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  1. TAG42481

    S06.E15: Return of the King

    This was my least favorite episode of the series. Gina is perhaps the most narcissistic character I've ever seen. I hate narcissists. Her character leaving the show was probably my most favorite casting change that's ever happened on a show. So bringing that character back is/was infuriating. GOOD RIDDANCE. Yes, I watched the episode, and yes, it featured her as much as I was afraid that it would. I've never seen Chelsea Peretti in anything else, so I can't say I hate her, I just hate the character she plays.
  2. TAG42481

    S03.E17: R&B

    Team Beth. Period. And kudos once again to the casting director for finding a perfect actress to play college Beth. How does this show do better with casting younger counterparts than any other show? Do they just have a better face index? 😃
  3. TAG42481

    The $100,000 Pyramid

    I also had to come give Leslie Jones some love. I think she was on the Match Game two years ago, and she was angry at the other celebrities for not taking the game seriously enough. That girl COMPETES. So I know how much it means to HER to try to help the contestants out, so that's why I was so happy to see her win - to see how happy it made her.
  4. TAG42481

    Match Game

    The contestant Lindsay from the first half hour is definitely an older version of Holly Taylor, the daughter from The Americans.
  5. TAG42481

    S06.E10: START

    Not sure what I expected, but it wasn't that. I'm going to have to chew on that for a bit. After the confrontation in the parking garage, I started to think that Stan might be the one to die. Might kill himself because of regret. Then ... nothing.
  6. When you bring in people on a show for an athletic competition, and they can't do the necessary athletic things (the relay race), then you don't have a show. This series is being deleted from the DVR. I'm 36, and I had never heard of Battle of the Network Stars until I saw it on ESPN Classic 3 years ago. That was fantastic. This is terrible.
  7. TAG42481

    S10.E10: The Property Division Collision

    There's a difference between Sheldon being "socially awkward" and "an asshole." The writers seem to have forgot the difference over the last few seasons. While I never loved Sheldon, I now actively hate him. Not sure I'll be sticking around for season 11.
  8. TAG42481

    Celebrity Family Feud

    I really want to know how many points Denver Nuggets would have received. I thought it was uncalled to say it was a terrible answer. My first thought was chicken and my second thought was gold, but I think Denver was a good answer.
  9. TAG42481

    All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    I would think that Pop decided not to play seasons 1-15 consecutively because some people weren't aware that the show was on. Maybe they went S1-6 because they were able to show the whole tenure of Clooney/Margulies and allow discussion about the show being back on the air to build; after that, they could go S1-15 all at once.
  10. TAG42481

    S29.E12: We're Going To Victory Lane

    I was frustrated by the editing, throughout the season as it turns out. I feel like we never got to know London/Logan as well as we got to know Brooke/Scott and Tara/Joey. By the time we were down to the Final Five, I was going to be annoyed if L/L won, not because of them as a team, but because they didn't get any screen time and the editors didn't give us a chance to know who they were. So when they made the Final Three, I knew they already weren't going to win. That took suspense out of the episode, even if they did finish third. People have talked about teams getting a "winner's edit". L/L definitely got a "non-winner's edit".
  11. TAG42481

    S05.E06: Crossbreed

    I must be in the serious minority here. I found the episode boring and watched the last third on double speed with closed captioning. As far as I'm concerned, you could have told me Gabriel said he was leaving, and I wouldn't be out of the loop for anything else. The second half of this season better be AWESOME because I think we've only had 1 good episode out of 6 (last week's episode).
  12. TAG42481

    S01.E14: Commander-In-Chief

    People said that Mrs. Kirkman was too bold in asking Moss about one of his candidates. Did nobody see the next shot where Kirkman winks at her? He clearly planned ahead of time to have HER ask the question instead of HIM doing it. That's not her over-stepping, that's prior planning.
  13. At this point, I can watch the show in 5-10 minutes. I essentially watch all of the pre-filmed segments/interviews, plus the quiz questions. That's all I need.
  14. TAG42481

    S42.E16: Scarlett Johansson / Lorde

    I was shocked to realize that Scarlett Johansson joined the Five-Timers Club. I knew she had hosted multiple times, but didn't realize it had been that often. In addition, I couldn't believe that a fellow member of the club (Alec Baldwin) was in attendance and wasn't out there to acknowledge her addition. I found that disappointing. I realize he played Trump in the cold open, but I would think that he could have changed during the opening credits and beginning of the monologue.
  15. TAG42481

    S03.E21: Girl Meets Goodbye

    Remember, they only thought this was a SEASON finale when they filmed it, not a SERIES finale. It was filmed over the summer. Putting the show in England for season 4 would have been a total reboot since you'd only keep the 4 Matthews from the current cast. You'd be replacing everybody else. Had this been planned as a SERIES finale, I think London would have been the right move. Even that would be paying homage to the BMW ending with Cory and Topanga moving to a new city.