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  1. Squirrely


    If someone said I had to sleep in a dog kennel, I'd call him a jerk too! I know he was joking, but I'm 100% over Dale. Those girls are old enough to start noticing that Hazel is his favorite. Hell, he's even said it more than once. I'm sure they're going to feel really great when they watch these episodes. I know it's an edited show, but I've seen far worse behavior from the twins and Hazel than from Riley this season. I've always staunchly defended her because I think she's too smart for this group and is bored most of the time. I'm betting the Parker issue is a red herring. She's shy, and we're supposed to be shocked that she isn't naming flash cards with a camera in her face? She was up there with Riley as far as being ahead of the others, and got moved up in school. Maybe she's too smart for all the nonsense as well? Or lights and cameras in her business 24/7 (if TLC isn't pimping them, Adam is) is having a negative affect? Introverts do not thrive in chaos. She reminds me of Jennifer Duggar, with a deer in headlights, how did I get stuck in this family?, look all the time. This show is going the way of the Gosselins, unfortunately. I'm feeling badly about myself for supporting it by watching and should probably stop. These kids deserve the dignity of using the damn bathroom without the world watching.
  2. Squirrely

    S31.E09: Let's Split!

    I've never called her dumb. That task simply didn't seem to play to her particular strengths. She screwed it up at least once while working with the Afganimal, making them have to do it again, and she seemed completely confused. It finally took him to point out they should split the board. They were both a little slow to come to that realization. When they did finally get it, most of the figures were on his side. Despite her performance at other tasks, she did not shine at this RB. I would have been miserable at that task myself without someone to work with.
  3. Squirrely

    S31.E09: Let's Split!

    Dalmatians aren't any worse than any other breed with kids. The problem is that they were over-bred and over-purchased when the movies came out, and they are a more difficult breed overall if you're not experienced and willing to put in the effort to train and care for them properly. They ended up with a bad reputation and were dumped in shelters or given away due to irresponsibility. Parents got the cute pups for their kids without doing any research. They can make wonderful family dogs in the right situations, but they are definitely not for everyone. This was such a fun, challenging leg! And airport drama! Yay! Who else thinks Nicole would still be there at the RB if she hadn't partnered with Korey? Chris and Bret will be missed, but I can't imagine a scenario where they would win, unless there was zero running required in the final leg...
  4. Squirrely

    S31.E08: You're The Apple In My Eye

    In previous seasons of my recollection, it's okay to lose a clue. But you must have retrieved every single clue during the leg. Teams have lost clues and sometimes still managed. Teams who stumbled upon tasks and tried to check in without having found every clue box and retrieved every clue have been sent back to find the missing clue from the clue box they skipped. I don't think bromance was dumb to U-turn the sisters, if the purpose of a U-turn is to get that team eliminated. Tonight was a perfect example. C&C came in 3rd place and are probably more motivated than ever. I'm not saying they were a bad choice either, but U-turning strong teams isn't always the way to go. But opinions have always varied on proper use of the U-turn. I wish it would go the way of Speed Bumps and Intersections and never be seen again, personally. And that vote was way too Probst for me. Phil, what are you becoming?
  5. Squirrely

    Dead To Me

    I also didn't care for the Bambi storyline. I know she was dim, but who gets ghosted for 3 months and then sends a message saying "I miss your cock"? It didn't bug me so much until she said they'd been in a relationship for 1.5 years. And the turn signal glass. Where do I even begin? First, there's no chain of custody. Why would that mom not take that to the police? Sure, it gave them something to use to investigate on their own, but it would never be admissible in court! And they magically know it's from a '66 Mustang the same day? That was a partial piece of glass or plastic. If it was original, it's very unlikely that it had a part ID stamped into it, and it could have also come from a '65, and possible other years (I only know for sure about the '65). If it was aftermarket, it could have also been used on a '65 at the very least, or on a zillion other vehicle models if they struck someone's fancy for a project. I was also quite bothered by the older son's move to Grandma's, where he had recently pilfered a gun! Wtf? He's a minor and Jen had every right and reason to stop that from happening. I gave her the benefit of the doubt as a mom up to that point. Good lord. It probably sounds like I hated this show, but it's quite the opposite. I binged it today and hope there is a season 2. The writers just need to restrain themselves a bit and trust the stellar acting to carry the story.
  6. Squirrely

    S31.E07: Living Fearlessly

    My daughter and I literally just finished watching (rewatching for me) season 3, so the return to race uphill through Grindelwald, and the trip to the gorge, made us ecstatic! O' brother, where art thou? I love that season, minus the racer who was even more whiny than Rachel. I was hoping the hype of her tying the race record was foreshadowing her demise tonight. How can I continue to enjoy a show that may feature her as the contestant who ran the most legs?! Yuck. This leg was fun! I want to do every single task shown. Becca was cracking me up with her enthusiasm, which I felt was 100% legit tonight.
  7. Matt, who raced with his dad, Gary. He had pink hair and I think they were from Montana or Minnesota. I can't remember what season now, but that RB has always stuck with me!
  8. When someone on the race is wandering around, aimlessly searching for something, as the BB blonde was for a Rolex, does anyone else start asking, "What's a candle-uh-bruh? Are you a candle-uh-bruh?" My daughter watches with me and groans, because she knows when I'm about to say it aloud! Hehe
  9. Phil can freestyle! That was frickin' awesome. I just knew the first leg tonight was going to be a non-elim. Damn. All the tasks seemed really fun aside from that last detour. I want to zipline Superman style over Dubai! I hate the head-to-head nonsense. I would have loved for the sisters to go, but it worked out fairly in the end.
  10. Squirrely

    S31.E04: I Took Out a Polar Bear

    That was bad, even for Corinne. I already wanted her gone before the RB, but when she said Eliza didn't grow up in a trailer park so she didn't have experience with motor bikes, I wanted someone to run her over. Of all the fabulous women from Survivor, this is who we got? I know it was for the drama they'd bring and it almost makes me want to quit CBS entirely. Once the dimwitted BB sisters are gone (next leg, please?), I don't care who wins.
  11. Squirrely

    S31.E03: Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

    @SVNBob you are my hero! My 13 year-old has been obsessing over finding the karoake song with absolutely no luck until now. I loved this episode, aside from the shoe horned Travelocity app ad. I hope that's all we see of that. Hustling for flights is part of the race, though we don't see that like we used to. Otherwise it was enjoyable to watch, with fun and engaging tasks. I felt sorry for some of the teams who chose dancing, but I do love picky judges! They should have to work for it.
  12. Squirrely

    Season 8 Discussion

    Christmas is actually a terrible time to introduce a puppy into a home. Lots of chaos and people, more likelihood of it getting food it shouldn't have, etc. But that's every damn day in that house so I guess it doesn't really make a difference. I feel so sorry for the poor little guy. Of course it's from a backyard breeder and I doubt he'll ever have a round of vaccines. Like family, my ass. You know what you'd see nonstop if I had a reality show? My dogs. In the house, in the yard, with us at the park, and so on, because they are family. It would be 100% impossible to edit them out. We've barely seen that dog they had for so many years and supposedly loved so much. People like them should not be allowed to have pets.
  13. Squirrely

    Season 8 Discussion

    Jed or Jub wanting to call Mom and tattle on Dad was hilarious! I respect that Gil was freaked out after tipping over with them, but would it have killed him to take them through the mud a couple times? They really wanted to get dirty! It's not like skeet shooting was something they could do, so that trip was kind of a bust for them. Omg, that would be the car ride from hell for me! All of those "on" people yapping nonstop and fighting for the spotlight. I wouldn't want a single one of them so much as in the same building where I was giving birth. Kelly didn't even annoy me, and I usually find her very grating. Maybe Tori needs verbal encouragement to get through difficult situations? Kelly seems to at least know her children as individuals, and treat them as such. They're still cult members and they still suck, but compared to Michelle Duggar's baby voiced praising of Jesus no matter the situation, Kelly is a breath of fresh air.
  14. Squirrely

    Season 8 Discussion

    STFU with your misogynistic bullshit, Nathan! Grandmas can do whatever they want, including rock climbing. I'll give her props for trying something out of her comfort zone, personally, even if the whole outing was staged for the show. Hearing aids are EXPENSIVE. Has Gil managed to grift for those fancy digital aids? Not that I would begrudge a little girl being able to hear, of course, because no way could Gil afford them without some kind of huge discount or donation.
  15. Squirrely

    S09.E06: To Grandmother’s House We Go

    For those who forget Justin, he was the howler who wore a sailor hat for approx 6 seasons of 19 Kids. That's all I remember him for, other than he seemed sweet and was the only one who paid attention to Jordyn after the Precious Miracle was born. He's really grown up! I'm amazed we didn't get a TH about how okay JD is with Abbie wearing scrub pants too. *eyeroll* Shockingly, I believe she is the first female in the family to appear that way on camera! I noticed her sister in them as well. I tell ya, I worked in a hospital for a few years and nothing made me question a nurse's competence more than a scrub skirt. I'm sure that makes me a judgemental asshole, but I can't help but wonder if they're the types to refuse to do anything that goes against their religion (read: indoctrination), and I would not want one of them caring for me or someone I loved. Sorrynotsorry. It's too easy in the US for their bullshit to get in the way, with pharmacists getting away with not filling prescriptions, Catholic hospitals refusing procedures, etc.