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  1. Wasn't psyched about the storyline in the first half, but the second might be interesting. Watching Barry blunder the timeline knowingly isn't fun, but watching a time traveller in a desperate race to avoid a terrible future event is always fun. I doubt the show is going to kill Iris, for the frank reason that the aftermath will be a difficult mess to sift through, so I'm not worried. (As a bonus, Jon Steward demanded to KSmith that Iris should never be killed off, because apparently he's as awesome as I always assumed he'd be). LOL My thinking exactly. Not having a place to get down is a common problem for Millennials who live at home. This would be fantastic, but I can't imagine Iris would be allowed to carry a portion of an important storyline on this show. It'd be a nice surprise, but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. But who says she doesn't know what Bernard is? Theresa didn't, but nothing to say Charlotte doesn't know. I think if they wanted an older actress they would've cast one. See Maeve and Theresa, who are/were both unabashedly confident, even arrogant. Charlotte being so young tells me she's a nepotism hire, like Logan, which IMO is the point. The same species we nearly extinct by destroying their environment or for wanting their skin because it looks good, none of which having to do with evolution or survival? The consensus today is that we're not uniquely cruel or good but we're the far extreme of emotions, motivated much more strongly towards compassion and destruction. With AI it's up to debate. Are they more extreme than us in the emotional spectrum, or less so? If they're more rational they'll probably be less dangerous than we are. So it's possible Ford is worried for them getting destroyed by the terribly devastating powers of human fear.
  3. I did as well, but I still wonder how it is that no one is coming to check up on her since she has apparently ditched her narrative. Or has she? I've seen a Charlotte/Charlie theory connecting the two. I do wonder if Arnold's kid had cancer but never died and that inspired Ford to create a dead Charlie for Bernard. Otherwise the reveal was obvious since the episode we saw the actor reading Lewis Caroll with Delores, but fantastic to watch nevertheless. Do all hosts have the potential to become conscious or only the older models? Ford created Bernard, but the most complex coding was taken from Arnold, which means his coding continues past death. Because in those 15secs she gives him irrefutable proof that their existence is a joke. If anything would make a person want to screw and kill themselves, it's that.
  4. Divorced him twice too, no? I'm assuming since the Elon/Amber Heard rumors. Are we supposed to assume present-Dolores is just hanging around in the same places as past-Dolores/William and the whole thing with her seeing two of herself is her hallucinating? But that can't be, because the only reason past-Dolores was allowed to leave her loop because she was accompanied by a host. How is no one looking for present-Dolores? I hate the MiB = William theory and still hoping it won't be true. Arnold = Bernard makes a bit more sense. I'm intrigued by Arnold being the one who taught and trained Dolores. I don't have an issue with Felix and the other guy getting played by Maeve. Felix already showed he has some low key god-complex tendencies with animating that bird. He's definitely not happy with his job and wanting something more exciting, and suddenly he gets his shot. Not the smartest thing to do, but that's ego. The other one is a straight up lazy follower who would rather not have any scrutiny directed his way. My questions are with Maeve, how old of a model is she (did Arnold get in her head like he did with Dolores?) does Ford suspect anything? How come Dolores or Maeve don't get decommissioned, because Ford is being sentimental?
  5. I'm not sure what you mean by fully autonomous. There are plenty of driverless test cars out and have been for a few years, and now Uber is trying them out. When human-driven vehicles will be completely replaced by autonomous is hard to say due to societal factors above anything else, but the technology is already here and like all available tech it will advance at an exponential rate. Edit: I looked up the article, but only a preview is available without subscription. I'm not familiar with the magazine, but browsing their site, their articles are rather science-entertainment. I prefer reading or watching interviews/lectures with the experts themselves, easier way to get a variety of opinions that way, from the optimistic to the more conservative.
  6. It works for me. It falls near the range of when most experts think we'll have AI. Anyway, our current technology is like magic to people 70-80 years ago and the technology gap increases exponentially.
  7. I don't think anything about this universe suggests they're near future. For all we know the theme park isn't even located on Earth. And I'd have to disagree about the robots. As MiB explained, these AI are not made of machine parts, they're human flesh constructed via 3D printing, cloning and genetic engineering...all of which are technology we currently possess at a smaller scale. The more tricky science is achieving human level intelligence. I've been keeping up on AI development out of geeky interest and the consensus on the timeline for achieving super-intelligence via polling at various conferences seems range from 30-60years. Not so far into the future. My only issue with the technology is the use of tablets, which would likely be outdated. But then, there are many who still use pen and paper nowadays. Interesting enough, Synths on "Humans" are much more unrealistic than the hosts at Westworld. Creating human-like limbs out of inorganic mechanical parts is terribly difficult. You'd notice that robotics design have abandoned trying to make them walk or move like us, instead adapting forms that are more mechanically do-able. Self-driving cars are already here.The main issues are getting people to trust them and the ethics of whose life gets priority.
  8. I don't mind the anachronisms either, but I don't think they're mistakes so much as the kind of liberties contemporary historical romance/adventure writers take to enhance the story for their audiences pleasure. If it had been a very strict recreation to the West we know, I'd have a harder time accepting it tbh.
  9. I don't get it either. Much as I used to love the multiple versions of Wells he's long outlived his usefulness and now he's painfully boring.
  10. Whatever gave you that idea? They've made it abundantly clear that is never going to happen. She gets to be useful on the rare occasion, but when she's not Barry's love interest she doesn't exist in the narrative. She doesn't even have a room or her own living space, and even Patty got that much.
  11. TC grates lately. HR is as annoying as the stupid plot line. Why doesn't Caitlin buy some hair dye? Cutting off random chunks of hair isn't a good look. Good episode. Mirror Master is my favourite and the casting was spot on. Top was alright. I don't see how she looks remotely like JLaw other than the blond hair.
  12. I was mad when Glenn and Abe died, but that 'what if' sequence momentarily tricked me into thinking Rosita and Sasha had died too and I was livid for a second there. Not the most exciting episode, but I'm not ready to write off the season. The death delay prepared me for this blandness and shock for the sake of shock kind of season premier. I'm expecting things to improve. Echoing everyone on the superb acting.
  13. Shipping isn't about whether a relationship is working as part of the story or not though, people could ship two characters who've never met and would never make sense as a couple (could even be incompatible species...). The point is, expecting the narrative of a show to meet fans' shipping desires (often innately based on a set of appealing tropes) is recipe for a disaster. Good romances aren't necessarily shippable by the masses, and shippable romances aren't necessarily a good romance (and could ruin a perfectly fine story). Anyway, Westallen are well acted and have a large fanbase, with no substantial competition. That's as much as any show can ask for. The writing hasn't been consistently great, but that's a larger problem for the show as a whole and as far as fixing goes, Westallen fall rather low on the priority of things that need it right now. (How about giving Iris and Wally more narrative purpose? Or is that too much to ask for?)
  14. I like Valerie. She represents the pesky press side in the cops vs criminals struggle which I always wanted to see more of, and she's the first love interest of Gordon's who doesn't bore me to tears. Plus Jamie Change is gorgeous and clearly having a hella lot of fun playing her. Fish and Penguin had a great moment. I hope this means Fish is the big bad for the final arc. Not seeing the appeal of new Ivy right now.
  15. The upside down reminded me of the Magicians. I'm wondering if the monster is an experiment that went wrong, or the parallel version of 11. I didn't grow up in the 80s, but did watch ET once (and cried, a lot). Loved this show regardless, though I'm very pleased I didn't have to live my life before computers. The kids and teens really didn't have a whole lot to do before things went bad.
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