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  1. Has anyone seen Homecoming on Amazon? The last episode of this series reminded me of the last episode of this show. A white female protagonist who bonded with an African American male throughout the series is trying to reconnect with him and help him remember the past. Both had excellent finales. Except this show had a much happier ending. It’s annoying at first but it grew on me. It’s a very New York caricature in some ways.
  2. There were two other Natasha’s in the last scene during the parade. Any thoughts what this means? There are separate timelines and they are all merging?
  3. Mario Lopez saying Preppy was the only good thing about this episode.
  4. Yeah the homeless parade at the end came out of nowhere. The whole series Horse seemed like a loner but then all of a sudden had a homeless army at the end. I thought there was more to him too, but there wasn’t. And the Nadia’s relationship with her ex lover didn’t really have a satisfying conclusion unlike Alan’s relationship with Bea Not really sure sure what they are going to do with a second season without it being a repetitive storyline of being in another time loop.
  5. I love any good Groundhog Day type of story. Acting was great all around. Nadia was the right balance of funny and self-absorbed. You liked her character even though she could have easily gone overboard. Alan was also well thought out. His progression seemed more significant and the actor playing him did a great job. I thought the ending was a little too rushed in the way that the the original versions of themselves so quickly trusted the versions that had been through the loops. It took them several tries to get that trust and the original versions had it in 15 minutes. I took the ending to mean that the timelines got merged. Not sure what they could do for a second season but I’ll be interested.
  6. I do appreciate the cork blork joke.
  7. I feel like the season finales are always a little disappointing. The montage was nice but nothing really happened in this episode. Jason was barely in it.
  8. So Benji was down there for almost a week right? Where did he do his business? I like it so far but does feel like it’s a Gossip Girl mixed with Dexter.
  9. I have to fast forward whenever Bethany talks. She comes off as so obnoxious and grating. And as someone else said, having her face on the product would probably turn more people off than get them to buy.
  10. Thanks. I thought the fake Michael was going to take the real ones place during the experiment.
  11. Much better than last week’s. But I don’t see how recreating Michael’s neighborhood would work again if the variables aren’t the same. Meaning the fake townspeople aren’t trying to torture them, nor is Michael. And it sounded like they didn’t know yet if the 4 chosen would know if they were supposed to be in the Good Place or not like Ellen did when she thought it was a mix-up. And if the four are staying in the same neighborhood, isn’t that an unfair advantage? Also, why is there a fake bad Michael? I think I missed that line.
  12. I don't think you not considering repercussions is what is sending you to the bad place. I think the system attaching indirect negatives to your action is. The logic didn't really work for me. In Michael's example, modern Doug went to the bad place because by picking flowers, he was indirectly contributing to child labor and other bad things. But what about the indirect positive results of his actions? The person receiving the flowers feels better, so then pays it forward to someone else, etc? We know Mindy St Claire is in the Medium place because of that exact reason. She was "bad" her whole life but her last action, which was really just an idea, ended up helping lots of people.
  13. Actually thought this was one of the weaker episodes. I had some laughs but wasn't as joyful as the last few had been before the break. In terms of plot, there wasn't much there. The good place being a bureaucratic mess isn't that surprising. This episode was very couples focused and I enjoy it more when Michael interacts with the whole group.
  14. The Weezer sketch was brilliant. A sign of a great sketch because you didn’t have to know a single thing about Weezer besides that they are a band, but you still get on board with it. And I’ll vouch for Make Believe actually being a good album.
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