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  1. TaxNerd

    Joy and Austin: This One Time At Family Camp

    Fully agree. It smells like they are a photo prop in their parents' agenda.
  2. TaxNerd

    S06.E06: A Salt and Battery

  3. TaxNerd

    S06.E06: A Salt and Battery

    The idea of Ms. Pat sitting in Costco flipping through those vacation and water heater pamphlets cracks me up.
  4. TaxNerd

    S06.E06: A Salt and Battery

    Cameron's biggest issue is that she can't break the fourth wall and talk about the show. Why shouldn't she use daycare? She makes a six figure yearly salary at her job on the show. She also does all the voiceovers for the show, so is Palmer supposed to run around unsupervised? I'm sure she get plenty of offers where even if she uses an manager, she still has to keep a finger on the pulse, plus interviews, etc. Without mentioning the show it seems like she has to justify child care when of course she is overwhelmed. Plus I admire anyone who reaches out for help for their own mental health. That is admirable, not something to be ashamed of.
  5. TaxNerd

    Joy and Austin: This One Time At Family Camp

    That's the one class that sounded interesting, but in the context it's probably something along the lines of telling the women it's their job to acquiesce.
  6. TaxNerd

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    On Demand, the "What They Saw" episode is 59:48 long. Rearranging the interviews somewhat: Around 38:30: Male detective, day of murder (audio) Was Momma screaming, or Daddy screaming or hollering? Nobody was screaming or nothing? At around 37:40, interview five days earlier than the first interview that aired: Did you hear anything when Daddy was inside? I didn't hear nothing The first interview aired, which is the last shown in the actual timeline, starts around 26:00. At 27:30 the forensic interview is really ignoring laughing and pushing screaming. They should know better, as a good defense attorney would rip the interview to pieces: What'd you hear? Uh laughing, some almost screaming You heard screaming? Uh huh Yeah? Tell me, did you hear, were they just saying, like, screaming noises or something else? Like like laughing screaming The say yes part is yet another interviewer: 39:09 (audio) You remember that? Wispered- say yes. I mean do you remember that? It does seem like the wispered say yes was likely a prompt to say the answer out loud, but they should know better and just ask them to verbalize their answer because a defense attorney could use "say yes" as evidence of coaching. At least three intense interviewers, over four occasions and to me it seems like the story evolves. A kindergartner goes from doesn't remember to an elaborate story about getting out of the car twice, seeing Daddy through the mail slot twice, one time where Dad sees the daughter and tells her to get back in the car, and another time where she sees him holding a white bottle. Those poor children.
  7. TaxNerd

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    It was on video, and the "just say yes" was very under her breath and said very quickly between two questions. There was also a man who was pushing the screaming question. I can't remember exactly but something like was there screaming? And the kids said laughing and he said laughing or screaming? Overall very coached. I thought by the end that he did it, but I would have thrown out the kids' testimony and without that, not enough to convict. I wouldn't be totally shocked if someone else did it, but no one on his side mentioned looking for the real killer either. The real shame was him trying to get custody. Even if he's innocent, those kids have been poisoned to think they heard him kill their Mother and it is not in their best interest to uproot their lives to live with him. And he didn't care that it wasn't in their best interest either.
  8. TaxNerd

    S07.E27: I Choose You

    To paraphrase Arrested Development, one month starting the next month but we'll use 31 days even though it's a 30 day month
  9. I was curious about that too, as it looks like a pic from July 4th. She threw in a line about getting donated miles for a Christmas visit, so maybe it was a last minute subtle donation hint/reminder that Nurie is still available.
  10. TaxNerd

    S07.E25: New G's Meet the Old G's

    @Calm81 I am a numbers geek and always appreciate you posting the (declining) ratings each week. Saw this on Reddit and I think you will get your prediction! Monday 11/5/18 • Real Housewives of Orange County 9:00 PM • 1,341,000 viewers (-0.3% from last episode) • 0.52 18-49 demographic (+6.1% from last episode) • No. 5 show of the night on cable • The Voice 8:00 PM • 9,034,000 viewers- 1.80 18-49 demographic • No. 2 show of the night • Manifest 10:00 PM • 6,278,000 viewers- 1.20 18-49 demographic • No. 3 show of the night • 911 9:00 PM • 5,586,000 viewers- 1.20 18-49 demographic • No. 4 show of the night • Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 8:00 PM • 2,079,000 viewers- 1.07 18-49 demographic • No. 2 show of the night on cable • T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle 9:00 PM • 1,345,000 viewers- 0.66 18-49 demographic • No. 4 show of the night on cable • Teen Mom 9:00 PM • 843,000 viewers- 0.47 18-49 demographic • Holiday Baking Champ 9:00 PM • 1,319,000 viewers- 0.40 18-49 demographic • Christmas Cookie Challenge 10:00 PM • 982,000 viewers- 0.34 18-49 demographic • Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant 10:00 PM • 508,000 viewers- 0.27 18-49 demographic • Full Frontal w/ Sam Bee 10:30 PM • 627,000 viewers- 0.24 18-49 demographic • Love It or List It 9:00 PM • 1,000,000 viewers- 0.19 18-49 demographic • House Hunters 10:00 PM • 960,000 viewers- 0.18 18-49 demographic
  11. TaxNerd

    S07.E24: Back to Square One

    The poor kid's name is even worse - Atlee Bay, named after a body of water in Alaska. It's like naming your child Lake, which could be pretty, but then adding Michigan as a middle name. Actually I could see Cate and Tyler using my idea.
  12. TaxNerd

    S7.E00: Where Are They Now? Mackenzie McKee

    Angie has terminal cancer, and a foundation who's motto is "Always be kind". That is not the message I would choose to leave knowing it could be the last thing i told her. Cute Halloween pics of Mac's kids: https://mobile.twitter.com/douthitkenzie/status/1057654823913512962?s=21
  13. TaxNerd

    S07.E22: Making Amends

    A simple thank you goes a long way. I'm betting Kristina is still waiting on that.
  14. TaxNerd

    S7.E00: Where Are They Now? Mackenzie McKee

    Loving post from Mac's Mom on her birthday: Love how she takes MEDICAL ailments and calls her a hot mess. Maybe I'm reading into it from the special, but I would be so beaten down if this was how my mother spoke to me publicly.
  15. Agreed! I just finished reading Us Against You and there is a plot point where a character says something like - they can't be grateful I give them something until I take it away first. She absolutely uses food to manipulate, show affection, and likely to pit them against each other so she remains their hero.