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  1. RomaneHvl

    Dr. Jackson Avery: Those Eyes

    I totally agree with you... He is so cute and his eyes are so wonderful ... They are bewitching !! He is my favorite character in the series .. who can don't love his eyes and his character???
  2. RomaneHvl

    S10.E24: Fear (of the Unknown)

    This episode is too baaaad!!! I'm gonna cry... I'm looking forward the new saison in French.. Christina is so lucky to go to Zurich but I don't want her to be "turn off" of the series.. I love how she explains Derek's comportment to Meredith .. It was so.... Amazing!
  3. RomaneHvl

    S11.E01: I Must Have Lost It On The Wind

    I'm so impatiente to see these news episodes !! I'm French and I have to wait to can see it in English with subtitles !! I don't know if I will resist to try to understand them just in English.. I was thinking that the saison number 10 was the last one! I'm so glade to learn that not !