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  1. Last week, she was told to NOT do grey hair for the next runway challenge. She did grey hair anyway and no one called her on it. I love her, but that's not quite fair, is it?
  2. I sang "secret giraffe" instead of Ticket To Ride for years. She's got a secret gira-a-affe and she don't care.
  3. Melora Walters' voice is an acquired taste but who could resist an electric cello cover of Barracuda?
  4. Met Dave Foley (of Kids In The Hall) several years ago. To put it kindly, he was not a gentleman.
  5. Seems funny that other queens are bothered by her fake accent. It's a character, in an art form that encourages a fake/feminized voice. She could get really irritating but if that's the aspect that's being mocked, it seems really petty.
  6. I saw Kick-Ass at a large theater in downtown Toronto. The movie was shot in Toronto and in one scene, the characters go see a movie. We watch them on-screen, walking in the front doors of the same theater we were all in. The giggle in the crowd was really nice. Only lasted a second, but everyone was looking around in a "Did you catch that?" way.
  7. Big fan of Pandemic. Love collaborative play; helps keep the peace at home. :)
  8. I wear Armani Code for fancy times, but am a huge fan of BPAL. They have a line based on Labyrinth and I will pretty much buy anything Bowie-related, so I wear Jareth and Hoggle a lot.
  9. I want an explanation for their team name on the sea plane sign-up sheet being "C. Dicks Team" rather than "Bethany & Adam" or some variant. Anyone else notice that?
  10. So this year, headbutting another model means you get kicked off the show but last year, punching other models in the nads had no consequences... weird.
  11. I'm Free by Kenny Loggins and The Girl Gets Around by Sammy Hagar. They're not even the good songs from the Footloose soundtrack, but the B-sides no one cares about. For shame.
  12. I must have a really high tolerance for gross, because nothing in the series phased me. Except for the panel of which actually made me gasp out loud on the bus. I know it's twisted, but something about the Tulip/Jesse relationship really connects for me. (The boy and I dressed up as them for our first Halloween. No one got it.)
  13. Let's see... Nine Inch Nails, several times (including openers Peaches, Bauhaus, Queens Of The Stone Age, Death From Above 1979, Explosions In The Sky) Rasputina (cello rock), several times Apocalytica, ditto Zoe Keating (solo and with Rasputina) Placebo Silverchair Amanda Palmer (I cried as hard as I danced) Tegan and Sara Semi-Precious Weapons Yeah Yeah Yeahs Art Vs. Science Sigur Ros Cursive (a few times, including the night I met mr. mini-mart) Foxy Shazam Iggy and the Stooges Those are the larger names of the top of my head. My ultimate must-see is David Bowie. Sad
  14. Harrie, he has a huge homemade crate that takes up a big chunk of our basement. He doesn't roam much. He just wants a lot of dirt to burrow into. Sometimes he won't resurface for days (or weeks, during the winter.) Pretty low-maintenance.
  15. King Of Medicine by Placebo always makes me cry. I don't know if that was the intent but i read it as pleading to an addict to stop. Just heartbreaking. On the tip of my tongue Were words that always came out wrong 'Cause they were drowned in southern comfort Left to dry out in the sun, the noon day sun
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