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  1. As my toddler would say, "ewwie." You go, Jinger! Birth control will set you freeeeeeeeee!
  2. On the one hand it's awful that Derrick outed himself as a bigoted piece of shit. But on the other hand, the outrage this has provoked is just plain odd to me. Is this a surprise that a member of the Duggar clan--perhaps the most heinous, hypocritical, morally bankrupt family to ever appear on television--feels this way? Of course not. And why is it somehow acceptable that he feels this way, as long as he keeps it to himself? It's not. Bottom line is that everyone knows exactly what the Duggars are. They--and people like them--make our modern society demonstrably wors
  3. Agree. Unless it's a Jana engagement/wedding, I just don't see anyone giving a crap. I'm bored senseless of all these engagements/weddings/babies but when it's Jana's, hell, I'll buy ten issues of People and a gift off her freaking registry (perhaps a $20 Cracker Barrel gift card? Oh so classy.). I'd be so damn excited for her to escape these psychos. FREE JANA.
  4. I'm pretty sure if there were a Family Feud question "we surveyed 100 people, where's the worst place to propose?" that "someone else's wedding" would get you about 95 points.
  5. Yes but time goes by slowly when you're thinking about sex every second of every minute of every day.
  6. I admit I'm Team Kardashian (and Team Jenner Girls, apparently) here, if that's where the dividing line has been drawn. Caitlyn cares about Caitlyn, and Caitlyn only. The fact that she was totally fine to just bow out of her young children's lives tells me all I need to know. I don't care what kind of personal turmoil you're going through, that's something only a garbage person would do.
  7. Can we all stop saying "the hottest Duggar boy"? Hottest implies that a bunch of them are varying degrees of hot. Can we say "least repulsive Duggar boy?" Thankyouverymuch.
  8. Pooping during the pushing stage of childbirth is so common it's a non-event. As my OB told me a couple years ago, "if you're not pooping, you're not pushing right."
  9. My son's hair used to be curly like that as a baby and I loved to keep it a little long like Spurgeon's. My grandmother would always say he looked like a girl and she didn't like it. ☹️ My grandmother is kind of a nasty old bitch.
  10. Why all the focus on "Meri needs time to process this, it's not what she expected the future to be like"? It's not like she is super close with her daughter and is now bummed about not having late nights popping popcorn and talking about men. Maybe Meri should stop being bothered by her daughter's sexuality and start being bothered by their shitty distant relationship, and trying to fix it (that's if her narcissism will even allow her to admit that any of the blame lies with her). And too bad for Meri, Mariah is an adult now so just telling her "hey, you're going to stop being mad at me!" ain'
  11. Good for Mariah. And good for the parents in being accepting of her (although it's kind of a bare minimum expectation, IMO. If you cut off your kid for being gay you're pretty much the world's biggest shitbag). Mechelle and Jim Boob Duggar surely wouldn't let any of their kids come out on national television. So yay Browns, you're definitely not the shittiest family on TLC!
  12. I've always thought it was weird that Kody wasn't attracted to Christine for a long time after they met (the dumbass admits this). Christine, IMO, is by far the most attractive of the wives. Her personality is also the best. It's just pretty nuts that a guy who was married to Meri and Janelle, who are pretty damn unappealing in every way, found Christine lacking in the looks department.
  13. Speaking of Evan McMullin, serious quiestion: why aren't more Hillary supporters voting for him? She isn't going to win Utah anyway. If I lived there (thank god I don't, I suspect Atheists don't really fit in...) I'd throw my vote his way.
  14. I liked the Obama interview. He is such a grounded, intelligent, thoughtful person. The level to which The Right has demonized him throughout his presidency is tragic. He is such a likeable guy and his positions are so carefully constructed--and most of them very moderate--that it really saddens and scares me about the future of this country that we all can't, at the very least, admit that this is a decent man who has tried to do right by this nation. Half of this country is convinced that he is a USA-hating Socialist Muslim? Jesus Fucking Christ. I don't know where we go from here as a countr
  15. There's a warrant out for Adam's arrest for failure to pay child support. What a steaming pile of human garbage.
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