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  1. SoothingDave

    S03.E08: The Worst Possible Use of Free Will

    I wanna see the Mr. Peanut tattoo.
  2. SoothingDave


    I'm hoping for the Drowning Mona ending, where we find out that everybody killed her.
  3. SoothingDave

    Lodge 49

    I feel like we missed a scene where corporate guy tells Liz her felony background isn't a problem and they hire her into the corporate program.
  4. SoothingDave

    S04.E04: Talk

    Mike did not go in on the Hummel thing because he does not victimize "innocent" people. Remember, he asked Jimmy what the copier people had done to him (to deserve having their stuff stolen)? I don't think Mike has a problem being shady or illegal, but he does what he does for what he considers honorable reasons.
  5. SoothingDave

    Wrecked Season 3 All Episode Discussion

    Yes, this. They could have taken a shirt off and tied her to the bars with it. So dumb. But then again, this show is so smart and funny, so I'll allow it.
  6. SoothingDave

    S02.E10: Best Self

    I don't know what you mean, and it's making me mad!
  7. SoothingDave

    S05.E07: A Wall Street Thanksgiving

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E.T._the_Extra-Terrestrial_(video_game) Yes, the ET video game was so bad that it is infamous. Yes, it contributed to a crash of the video game industry, which didn't really recover until Nintendo came out. Yes, unsold copies were buried in the desert.
  8. SoothingDave

    S02.E08: Derek

    My favorite part was when Jason hit the ball with the mallet and then yelled out "Thor!"
  9. SoothingDave

    Vice Principals

    I read it as a breakup. Not sure how they get back to normal after that whole scene. He tossed the manuscript to her when she was packing. I assume she put it in her bag.
  10. SoothingDave

    Vice Principals

    Russell said he got his wife's Jeep in the divorce. Is it possible that she was the one who shot Gamby?
  11. SoothingDave

    S01.E08: My Name Is Ruby

    Yes, something like that. Used to be 26 episodes in a season. Of course, they often cheated and did "clip show" episodes.
  12. SoothingDave

    S02.E07: Janet and Michael

    I wonder why Michael was not concerned at all about replacing Janet with another. He stole her. He'd have to steal another. Maybe they tightened security after one was stolen?
  13. SoothingDave

    Vice Principals

    I love how Ray quotes this to Gamby, and Gamby thinks Ray is encouraging him.
  14. SoothingDave

    S02.E06: The Trolley Problem

    Your post makes me wonder if the entire thing was designed to lead to growth in Chidi. Disguised as torture. So, like this isn't the Good Place or the Bad Place, but Purgatory. If not intentional, it is an interesting effect anyway. Forcing Chidi to choose is probably exactly what he needed. Also, "I do sit in gum a lot" was funny.
  15. SoothingDave

    S01.E05: What Kind Of Bad?

    Her name "was" Bernice, but nobody wants to fuck anybody named Bernice.