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  1. karibeth

    Show & Yell: Great Scott

    I have a question that is probably for Dave - I am listening to the podcast but I don't actually watch the show. Would it be possible for the show notes that I see in my podcast app to include who the celebrities are (like how you do the times on the regular EHG episodes)? Sometimes I don't know who they are and if I could read their names it would be helpful for pre-googling so I would have an idea before Joe and Tara start talking about them. I am enjoying the show, guys! Thank you!
  2. karibeth

    EHG 78: Scream-ing Meanies

    I am a few weeks behind, and I enjoy all of the valued guests on the show but I have to say that I love Eve's enthusiasm every time she is on.
  3. karibeth

    EHG 72: The Bachelorette's Rose-Colored Asses

    Sarah, I want to hear how many Dave Points you had before they were so cruelly stripped from you.
  4. karibeth

    EHG 68: Do They Know What Time It Is?

    Very fun episode, and good job, everyone! Except Dave, get it together, man. ;)
  5. karibeth

    EHG 51: Nonacs-travaganza!

    I liked that the three rejections came from different places that helped clarify the Nonac. I suggest that you disallow submissions from a show that is still airing episodes since I think it would be too hard to make that decision.
  6. Tara, I work in a school library and I have VHS copies of Square One in my back room that I cannot bring myself to discard. Who even has a VCR anymore? But still. I loved that show.
  7. karibeth

    EHG 45: Homeland Wants Its Spy Mommy

    I think Tara's sister should be awarded a Dave point for not laughing at her daughter's accidental obscenities. I find that to be a difficult part of parenting, so she should get some credit for it!