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    Thank you. If you hadn't told me it was there, I wouldn't have found it. The font is so tiny. Thank you.
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    My FBI Most Wanted link is gone from my homepage and when I search for it, I get nothing. Can someone please post a link?
  3. I started watching S1 and so far I'm loving it. I'm up to E6 now. I just love being able to FF through the commercials.
  4. I think writers who create an episode about a "secret' and never let the viewers know it is bad writing and just plain dumb. I expect more and didn't like this episode at all.
  5. I love apples and cheddar cheese. I hope Shota wins too!
  6. I recorded it too and was planning to watch this weekend. I hope it's worth the time and effort.
  7. I don't think they should be able to advertise any prescription medicine. I don't mind commercials for Advil, Tylenol, Claritin, etc. but meds that require a doctor's prescription should not be allowed. I don't know if NeuroQ requires a prescription or not but I think the many brain supplement ads are targeting aging boomers. It's always all about money.
  8. It stood out because ad agencies haven't been using stick thin models for a while now.
  9. Yes! That's the one! It's monumentally stupid and her stupid smile makes it worse.
  10. The Paragard IUD commercial annoys me to no end. Who sings and dances because they got an IUD? The "star" of that commercial is a young woman weighing about 18 pounds prancing around in a yellow dress that has to be a size 0.
  11. That's what I do. I hire a gutter cleaning service because they're insured. I don't want to use the landscaper's guys or the handymen who advertise in the local paper because if they fall off the ladder or my roof, they're going to sue me. An insured gutter cleaning service has their own insurance. ETA: I had trouble posting that link but you can find it by searching for leaf guard reviews. The website is pissedconsumer.com
  12. I don't have Leaf Guard but a woman in my office does/did. She hated it and recently had it removed. Here's a link to customer reviews: https://leafguard.pissedconsumer.com/review.html?starRating=1
  13. I'm in total agreement as well. I hated Jackie Gleason and never could understand what anyone thought was funny or even mildly amusing about The Honeymooners.
  14. Thanks! I'm looking forward to it. Me too! I've never seen the Gabby episodes I read about here. I did see her briefly on Chicago PD reruns and only once when she came back to visit and mess with Matt's head on CFD.
  15. Thanks for posting; I thought I imagined it. I wasn't actually watching the TV. I had the TV on in the kitchen while I was puttering around. I remember thinking that I must be mistaken because "they" wouldn't put a hairy armpit on TV.
  16. Thank you! I never saw them.
  17. I haven't watched in a long time because I got sick of the endless motorcycle hunts. I'm not sure what happened to Frank. I saw a blurb about him quitting but I was at work and didn't read it.
  18. I love Jamie! The commercial with him in the car was supposed to be ridiculous. He was there monitoring her driving until she finds out there's an app to do it. It's one of those safe driver discount thingeys. The only progressive commercials I hated were the ones with the guy twirling a sign.
  19. Will Yellowstone Premiere After The Olympics? According to Carter Matt that's a possibility https://cartermatt.com/440897/yellowstone-season-4-should-we-expect-a-premiere-date-delay/
  20. Thank you. That's good to know!
  21. I don't recall the name of it but she opted for some kind of surgical procedure which excluded her as a candidate for the drug trial. ETA: I should say know-it-all Natalie decided she should have the procedure.
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