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  1. Like listening to Coltee’s mom.
  2. Teresa keeps bringing up Jackie on the trip because somewhere in that dinosaur brain she knows what’s up. Looking for affirmation.
  3. Ted Danson wears a toupee. A good one, mind you.
  4. They don’t see themselves as big as they are. They go nowhere, interact with no one of a normal weight. The see Chris as a normal size person when he’s at least 150+lbs overweight. Their mother is very overweight. I’m sure they have a distorted view of themselves the same as a thin girl with dysmorphic issues has.
  5. She bought the dog food and paid for his meal at the restaurant so she doesn’t seem restricted to me. Mother Pole is probably torn between wanting to make sure the baby is ok and refusing to be sucked in to Pole’s mooching ways as much as she can.
  6. Mykull and his family have too much class for Angela. I hope he finds a wonderful Nigerian wife and has lots of babies!
  7. I agree with all of you who say Dorinda is vile, she’s a drunk, she needs to go to AA. Showing how many times she’s drunk on the show would be cruel and will not do a thing to stop her drinking.. more likely it’d make it worse. I truly feel sorry for her. seeIng her slide down to alkytown is not pretty. Until she asks for help or is forced to get help she won’t give up her drink.
  8. I think she gave herself away with the correct usage of pejorative. She’s a con. Most con artists are not dumb. She probably is smarter than she plays. I’m more disturbed that not one of the couples knew what pejorative means.
  9. Larissa wants to be Jessica Rabbit but’s she more like Messica Grabbit.
  10. Her apartment in New York would go for a pretty ruble.
  11. Big Ed not showering and sleeping in the same clothes is grosser than gross. Poor Rose. Baby love Lisa is gross too but at least she showered.
  12. I do have to laugh at OG Vickie on the dance floor in her 80’s blazer. No moves, acts like a prude, would so freak if anybody wanted her. She needy as fuck. Always has been.
  13. OK.... I just have to ❤️ every comment I’ve read so far. I always start from the latest. These bitches are boring, season after season of screeching is boring, old cast, new cast, bleeeccchhh... I’m done.
  14. I’m their age am so embarrassed for these bags and their behavior. Seriously, these are chicks that married at 18 with 2 kids by 21. Good that they all realized they could do better and sought levels up from their childhood. This Season is boring, I’d feel bad for the people in the restaurant, but they probably signed releases permitting filming.
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