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  1. This is what MJ did in Season 8, and why she's the most vile person on this show by a mile. Because she demands to be the #1 person in Reza's life (no exceptions), she saw some things that she felt she could turn into a rumor/proof that Reza's husband was cheating on him. She orchestrated and pushed this story so that Reza would be pissed at Adam and hopefully leave him since Adam was getting FAR too much attention in Reza's life. This all happened while she was pregnant. So in the middle of this happening, she has a horrible birth and everything goes wrong, her life was in danger, etc,
  2. I wish someone would finally call MJ out for her fundamental flaw. She cannot stand to be anything but the #1 person in Reza's life. Her jealousy is just plain ridiculous. Anytime Reza would close to Asa, GG, or anyone, MJ would, after lashing out, orchestrate events to ruin Reza's relationship with X. Unfortunately even Reza's husband is not exempt as even THAT bothers her. It's the most mentally unhealthy trait i've ever seen in a person. But look season after season this is what she does and i wish the other shahs would correctly recognize this and call her out to her face, so people
  3. The consistent theme of this show is most of the Guys and their families literally having no concept of what the girls are giving up and sacrificing to be in the US. And Jonathan's mother is the dirt worst at that. unfortunately i think it has a lot to do with them seeing these Latina girls as animals or statistics instead of fully functioned people and their view of foreigners is people huddling around huts hating Americans and dreaming about tricking their way in. But Mr. Self-Centered Jonathan going on how unfair Fernada was for not letting him have a drink for 45 minutes after working 1
  4. Here's the overall problem. Kalani got knocked up by a guy she met on vacation. So in return, this guy moved to another country to take care of this baby, wants to marry her, be with her forever and have even MORE children. And in exchange this f'd up family treats him like Satan. Did I miss the point where a man wanting to take responsibility and altering his life to be with a woman and new child is the WRONG thing to do??? would this family of miscreants prefer he ignore, deny the baby is his, not want to touch her and not want to be in the baby's life??? I'll tell you why, becaus
  5. Past couple seasons have been weak and this finale was like the Mad Men finale, glad it's over because it needed to be put down. What a great moral for this show: Donna screws over everyone and wins. She cheats on Gordon multiple times, she lies to Diane and screws her in the Mutiny IPO situation and even though it tanks she still ends up with an executive job w/the new company. Then she steals Gordon and Joe's idea for a search engine and somehow acquires Cameron's algorithm for Rover so they win and she gets a slap on the wrist, she almost kills Boz, and then Diane rewards her
  6. Mike. Evidently sleeps around a lot and at least Reza seems very aware of it. Likely wanted to marry Jessica figuring it might "cure" or ground him. Also probably figured a wife might improve his career since he doesn't seem to be very good at selling real estate. Golnesa. She's a female stud who plows through bad boys, because she's the biggest badass walking. She's a pit bull that everyone is afraid of physically or verbally. She's so hard yet she has a vulnerable side that the right guy can reach. Yeah, right! Golnesa is the biggest phony, the biggest faker. She thinks she's al
  7. Think about it guys. GG has all the leverage. Mike was engaged and is now married. If Mike banged GG or they came anywhere close to it, what can he possibly say without outright admitting to his wife that he had sex with GG or almost did. Either way Jessica would have every right to Asifa the crap out of Mike for 7 years. So Mike has to sit there while GG unleashes on him with her stupid noises and faces, and as wonderful as it would be for those of us who hate GG for him to reveal that GG had willing consensual sex with him, which would vindicate himself to Asa and all the others, it wou
  8. This is what frustrates me about this show, and now the reunion. Why won't anyone call out Golnesa on her obsession with Mike, and if this "hook-up" was so one-sided why was she giggling, laughing and snuggling and most importantly, WHY THE F WAS SHE IN A HOTEL ROOM ALONE WITH MIKE IF SHE WAS SO UN-INTERESTED. It frustrates me to no end that no one is asking her these questions or pointing out that she failed her 1st lie detector test. It is painfully obvious to me that GG has carried a torch for Mike ever since he dated her sister decades ago and the source of all her frustration is t
  9. I'm done with this show, the unlikablilty of the entire cast has gotten out of control, and I fell like the bad guys are "winning" somehow, when I realize there are no good guys (except Sherwin) GG. A lifetime brat who thinks people think she's tough, cool, and a "player", when she actually has major emotional issues most notably her pining after Mike for a decade and one she finally gets him drunk, alone, and far enough away from Jessica, she uses that to punish Mike for rejecting her all these years. MJ.Is so miserable that her greatest joy is finding creative ways to ruin her friends' rel
  10. I don't think Raylan getting grazed was because of a hat miscalculation, rather proof that Raylan was actually faster. If you assume both men have perfect aim, that means the only way Boon misses is if Raylan actually fired first in the heart, and that impact was enough to throw Boon's aim an inch too high, hence grazing Raylan's skull. Raylan is still the fastest draw in the west!!!!!
  11. No but I believe that GG was handed the opportunity of a lifetime, something she's waited YEARS for, Mike to finally make a real pass at her. And now that that glorious day has finally arrived she is milking it for all it's worth and causing as much damage and havoc, and most of all, attention as can be had. And even if there was a 3D video of Mike doing it with GG, Jessica will not break off the engagement. In her mind, she's put in way too much work including converting to Jewish when she clearly couldn't care less for Judaism, and putting up with Mike's friends who are rude, crude, pe
  12. Mike is definitely lying/covering up what happened in Turkey but the situation is SO much bigger then whether or not Mike did anything. 1. Is GG's beef that Mike assaulted her or was unfaithful? At first she seemed to imply a crime was committed, but that was likely a way to make sure she got the desired amount of attention from her friends, which is her pattern. At some point it shifted completely to him being unfaithful. Which leads us to this: 2. Why is she so deadset on telling the world Mike was attempting to cheat on his girlfriend? because guys cheated on her? BS! She's k
  13. Boy if that ain't the truth. It's like they take turns being despicable. So far Shervin is the only guy who has yet to show unlikable traits. Hopefully that sticks and isn't just a once we get to know him, his "real" personality comes out or something.
  14. Jamie & Doug. Everything about Jamie and Doug is exactly the stages of an arranged marriage. LIke everything. This almost seemed like an experiment by the "experts" to see if they could get an attractive woman to stay married to unattractive guy who wasn't rich. The key to the compatibility is that Jamie has so many personal problems and is therefore the most insecure person in the world, that at some point she became more worried that he wouldn't like her, and that's when she was locked in. If not for her issues and for her express request for a guy with a big family this wouldn't ha
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