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  1. For all the women who have come forward in these types of cases, I first think they are incredibly brave. Because the very first thing people want to do is call them liars.
  2. As one who voted for Nick among others on this show I have to say this is just terrible to read. I think there is a lot of fangirling around him saying he could do no wrong while his accuser is a fame whore. Full stop. This is exactly why people have not come forward in the past, and nobody has learned from Kevin Spacey’s accuser who was brave enough to tell a story from 30 years ago. It’s as if these defenders think these types of allegations couldn’t possibly stick to Nick because of the way they feel about him personally. I have to agree that Sharna is being childish and reckless and I’m
  3. Robert is going on tour https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/maksim-and-val-chmerkovskiy-announce-upcoming-tour-with-peta-murgatroyd
  4. Good to read- I have been to SYTYCD tour but not DWTS ---- Merry Christmas and a happy 2018
  5. Realdancemom it was a pleasure to read your posts this season. I hope the Spring mini show for Athletes will at least fill the void until the next SYTYCD!
  6. Going through withdrawals from this great season of Dance. Both SYTYCD and DWTS have been outstanding for Dance fans. Anyone who is going to the shows it would be great if you post in General Gabbery your reflections. I will be going January 20 to the Windsor Ceasar's Casino show so I'll post when I can. Have a good Christmas All!
  7. Yeah Grease Live was on another network so for ABC it’s like it doesn’t exist. Another competitor, Carlos Penvega was in Grease Live, I don’t know if that had been mentioned. The Broadway audience is so tiny by comparison, but Hamilton is such a significant milestone in theatre, that it is worth the hype. Also I don’t think that Hamilton really competes with the broadway Disney audience, it’s possible that Disney is looking to produce something similar in the future. Combining Art with History, a hip hop civics lesson iis definitely a phenomenal way to learn. Also, Lin Manuel Miranda is
  8. No it is not the case most of the time I am happy it happened on the 25th season
  9. Since Jordan and Lindsay never hit bottom I figured they could at least outlast most of the Disney kids before them, and some thought he was getting some help to stay out of bottom with early higher scores, and yet he did not have the highest average of all time, for women I still think it’s Kristie and for men it was Gilles Marini . But I really think the key was his consistency. He simply was more consistent than anyone. Certainly his profile on Disney and Hamilton helped. I also think Lindsay copped some real loyal Cubs fans, maybe even Detroit Lions fans, and Boys 11 men fans, David Ros
  10. If these catagories were eliminated, Jordan dominated the ballroom and latin sections with superior technique. So, if you save Jazz and Contemporary for the Freestyle he would have made an even bigger impact. A talented dancer like Jordan would have been the best regardless of the machinations.
  11. IMHO Lindsey Sterling was a good partner and yes they had a strong artistic collaboration, but in terms of dance technique she was not Mark's best partner. For me her last Quickstep was simple footwork and flawed in comparison to what had been done on the show, and I am surprised she got a 40, but I think the show wanted to let the fans decide between her and Jordan. YMMV but for me Kristi Yamaguchi still stands out as Mark's best with Paige Van Zant and Shawn Johnson right behind her. With Paige I think the pain was real because she lost to an inferior dancer. With Lindsey it was painf
  12. Nah, those people were all well known to the demographic. Kristi being an athlete is revered on this show, Nicole a platinum selling lead singer, Alfonso a huge nostalgia ringer like Donny Osmond and Jennifer Grey. Jordon is a Disney Kid, and Disney Kids are more often than not the surprise elimination. occasionally top 3, never a winner. What he did do is become the youngest male to win and to break through and grow his fan base every week. .
  13. Well you made me look and here's what I found all these men with dance training prior to the show: In season 6 Mario Barrett and Karina got knocked out just before the Quarter finals In season 7 Disney Kid Cody Linley and Julianne got knocked out in the Quarter finals In season 9 Disney Kid Aaron Carter and Karina got sent packing In season 12 Ralph Macchio who had some dance training got dramatically cut in the Quarter finals with Karina so that Disney girl Chelsea Kane might go further and also Romeo and Chelsie were cut just before the Quarter finals. In season
  14. That's weird, because I bought tickets to see Jordan. I would have preferred the show without Frankie. And like when Melissa Rycroft and Rumer did some tour dates does that cancel out somebody's fanbase?
  15. Maks has been checking out from the first week. But Mark, nah, I think the guy really wanted this. He didn't do much press after the show. I really think he wanted to come back and prove that his work would be rewarded. If he checked out he wouldn't have created that Freestyle.
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