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  1. korilian

    Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

    @Lemur. Most European's have never even heard of the war of 1812.<br /><br />This show is about two self centered/cocky, over-privileged blokes and the less privileged people they inadvertantly screw over. It's great!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
  2. korilian

    S05.E09: The Dance Of Dragons

    I'm gutted about Shireen, but at the same time it was a really powefull scene. Fuck Stannis though. That guy doesn't even know how utterly expendable he is (since he's so clearly NOT the chosen one). He might get his horrible GOT death, or he might have to live actually with what he did, which might be a crueler fate. <br /><br />Was anyone else kind of anoyed with the Dany dragon scene? I'd been looking forward to Dany showing Drogon who's boss all season. This was just weak.<br /><br />I'm also really not looking forward to the inevitable scene where Arya has to play child prostitute to murder sir gross. Seriously, is there anyone who wants to see that?!? Can we just not?
  3. I think it was established that all three librarians fill out hiates in each others knowledge, so I assume they'll mostly stick together if there is a second season. I'm not thrilled that the library is back, but I appreciate that they went with a stand alone mini series, that still has room for more stories. If there is a second season I want way less Flynn and very little lame cgi library though.
  4. korilian

    S01.E06: And The Fables Of Doom

    I'm actually hopefull that she'll go darkside at some point. There seem to be lots of hints that she's kind of sketchy once you get beyond the sweet, bubbly persona. She did know the serpent guys killed all the other potential librarians, didn't she? And still worked with them?
  5. korilian

    S03.E04: Bella

    <quoye>I thought Sherlock gave himself away when Joan was asking him if he manipulated Andrew's new project - she mentioned only that he was going to Scandinavia and Sherlock said Denmark - but nothing more came of that so I guess I was wrong.</quote><br /><br />Andrew met his new business partner through Sherlock, so it makes sense that Sherlock knew the guy was based in Denmark. <br /><br />As for the ending: When Sherlock acted surprised at the end I figured it was because Bella's response gave him a new idea on how to crack the case. Not because she'd proven her sentience.
  6. korilian

    S08.E09: Flatline

    I really enjoyed this episode. In fact it was the first one that didn't have me rolling my eyes this season. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure that's because the doctor was sidelined for most of it. <br /><br />I know everyone keeps raving about the new doctor and hating on Clara, but I find him infinitely more annoying than I find her. I just can't empathize with a doctor who doesn't seem to emphathize with anyone.
  7. korilian

    S02.E02: Heavy Is The Head

    I'm really annoyed that they seem to have actually killed off Xena and the other guy. I thought it was interesting that they had to rely on mercenaries and I liked how this team played off each other. It gave the characters instant backstory and set up a nice conflict, because their loyalty was clearly more to each other than to Coulson. And now the cool boss lady and the flunky are dead and all we're left with is the broody, generic white male. Like whatever.