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  1. I think it's clear that the GOP Senate is going to do away with the filibuster to prevent Democrats from being able to obstruct the GOP agenda.
  2. I am so grateful I live in a county that went more than 2-1 for Clinton and an office where *everyone* was in mourning. People admitted that they were looking at jobs overseas, someone suggested that we open a branch in Australia just so we could all leave, we even opened a bottle of leftover champagne at lunch as a sort of wake, since America committed suicide last night. But she had a good run. I appreciate this thread. I don't feel better per se, but I just don't want to feel alone. And reading these responses, along with deciding to go to work today, has actually helped. Better to fin
  3. I am hearing that from everyone and experiencing it myself. My body is feeling the same way it did when I heard about the death of a family member or friend. Hungry but can't eat, tired but can't sleep, on the verge of tears but too shocked to cry, numb but achy at the same time. And I don't know when I will stop feeling this way. I do know that eventually I will cry and I also know that eventually I am going to get so furious. I am full of hatred for all who voted for him and all who voted for Johnson and Stein and I don't see this going away until he and Pence are gone.
  4. (small voice) I think the problem with the Solange musical bit was how turned down her vocals were. Her new album is *fantastic* and I love "Cranes In The Sky" (the song she sang with the headdress) (/small voice). I'll see myself out...
  5. Ditto to everything you said. I saw it a week or so ago (yay free screening!) and was so moved. I was not expecting it to be *that* good on every level. The movie looks beautiful and there is not one weak performance-I don't know who I would say was the best actor in it. I also liked that it showed an aspect of Miami that never gets shown and avoids typical Miami on film cliches (I've never been there). I am definitely seeing this again and will happily pay.
  6. This basically reminded me of that David Cronenberg movie Existenz with Jennifer Jason Leigh. Instead of the video game designers firing a port into the base of your skull, in that movie they fire the port into the base of your spine. I'm not into video games at all, so I can't imagine 1. agreeing to let anyone fire a vague "attachment" into my neural system for any reason, unless it was to save my life and 2. I can't see getting excited about and agreeing to play a game that fed on and exploited all my personal fears. I just could not suspend my disbelief enough to accept that. If I had
  7. If there is already a topic for this, apologies and please delete mine! I just got back from this and I *loved* it. I think it's Kaufman's most direct and moving work since Eternal Sunshine. As much as people are praising Jennifer Jason Leigh for Hateful Eight (which I have yet to see) I would be surprised if she is better in that, because she is incredible (with just her voice!) in this one. I was also impressed by Tom Noonan, and was just wondering about how much work it must have been for him to voice all those characters (he is everyone who is not Leigh or David Thewlis). I don't t
  8. I totally think Jennifer Jason Leigh will win this. She is a revered actress (other actors seem to bow down to her) who had never been nominated before, to the point that people were incredulous about it. She's been working *forever*. She comes from the movie industry and her parents are well known. She got praised for her performance and Tarantino always gives actors something to chew on. Category fraud issues for a couple of the other nominees. McAdams's role is not that big or showy (sadly that will hurt her). Winslet already has one. Just my worthless prediction...
  9. Lifetime Oscar voting rights changed... This seems fair and like a good way to get rid of some of the geriatric dead weight that gets a lot of the blame for some of the stranger/dicier/more out of touch Oscar choices in recent memory. Another way to resolve this would be to...just not care about the Oscars so much? It's subjective and it's obvious that they are a bit challenged when it comes to judging quality. So stop making it the end all be all. JMHO.
  10. I saw Vertigo for the first time last night and...I don't get the gushing praise for it. I don't even think it's Hitchcock's best movie, let alone one of the best movies ever made (critics' polls always put it in the top 10). There were obviously good elements to it-the opening credits, the music, Kim Novak's performance(s), etc...but I can't see myself enjoying watching it again. Maybe watching it again to see what I missed, but with Rear Window or Psycho, if it comes on and I catch it, I will end up watching the whole thing, no question, and be riveted all over again. I can't see myself doin
  11. yourstruly

    Carol (2015)

    The new Todd Haynes movie starring Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett. I saw it last night. All of the reviews are saying it's Haynes' best movie and...I think Far From Heaven retains that title IMHO. It's *good*, but after seeing it, I am not sharing in the rapture. The look of the movie is incredible-you are there, completely immersed in the 1950s and you buy it lock, stock and barrel. I just didn't buy the love story and it wasn't nearly as devastatingly emotional as Far From Heaven. That movie, especially the final scenes, kill me dead. This seemed more mannered and maybe *too* restrained.
  12. This is me being extra-sensitive and I honestly try not to be, but I have noticed (maybe just in my head) a strange pattern in sci-fi movies-the actors of color are more and more likely to play under heavy makeup or performance capture: see Zoe Saldana and nearly all the Nav'i in Avatar, Lupita Nyong'o in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and now, incredibly, Idris Elba in the new Star Trek: Beyond trailer. No, not kidding. http://cdn.collider.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/star-trek-3-beyond-image-21.png Someone as good looking as Idris Elba and you hide him under pounds of makeup?!?! I k
  13. As with everything else in life nowadays, there's an app for that. http://runpee.com/
  14. One of the critics who voted there hinted that that was exactly what happened.
  15. That's smart. I always thought that was done to prevent people from double dipping on one ticket.
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