the show. She's the least central central character that I can think of on television.
  15. maasa

    Grey's Anatomy in the Media

    Katherine Heigl, at least in part, left when she did because the adoption of her daughter came through faster than originally thought. I know most on this forum will always trash her but I just can't see her as any "worse" than Dempsey for leaving. Both actors broke their contract.. Katherine stepped back a bit from acting (as she said she would), adopted a second child then increased her acting projects. Patrick supposedly left to race because its his big passion but he made a movie and is now leaving racing. Patrick sure seems to be looking for bigger things with acting too.