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    How Far is Tattoo Far?

    One thing I've noticed is that the MTV "reality stars" who go on this show tend to be less harsh with each other (though some definitely pushed the boundary). Whereas some of the "regular" people were absolutely savage. It almost makes me wonder if MTV is screening these people for a future Rivals/Vendettas season of the Challenge.
  2. MTV reality show currently on air & in its 2nd season. Description from MTV's website: "Hosted by Nico Tortorella, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Justina Valentine, How Far Is Tattoo Far? puts relationships to the ultimate test of trust by asking pairs of friends, family members and couples to design tattoos for each other that won’t be revealed until after they’ve been permanently inked. This season goes even farther with crazier stories, cringier tats and more celebrity clients."
  3. zenithwit

    How Far is Tattoo Far?

    Has anyone watched this show? I'm still trying to wrap my head around why anyone would agree to go on this show.
  4. zenithwit

    S11.E14: Grand Finale

    I knew Brooke won when the show cut from one of Silky's 438 reveals to show Brooke's handstand. 😂 I'm also really happy for Nina West. I think finally making it on the show meant a lot for her. So I'm glad that she gets to join this exclusive club.
  5. zenithwit

    S11.E14: Grand Finale

    Congrats to Yvie! Also, congrats to Nina West on Miss Congeniality! In general, I think Sasha Velour has ruined all Finale lip syncs and it may be some time until we have another one at her level. But overall, I appreciated this one. I thought Yvie's headpiece was gorgeous and created a beautiful, subtle reveal. But I also liked Brooke Lynn's sarcastic and not so subtle nod to all of the reveals that happen during these finales. While it was close, I think Ru made the right decision.
  6. zenithwit

    S11.E14: Grand Finale

    Sooo.... Silky picking Brooke Lynn in the first round had to be some sort of crazy producer manipulations in order to get a Brooke Lynn v Yvie F2, right?
  7. zenithwit

    The Bold Type

    Should we start taking bets on whether Kat actually wins this election? My vote is on no... it just seems way too convenient from a storytelling perspective to have Kat lose in order to have to go back to Adena & Scarlet. Maybe they'll send it to a recount to drag out the drama? Oh! And then maybe this will give a scorned Tia a reason to write an exposé piece on Kat next season? Never would happened (considering that this show's take on #MeToo was a subplot) but that could be an interesting angle. Speaking of #MeToo, it feels like the abusive photographer is based on Terry Richardson with the "twist" that the photographer is female (and therefore I guess no sexual harassment?). I almost rather the show would have gone with a Terry Richardson 2.0 route so that we would have a more clear cut "bad guy".
  8. zenithwit

    S11.E12: Queens Everywhere

    I really don't think Ru will let Silky beyond the F4. She has to know that Silky is not a popular character. Plus, Drag Race has become a cash cow for Ru so I doubt she wants any controversial winners at this point. I think we have a 50/50 shot of seeing an Yvie vs Brooke F2. For the first round, if Yvie/Brooke/Akeira get selected, I bet they would pick Silky (after her poor showing). If Silky is selected, I'm guessing she'll pick Akeira but I could be wrong. Also, Akeira is a wild card in this. She doesn't seem to move as well as Yvie and Brooke but maybe she has a couple tricks up her sleeves? (Hopefully not butterflies)
  9. zenithwit

    Teen Mom: Young Moms Club

    Seriously whoever edited this show deserves an award. Or at least teach a master class. I'm in awe of how they used the exact same scenes/conversations and made them look completely different. I'm curious if The Dirty stuff will come up in a future episode. It could be a way to make Nicole look sympathetic?
  10. zenithwit

    The Bold Type

    This is welcomed news... especially as the show is about to recycle a storyline with Kat and her campaign manager. Also, who is able to disappear for hours on their first day?
  11. zenithwit

    S11.E11: Bring Back My Queens!

    Noooo!!!!! I love Nina West! Ok, to be fair, "Meh" was an accurate description of the lip sync but there is no way Silky beat Nina. That was clearly a producer-driven decision. Also, why were the eliminated queens asked their opinions about who should go home? (besides to create drama for Untucked) That just seemed odd.
  12. zenithwit

    S11.E09: L.A.D.P.!

    I think one of the issues with both Silky/Shuga's and Brooke/Nina's skits was that they started off with the cops meeting the more outlandish character (i.e. Silky & Brooke) first. It almost feels like you could apply the complaint for Vanjie (that she starts at 10 and has nowhere to go) to both of these scenes. By having Fortune & Cheyenne meet the "crazier" character first, the scene didn't have much room for growth. And then by inducing the more "straight" uptight character mid-scene, the tempo dropped slightly. They should have started with Fortune & Cheyenne meeting the more "straight" character (i.e. the person who registered the complaint) first and then introduced the other character. This would have helped build the scene and overall storytelling. Then again maybe those scenes didn't need a conservative/uptight character at all? For example: what if both Nina and Brooke were the nudist neighbors? Not sure how much control the queens have over their characterizations but perhaps Nina/Shuga would have benefited if their roles were defined differently?
  13. zenithwit

    S11.E09: L.A.D.P.!

    Yeah, those reads were super disappointing. I think there were only one or two that were decent? And even those wouldn't make one of those "best reads of all time" supercut videos on Youtube. I think the guest judges have been helping both Silky and Vanjie. For each guest judge, their episode is their first exposure to Silky and Vanjie - who are genuinely entertaining queens. But Ru and Michelle are able to see Silky's and Vanjie's weaknesses and how they are not improving at the same rate as the other queens. Unless Shuga can pull a rabbit out of the hat next week (pun 100% intended), I think we'll have Silky and Vanjie for a couple more episodes. At the moment, my personal top 4 are: Yvie, Brooke, A'Keira and Nina. While I doubt Nina will make the top 4, I think the other 3 are pretty strong contenders for the crown.
  14. zenithwit

    World Of Dance

    So the Kings clearly have a thing for the Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. This is the second one of his songs that they have done (with their Duels "Malhari" performance being the first one). However, I don't think this performance was as successful as their prior appearances. One of the things that made their Duels performance so strong was how well they blended the Bollywood style with the more hip hop/street styles. Whereas their performance from this week was more 90% street and 10% Bollywood. Which is a shame because their source material for this week was so rich (I think in the end they only referenced one or two of the moves from the song). For anyone that is curious, here is the Bollywood song that the Kings used as inspiration this week: https://youtu.be/sIooFGRBZJY
  15. zenithwit

    Selling Sunset

    I think it's clear that the others are either jealous/intimated by Chrishell (since she clearly runs in more elite circles) or they recognized that Chrishell will likely get more air time. So picking a fight with her will give them more air time. As for Davina, I think there is a reason that she was casted as a secondary character. While she brings a lot of drama, she doesn't have much of a personality on screen (or at least her personality isn't translating well). Christine is clearly the more entertaining villain out of the two. While I agree with everyone that Chrishell shouldn't have criticized Davina about missing the charity event, I did lol at Davina's excuse that she was at Burning Man. I thought Burning Man had become too mainstream and no one cool goes there anymore. Then again, maybe that's why Davina was there lol? It looks like the agency has several more employees (including other male realtors). And of course, all of them look like former models. Maybe we'll get see some more of them on a future season?
  16. zenithwit

    Teen Mom: Young Moms Club

    Thanks for the update! Nothing better than a trashy reality show that requires zero brain cells to process.
  17. zenithwit

    World Of Dance

    One thing that was interesting about the Kings' performance is how they incorporated moves from their source material into their performance. But clearly, none of the judges are familiar with Bollywood (Derek didn't even know how to pronounce it). So they had no clue just how layered and nuanced the Kings' choreography was. For anyone that is interested, the Kings danced to a remixed version of "Malhari" (from the movie Bajirao Mastani): https://youtu.be/l_MyUGq7pgs
  18. zenithwit

    World Of Dance

    I'm assuming the "it's not a duel piece" is just Ne-Yo's go to critique when he doesn't like a performer but doesn't have any constructive feedback to give them.
  19. zenithwit

    S11.E03: Diva Worship

    Wouldn't it be funny if Ru had fed false information about Mariah Carey to the team? I'm not a big Mariah Carey fan and even I knew more about her than the drag queens. In other news, looks like Silky and Yvie are fighting for the Vixen spot on Untucked.
  20. zenithwit

    S11.E01: Whatcha Unpackin?

    I know Soju deserved to be in the bottom and didn't perform as well as Kahanna but I was still sad about her elimination. I really enjoyed her personality and thought she had an interesting view of point. Also, I thought her makeup in her promo look was really pretty. Similar to Soju, I have a feeling that Mercedes is not long for this show. Hopefully both will be able to use their newly-formed Drag Race connections and post-show gigs to improve.
  21. zenithwit

    World Of Dance

    I'm new to this show but follow a bunch of dancers on Instagram so I'm familiar with a few of the contestants. One of the contestants I follow is Charlize. So I was really surprised to see Charlize paired up with Julian because I don't recall seeing them perform together regularly (unlike Kaycee and Sean). I think it was evident that they don't regularly work with each other - though I guess they are able bridge part of that gap with their industry experience.
  22. zenithwit

    S33.E03: Casualties of War

    Bananas curse continues?
  23. zenithwit

    S33.E01: Apocalypse Now

    I'm excited that half of this season's cast are fresh faces to the Challenge. Hopefully this means that we'll finally start to see some new strategy and that 90% of the show will not be rehashing old drama (though I'm not holding my breath on that one). It's funny how the last place finishers in the first challenge were a Big Brother winner and a Big Brother runner up (from different seasons). Though I guess it's not that funny since both were considered to have been carried to the end by stronger players.
  24. Just tuning into the feeds now but Jokers is reporting that Ricky is wearing the HOH key.
  25. Looks like Tom was thoroughly enjoying that special Gallagher veto comp while everyone else was covering their eyes. Hopefully he was paying attention and not just laughing along. ETA - welp, nevermind... Lolo won veto and Tom was in last place lol.