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  1. ProwlingBee

    S02.E10: St. Mark's

    "Scott Wolf!.. Party of Five!"
  2. ProwlingBee

    S02.E08: Kirk Steele

    ... and AMY RYAN!
  3. ProwlingBee

    S02.E08: Zen and the Art of Pageantry

    A few things: - I think in the next episode (if it picks up where it left off) they'll show Amy's mind being blown after having sex with a woman/Reagan for the first time but when she says "whoa" (as we saw in the preview clip) she will be fantasizing Karma saying "I know" instead of it actually being Reagan. Proving to herself she is not as over Karma as she thought. I do love that we, at least, get to see Amy temporarily happy with Reagan but that actress playing her sure makes it hard to root for them completely. - It's a bit odd that Karma would jump right to Amy when asking Liam if it's someone she nows but a) she has no other friends and b) she's insecure and maybe a part of her was still nervous because of the kiss he and Amy shared during the threesome. - I think people are right about Theo being a cop and I think one of the cliffhangers is going to be Karma's parents being arrested for peddling "baked goods" (wink-wink). Noticed how they "were" having money problems until, as they said, introduced baked goods to their menu. - Amy and Karma will definitely bounce back from Amy sleeping with Liam but it's going to take more than a few episode. That's a pretty big betrayal to have your best/only friend sleep with your BF no matter how drunk or angry you were at the time. Amy acts impulsively when she's upset and it's catching up with her. I also think Reagan might beak-up with Amy when she finds out for fear of history repeating itself.
  4. ProwlingBee

    Gravity Falls

    I vote Dipper&Mabel #TrueDetectiveSeason3! Besides being ridiculously clever and cute, I love a cartoon that does not condescend. Oh and let's not forget Dipper's crush Wendy! Linda Cardellini in the house!