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  1. Camomile

    Casting Wishlists

    What we wish for: How we possibly end up with:
  2. Camomile

    S05.E13: New York State of Mind

    This is not a wrong idea but would make the "All-Stars" idea even more vague. I would support Lifetime to make the Fanvote Redemption used for the early eliminated contestants so that their second chance in the original series make more sense. I don't think either Amanda or Kate should had returned, honestly, not cuase they're bad designers, but the original show is more about new entries. Personally I would really love to see international contestants like Chấn Hưng or Elena Pignata, but we know very few reality shows would like to pay for airline fees.
  3. Camomile

    S05.E13: New York State of Mind

    The only chance I can watch All Stars again next year is that the cast looks like this.
  4. Camomile

    S14.E03: Shut Up And Sew

    While Hanmiao and Edmond show to be the spotlight, I think Joe and Jake seem to have more issues than we can see. If Lindsey was in the bottom she would have lots of things to tell the judges. Not totally Hanmiao's fault, but she's the only feasible choice to go. Sadly she can't meet more big names before she leaves.
  5. Camomile

    All Stars Season 4 Spoilers

    Both are given a do-or-die moment. And both results are die.
  6. Camomile

    All Stars Season 4 Anticipation

    Some mysterious predictions of future All Stars Glamourous edition Jungle edition International edition Ultimate edition Neglected edition I honestly agree to have an international edition to confort those foreign designers whose local show was cancelled and are unable to have their own allstars. This also reminds me: no UTG contestant this time? None of them are willing to return?