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    S03. E10. #truthorconsequence

    It's a completely fair comparison if what drew you to the show was in S1 or S2. It's part of the decision fans have to make about whether they want to watch. For some folks, West Wing + Social Issues is enough. For others - not so sure. I think if the show had given me Aaron + Emily I might have been able to forgive the new format. As it is, I don't think I'll be back next season. I find myself rewatching S1 and it's just so much better. Even the campy, ridiculous plotlines are better because they are fun. The new version takes itself even more seriously (if that's possible) and is even MORE earnest - without the intense suspenseful drama of stuff blowing up every other episode (which I loved). I guess I'm just not a pure drama kind of tv watcher. I love shows with hella action, suspense and romance. This ... just isn't that anymore. They made that clear when they killed off Hannah.
  2. phoenics

    S03. E02. #slipperyslope

    There are some things I liked - but also a lot of what drew me to the show they got rid of so ... I didn't sign up for a regular West Wing show with edgy social issues. I mean - yay for a show going into social edgy issues but I signed up for 24+WestWing. Guess that's not coming back. I might have stuck around if they'd gone with Aaron and Emily but they gave us this random insta-love interest for Aaron instead. Nope. And they got rid of Chuck and Mike, Hannah still feels like she's on another show and the only compelling new character is the crazy campaign lady. Plus the plot is boring.
  3. phoenics

    S03. E03. #privacyplease.

    I mean - the show feels more grown up w.r.t. the social issues and sex. But the intrigue and suspense is pretty much gone. The writing is definitely better - but this is a brand new show. They appear to be killing off a lot of what made me like the show and I'm struggling to figure out if I'm down to watch Passions + The West Wing when I signed up for 24/WW. Hell, I'd have settled for Scandal/WW. This is neither. I do think the writing is far better - at what they are choosing to write. I just - I was looking for something else more exciting. I find myself being bored in these episodes and watching characters I care nothing about.
  4. phoenics

    S03. E10. #truthorconsequence

    I just finished. I really do have to accept that the show I loved from S1 isn't coming back. I really don't want Aaron and Isabelle and the show is tripling down on that. I don't want Emily unmoored - the show is tripling down on that. Seth seems more and more irrelevant from the main story. Everyone feels so disconnected - maybe that's because the whole season was them campaigning - but now that there is no Hannah - where's the suspense? That was my favorite part - that and the hope of an Aaron/Emily matchup. The show has successfully rebranded and remade itself into a West Wing show that talks about social issues without shying away from them. Yay. Except - that's not what I signed up for. Don't get me wrong - in the end the social issues stuff was all that kept me watching because I wasn't getting the rest of it - but it's not enough. I wanted the big, all encompassing conspiracy theories. The theme music in the intro gives that feeling and now the show doesn't deserve it anymore. It's not 24 meets the West Wing anymore. It's not even Scandal meets 24 since they killed Hannah off. Now it's Passions meets the West Wing. The ONLY redeeming thing are the social issues - but that's not enough. Okay and Aaron. But since they are still pushing the romance on me that I didn't want (Isabelle), even he's not enough.
  5. phoenics

    S03. E09. #undecided

    Emily legit broke my heart this episode. Just broke it into a million pieces. Her whole storyline has been heartwrenching.
  6. phoenics

    S03. E05. #nothingpersonal

    I have a lot more to say but I'm so irritated that they used Emily this way. I finally get Aaron and Emily and it's in the worst way. Cheating. This damn show. Worst part is that if Isabella had been there since day one, I might have liked her and Aaron. But she wasn't. And then they just forced her on me. But Adnan manages to have chemistry with every woman he shares screentime with. I'm sure I'll have more to say later, but just irritated that this show isn't what I fell in love with.
  7. phoenics

    S03. E07. #identitycrisis

    Well I guess they finally solved the issue of Hannah seeming to be on a different show. They killed her off. This show is making the choice to be a new West Wing show - so bored!
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    S03. E01. #thesystemisbroken

    So a lot of the stuff that went bad in S2 they are rectifying here, but not in a good way. The good: Love the writing being open and out front with the racial issues and not shying away from them. Love them putting Aaron Shore BACK in front where he should be - I mean - what the hell is the point of having a man that HOTT on a show for 2 seasons and this is the FIRST time we've seen him shirtless? Campaign lady from Transformers is hilarious. I see her and think "Hey!!! Duck and cover!" LOL. The bad: I hate how they've tossed all of these new characters at us and barely acknowledged the ones who left. Hannah still seems like she's on another show. The tension and awesomeness of S1 is gone completely - that season I could NOT stop watching - it was so gripping... Also - I don't like the insta-relationship with Aaron and Isabella. I didn't get to "fall" for them at all. It was just forced on me and I'm mad because I have been shipping Emily and Aaron from day one. Aaron shirtless = good. The rest? Whatever. I really haven't warmed to Anthony Edward's character either. The Whatever: I guess I have to accept that the brilliant show I loved from S1 isn't coming back and neither are any of the set ups they did there. I am mad that they just dropped Emily and Aaron - because it makes NO SENSE to just drop something that had such promise and then leave Aaron single for 2 whole seasons - WTF. And then when they DO pair him with someone and bring him back to the forefront, they give him an insta-relationship with some brand new chick who IS NOT EMILY!! I'm still mad, lol. I didn't sign up for this West Wing kinda show - I signed up for the awesomeness we got in S1. The unforgiveable: Where the hell is MIKE?!?!
  9. phoenics

    S05.E22: Legacy

    The last 15-20 mins of the episode were amazing. I didn't know this show could still make me emotional, but I was in a shambles after Nora got erased. That was emotional AF. Hated Cisco giving up his powers (and hate it even more if Cisco's not gonna be on the show WTF!), but I suspect that whatever is going on with the Crisis is the reason why. Cisco would probably be able to fix whatever is going on so they needed his powers erased. So much for KF being the key to stopping Cicada. She eats floor every time they face off. LOVED that Captain Singh knew that Barry was The Flash all along. I hope he'll still pop up from time to time. I love PS. Candice Patton and Grant Gustin are amazing in their roles. They made me emotional.
  10. phoenics

    S05.E18: The Roughest Day

    So I must be the only one who really enjoyed the back half of this season. I hadn't watched any of the last 10 episodes and then I binged them all over 2 nights. Even I was surprised at how good it was and how drawn in I was. I haven't kept up with the news at all about this show so I really thought that Andre was a goner. I really thought he'd be killed off. I figured out in the finale that Kingsley would end up in the casket and his heart going to Andre. I found his story very compelling and wish they could have found a way to keep him on the show - having him bond with Andre and Keem and then Jamal coming back to feeling displaced wouldv'e been great. The actors on this show truly, truly brought it - I was in a shambles for the last 3 episodes - crying constantly, etc.. I think when you don't dissect this show to death and just watch it in a fast binge like I did, it hangs together very well... The last 4 episodes for me were amazing - and the twists did not go how I was thinking they'd go at all. I hope the show doesn't get canceled. After the whole jussie thing, I couldn't bring myself to watch and boy do I feel stupid now - because that was some damn good television. It was definitely heavy on the dramatic side and less of a guilty pleasure - but that didn't make it any less good. My only sadness is that Kingsley is gone. I liked him and wanted to see a redemption arc. I thought Cookie/Lucious was AMAZING and Andre/Terri and that whole cancer/heart storyline ripped my heart out. I'm still in a shambles with my heart in my throat. So - sorry to all the folks who are over Empire - but I'm still with it. LOVE it and the show has gotten SO much better than season one with it's burn through plots and paper thin characterizations (apart from the main Lyons). I don't know if the writers changed, but that's made this show better imo. All of the "Tyler Perry-esque" plotlines? Gone. Now we have nuance where there was once dramatics and plot drivenness. Again - my ONLY beef is with Kingsley being gone.
  11. phoenics

    Roswell, New Mexico: In the Media

    Exactly. She's just SO determined to show her preference that it really irritates me. I just feel doomed shipping Michael&Maria and I fear for Maria's safety with the fandom. Carina is just SO problematic to me.
  12. phoenics

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    Barry cut Nora out of his life forever. I can see how that would hurt anyone - especially if the person cutting you out is your dad, whom you idolize. Barry talked a good game about people being given second chances but when Nora needed one, instead he showed that only applied to villains who tried to kill Iris and Cecile. Those he has "second chances for". But not his own daughter? Wow, Barry! I'm not sure what Nora is supposed to do with that other than believe her father no longer loves her - which would wreck anyone. It's daddy issues ramped up to a million. This isn't the same as Nora being temporarily sent to her room to "think about what she's done". This is her father cutting her out of his life. ForEVER. And of course Barry has a right to his feelings - but he's still a dad. Yeah - time travel makes that complicated but he's a dad. Barry needs to learn that as a parent - sometimes you have to put your own hurt feelings aside for the good of your family. And it honestly shouldn't matter whether Barry sees himself as a father. He is. Nora IS his daughter. His actions - whether he believes he's a father or not - can still cause pain. Nora's turn to the darkside is partially on him too.
  13. phoenics

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    Agreed with everything above, especially the part in bold. That's how I saw it too and I thought the dialogue did a really poor job of getting this across for "drama" sake. But CP and GG brought the fire with that scene - it made the Cait/Carla argument look particularly bad in comparison. I remember feeling very upset/stomachache/sad/worried during Barry/Iris' fight and only cringed during the Cait/Carla argument. It just fell flat because of the way the actors delivered it - although Carla got in a few dry wit one liners that were funny in a dark way.
  14. phoenics

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    Well the show did fire the Helbing brothers as EP/Showrunners, and brought Eric Wallace in as Showrunner, so there's that...
  15. phoenics

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    Dumping her there, knowing that would be the last time she ever saw him and that essentially he's leaving her there with him presumably hating her enough to dump her there and that her father that she's idolized and looked up to may not love her anymore - that's just harsh. Especially since she can't fix it. She can't make up for it. At all. He's just done with her? What kind of father is that? It's not that he put her back in her time. It's that he put her there and wouldn't even let her try to explain - he didn't listen - he just unilaterally made a choice to take her back. She didn't get to say goodbye to her mother and he didn't even tell her that he still loved her. This was 1 million times worse than any "I'm so disappointed in you" comments I ever got from my dad. I can't believe I'm defending Nora - and yes that is her time - but dumping her back there under those circumstances was unspeakably cruel of Barry. Especially given how he instantly welcomed KF into the fold with no proof of whether she'd go off half cocked and try to kill Cecile or his wife again. Especially given how he himself has worked with Thawne. Especially given how he's worked with other villains. This isn't some Team Flash member - that's his daughter. She deserved more consideration than that - even if she is stupid AF. Nora deserved to be side eyed and Barry deserved answers. He got neither by reacting the way that he did and honestly looks like a horrible parent. Iris was right, come to think of it. Barry needs to put aside his butthurt feelings about Nora/Thawne and focus on saving his family. Even above his own feelings. Yes, his feelings are valid - but his reaction was not.
  16. phoenics

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    I have to say though - the Cicada storyline now feels like an inconvenient distraction from the more interesting Thawne/Nora/Iris/Barry storyline.
  17. phoenics

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    So - I'm just saying - the Barry and Iris scene of them making up should have gone something like this: Iris: Did we just make up? Barry: Yes <they stare intensely at each other and then go at it, kissing and pulling at each other's clothes until they fall onto the couch and out of view.> Ta da! Nora is conceived. Or Dawn/Don since I really think Nora wipes herself out of existence.
  18. phoenics

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    I agree whole heartedly with this - but most ESPECIALLY the part in bold. When you put it that way, it really does make Barry look really really mean as a father. I get he's upset - but this makes him look awful and cruel - not to mention reveals him as a giant hypocrite, since he worked with Thawne - twice. LMAO!!! Good one!
  19. phoenics

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    I have a feeling if this show gets renewed - I'm gonna hate Season 2.
  20. phoenics

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    I agree that your scenario makes more sense and gives more cover for this - but it's clear that Carina did the story this way because she wanted to establish Malex as endgame first before showing us M&M (because I think she was worried fans would flock to them - because 1) their chemistry is off the charts and 2) they are book/OG canon with a huge fanbase). I also believe Carina doesn't mind if her racebent Maria ends up as collateral damage to her fave couple. I have a lot of anger towards Carina for this because she's set things up for things to go so badly for Maria and I don't trust her to make it right. She's shown a clear bias for lifting up her same-sex couple at the expense of everything else (not realizing that having Maria be black and with Michael was groundbreaking too) that I'm annoyed. I hate the Oppression Olympics she's making us play.
  21. phoenics

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    Carina really talks out of both sides of her mouth - and she really doesn't understand the impact this is gonna have on part of the fandom's reaction to Maria. She's really trying to have her cake and eat it too - and setting Maria&Michael fans up for bleak disappointment. She's definitely decided that same-sex > bi-racial relationships in terms of importance for her with M/M/A - you can see that come through in her words and the writing. I'm so tired of tokenism in race-bent stories. Oh and she "accidentally" sidelined HH? Bitch please - that was no accident.
  22. phoenics

    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    I am forced to agree. And yes - it's pretty bad that Iris' love means zilch to Nora - she cracks and goes Reverse because her father doesn't forgive her? What a patriarchal and sexist storyline. But - Nora going back to Thawne was just wrong - you'd think she would have gone back and talked to her mother - because now that she's changed the past - Future Iris would have been the right person to talk to but noooooo she goes to Thawne? Yikes. The writers should have made Nora a teenager - that's the only explanation for this out of control behavior and stunted maturity of Nora's. The writers really don't know how to characterize subtly - everything is a sledgehammer. They did the same mistakes with Wally, Ralph and now Nora - they literally go overboard with the exaggerated character traits - then realize they messed up - and then finally go back to fix them. How crazy is it that I love Ralph now? Also - can this be the end of the whole Snow Family Drama? That part really made the episode drag for me - I kept wanting to go back to Iris/Nora/Ralph/Thawne/Barry. I just realized that's exactly the storyline we got. *sighs* These writers really did run out of ideas. Eric Wallace has his work cut out for him.
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    S05.E19: Snow Pack

    This is the first episode where I think I've liked nearly every comment you guys have left. I agree with it all. I thought Iris was right in how she felt and Barry was right in how he felt. I think they both reacted somewhat emotionally - though I still think Barry was the worst because he really did all that without even talking to Iris. I felt Iris' pain on that one. But Thawne killed his mother - of course Barry is struggling to see past that and past Nora's involvement. But still - banishing Nora like that was just ... really awful for a father to do to his daughter. I think that the writers should have had Iris hit Barry between the eyes with "You yourself worked with Thawne! So how is it so wrong for Nora to do that when she was just doing it to meet you and spend time with you?" I also think Barry was 1000% right when he said that Thawne was manipulating Nora. But - weirdly - I also think Thawne wants WA to stay together - maybe Nora does something to free him in the future - so if WA aren't together, then Nora is wiped from existence? He's definitely up to something. Loved Iris' line about Thawne staying away from Nora or else he wouldn't make it to his execution - that was a mama bear line right there, lol. Thawne being all Team WestAllen was a bit weird and creepy. And finally - I love Ralph for his "You guys are like Harry & Meghan - the Royal Couple of Superheroes!" or something like that, lol. Given my stanning of H&M, I squealed. Nora turned RXS was like whaaaaaaattttt?????!!!!
  24. phoenics

    S01.E13: Recovering the Satellites

    I just need to say that Michael and Maria have amazing - SCORCHING - chemistry. And that Max/Liz love scene with them connecting was awesome - but a missed opportunity to show flashes. This show keeps missing opportunities to really sell the magic. It really is a pale imitation of a pale imitation of OG Roswell. And no way is Max Evans dead for good.