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  1. neighsayer

    S14.E07: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

    Am I the only one who wanted the interns in the hallway to say, "Who here feels like they have no idea what they're doing?" and then all the hands go up . . . I was seriously waiting for that until Mer and Alex came in and said "Scram this is our spot." Which was also awesome.
  2. neighsayer

    S07.E12: The Other C Word

    I thought Chris had the most insightful remark of the entire show during his TH, when he said (about Melissa and Teresa), "Neither one of them gives a $h*t about Jaclyn." Exactly. And Jaclyn knows it and it makes her crazy. I wonder how she felt watching her husband say that.
  3. neighsayer

    S01.E18: Soon

    When is this dreck going to be over??? I have to watch through the season finale or I will never get over the guilt of having wasted so many hours of my life on this. But I am having such a hard time staying with it--this is the most convoluted nonsensical show I have ever seen and that is saying a lot bc I am no armchair TV critic to begin with.
  4. neighsayer

    S04.E20: Push Comes To Shove

    Stassi's TH's were everything.
  5. neighsayer

    S04.E05: Chapter 44

    I read an article a while ago (can't seem to find it) that talked about how the cameramen use filters to give it that yellow-ish gray-ish look at all times. It is meant to be a subtle way to reinforce how cold and dark everything is (both physically and in the soul).
  6. neighsayer

    S04.E18: Too Little, Too Late

    Quote of the Night: Tom: "Katie is the Shakespeare of rage texting." Laughed my ass off.
  7. Theresa ... why do you say you took what the judge said to heart, and you are going to try to be a better person, if YOU DID NOTHING WRONG? She is the tool that didn't even pass muster to be housed in the shed.
  8. I hope the judge is watching this. If she is, she is probably going to excoriate the AUSA'S at the next civil servant potluck. "How could you let these con artists even take a plea?"
  9. I finally signed up just to post. Have been a loyal reader of TWOP and PTV. All I can say is WHAT A BUNCH OF HORSESHIT!!!!! (Can I get banned for swearing here?) I knew it. I knew she was going to say what do you mean, I had no idea what was happening, I trusted my lawyers, etc. I mean, I KNEW IT! BUT I AM STILL STUNNED BY IT. EVERYTHING COMING OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS IS CRAP!!!! (Sorry for the massive vent)