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  1. Hon, where have you been? That's been the purpose of the judges from the very beginning of the series. They are there only to do the producers' bidding and are not allowed to have opinions to the contrary.
  2. And IMO that was when the first large group of viewers stopped watching.
  3. You mean there are shenanigans involved? Horrors! It was pretty easy to see throughout this show. I watched the series in two days. I loved it through the first 6 episodes and then it started to seem like just another reality show full of manipulation. That bit with Nadia and Vinnie wreaked of it. I ended up liking Aparna and Vyasar the most. Aparna grew on me and it became obvious later on that she was just playing a role. My favorite part was the talking heads with the older couples and seeing the parents. Nadia's parents seemed to be pretty relaxed and didn't seem as much like the
  4. Same for me! I doubt I would have watched the new season anyway, but I will now definitely blame it on letting Tom go.
  5. The judges have nothing to do with who goes or stays. They are just mouthpieces for the producers.
  6. Bruce and Demi split up at approximately the same time that Sailor was born, so Demi and Christie didn't have to be friends. I think they really did vacation together in the sense that they often vacationed on the same island, the island where Bruce is currently selling a home.
  7. I'm the same age, too, and I'm very disappointed. She was the only one I was excited about.
  8. I just checked the ages again and Sophie is 10, so that makes sense. The next two youngest are Dharma and Brooke, both 11. The others are 12 and 13. I haven't paid close attention, have the winners usually been on the older side?
  9. I love the minds of the people who create this show. They constantly amaze me. Halfway through Season 2 and enjoying every minute.
  10. And that will be the only reason I'll watch next week.
  11. As usual, I'm enjoying the marathon of reruns more than the current show. Still love cutie Matthew from Season 2. :) I'm hoping I'll have a more favorable opinion after tonight's ep and will be able to talk about the newest contestants.
  12. I enjoyed Tonya on the show. She and Sasha worked well together.
  13. So well said. Adam deserved better. Who would have thought Tonya would have the best freestyle of the night. It seems Sasha knows how to choreograph for his partner.
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