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  1. Zizzlezazzle

    Very Cavallari

    I watched. Disappointed, though I'm not sure what I was expecting. The saying "water seeks its own level" kept coming to mind when they introduced her vapid friends and their pitifully thirsty boyfriends (sidenote, KC must have retained at least a couple of friends from her Laguna/LA days that simply don't want to film--right? I still find it odd and kind of sad that both on The Hills and here we've never seen evidence of any meaningful longstanding childhood friendships, except I guess for Heidi Pratt...yay?) And sorry, but Jay is the walking epitome of "UGH." I'm sure both of them are doing alright for themselves and she has made a nice little sum from her Chinese Laundry deal, books, and other endorsements. But there's never been much love lost between him and football fans, and his scowling and puttering around that garish house between bouts of checkin the deer cam certainly isn't going to endear him to anyone. She will one day tire of his rudeness and of carefully kowtowing to his mood swings, I predict. And I hope that day comes sooner than later.
  2. Zizzlezazzle

    House Hunters International

    YESSS! I was yelling some choice words at the TV. God, these people were socially obtuse jerks. I felt badly for the agent. I believe the guy mentioned something about his friend who had already opened a nearby resort being the one to encourage them to build another resort to be ahead of the supposed tourism boom (better hope he's right). If the comforts of western living are so important to them, why not just make an arrangement for the family to stay at his buddy's resort for a few months while the other is being built? Or wait to to move the family out until the new one is nearly finished (it looked like they had barely broken ground)? "So I would have to fix this thing MYSELF? So I'm paying over our budget and there's no oven or hot water?" These are not unreasonable complaints for the average renter, obviously, but when you are moving someplace where so many people clearly live MUCH simpler, you can shut your pie hole about a leak in the ceiling and having to dump some chemicals in your backyard pool.
  3. Zizzlezazzle

    House Hunters International

    Welp, finally a pair of house hunters that melted this cold, black heart: the Omaha couple was adorable. Sure, their initial budget expectations for Barcelona were naive, but what a great twist at the end that instead of going under budget far outside the city center, the husband was insistent on putting his wife's happiness first--but her first vocalizing that she would be happy in the place in the suburbs was awesome, and I wish we saw more of that on this show rather than those couples with one partner who brags about always getting his or her way at the end. But don't worry--cold black heart was perfectly intact for the woman moving to Australia and her delusional mother. Super mean, but I kept squinting at her hair wondering, "is she wearing a Bumpit? Is that a requisite for cruise directors?" And speaking from experience, making friends roommates or trying to force friendship from roommates is a great way for cohabitation to get real messy real fast. I also wanted to hide under the table when Poland guy was spinning for the dancing "friends" he was entertaining at the end of the episode. I get the feeling most of these "new friends" magically generated in just two or three months' time are people pulled off the street or hustled up via the Craigslist "gigs" section for $100 a pop and a signed waiver...
  4. Zizzlezazzle

    S04.E04: Shepwrecked

    I thought she was referring to TRav and Landon (when a caller asked if she thought they hooked up)? But neither pair has chemistry. And I don't think Whitney would even have chemistry with a liter of Coke and Mentos. When people say "he's/she's straight out of central casting" I think Daisy's appearance is literally the result of a production casting notice posted on Craigslist. Hope the pay isn't too crappy!
  5. Zizzlezazzle

    S04.E04: Shepwrecked

    oooh, putting a dozen bottles of Rosé in a bucket! Landon is practically the next Barefoot Contessa, you guys! Hope all of that toiling in the kitchen doesn't take its toll, though--Thomas "GQ" Ravenel won't tolerate hips or cankles!
  6. Zizzlezazzle

    S13.E07: The Ex Files

    There is so much resentfulness and malaise between Cait and Kris that it's extremely uncomfortable to watch. Those two need to go No Contact for a long time, until they've individually had a lot more therapy. Those "lighthearted" memories Kris shared about Cait stealing her makeup and sitting down to pee went over like a ton of bricks. It's way too soon and inappropriate to frame such anecdotes as wacky hijinks when they represent many years of stressful identity conflict for Cait. Kris's instinct to smooth this all over is to treat Cait like poor, baffled Bruce from the KUWTK days of yore, and I don't blame Cait for refusing to play along...but then don't call Kris up for facials and wine! They may have mastered cordiality for the cameras, but they are a long way from being able to enjoy each other's company again; maybe they never will.
  7. Zizzlezazzle

    S04.E03: Step and Release

    Yeah, I should be so lucky to look like Cameron BEFORE vowing to "get in shape"!!! We're the same age, and my kingdom for that metabolism and figure, if it really is just genetics. I do, however, think a lot of these Bravo women simply don't...eat, or at least when the cameras aren't rolling in preparation for their upcoming filming. Don't know about Cameron, but I think I once Read Lisa Rinna admitting "I'm hungry all the time!" which I found refreshing. You do what you gotta to be "camera ready," but I know for me it would be a giant sacrifice and so, so much work; I suspect for the vast majority of them it is too. Working out only gets you so far.
  8. Zizzlezazzle

    S04.E03: Step and Release

    As the scene opened, I was sure it was a bachelor party and he was was wearing a wig forced on him by the others. Now I can only conclude that the poor guy must have taken a wrong turn somewhere in Bushwick and just kept walking south. Do they want to follow him around for a few episodes?? I'm cool with that! I also see potential in a Craig and Gizmo spinoff, which is really the only potential he has going for him at the moment. "I don't stress," as Naomi astutely pointed out, is so insulting, as it's always code for "not my problem" and "someone else will deal with it" with people like Craig, the language of coasters blithely gliding behind others' Type A tendencies (or you know, acting like adults). Unlike his law career or JD's mentorship, he clearly doesn't yet realize that pissing away his shot with Naomi will have far worse emotional consequences for him. I see "too blessed to be stressed" Craig being stunned when she leaves him, when in fact she'll have already been done with him for awhile and was simply waiting for the right time to bail. Not here AT ALL for the Landon/T-Rav barf-a-thon. The bar gymnastics are also so cringe-worthy, as others noted. I wonder if it will take these guys seeing themselves on camera to realize how pathetic they look trolling for women ten, fifteen, even thirty years their junior and what an empty, desperate charade the whole scene is. Nah.
  9. Zizzlezazzle

    S04.E01: While the Kat's Away…

    I'm so happy Southern Charm is back! "Thom-asssss!" "Oh GORSH, Craig!" (TM Watch What Crappens guys). Austen seems like he will be a nice means to putting Shep in his place while being more confrontational about Shep's classism and snobbery that Craig is too weak to fully call him on (well and also because Craig IS a poseur). What's so wrong with being a beer rep? I don't get his parents' disapproval, unless he's not making much money and they are subsidizing his rent. My understanding of those jobs is that you can make a decent living but actually have to hustle quite a bit to make your commissions, be very knowledgable about the beverages, and target lots of merchants and bars to shmooze prospective buyers while keeping them all happy and orders organized. It's not a desk job, but you're not off getting soused every day. It wouldn't be for me, but it strikes me as a perfectly valid way for someone outgoing and personable to earn a paycheck. He seems to be doing okay for himself. One episode in, but already far too much Landon. Go away, Landon!
  10. Zizzlezazzle

    Sweet Home Oklahoma

    Awww, man! I completely cosign what you guys are saying in regards to SHO being a refreshing change from Bravo's usual "plasticky women pitted against plasticky women" fare. I also like the devoted friendships, the real talk about financial woes and past mistakes, the funny interstitials from locals. I get so tired of the forced melodrama and frequent darkness on the Real Housewives franchises... but I don't think this show belongs on Bravo. I'm actually kind of surprised Oxygen or TLC didn't snap it up, since I think it would have a much easier time winning an audience there. My crippling laziness has prevented me from looking up ratings, but does anyone know how it's doing? Maybe it's also as simple as not having enough pretty scenery to covet a la Southern Charm. It just left me underwhelmed. I get the sense that Bravo is in an exploratory "let's throw EVERYTHING at the wall at see what sticks!" phase, which must explain why I am also seeing previews for shows specifically encouraging fighting over who's a "real best friend" on a trip to Cabo (WTF???), but there's only so much diversifying you can do as a network without alienating your viewers. Do you want your offerings to be more relatable, like this show? Or to veer into Bad Girl's Club territory? Pick a damn lane!
  11. Zizzlezazzle

    S13.E04: Kim's Last Ditch Effort

    Not about to get overly precious about Jonathan Cheban's well being, but if ever there was a "look at your life/look at your choices" come to Jesus moment for this sad barnacle, I can't think of a better one than having to feign interest in Kim Kardashian's pee bag. THIS is how you're earning your paycheck? Have we reached rock bottom yet??
  12. Zizzlezazzle

    So Cosmo

    I'm watching via On Demand, why I have no idea. The biggest thing that pisses me off about this show and others of its ilk (House of DVF, Running in Heels) is all the hard working, boring normal staff members not shown, and no, not just the beleaguered yet ever camera ready interns in the fashion closets. I assume they have to do the majority of office taping after regular work hours--or else where are they hiding the rest of the Cosmo staff? The copyeditors, the photo researches, the marketing and sales teams, the administrative and executive assistants who don't get to jet off to Miami to "location scout" with Evan. So many people in the magazine industry work long and hard hours closing monthly issues, and most of them for very little pay and recognition. Kell on Earth was the only show that I feel came close to capturing the drudgery of day-to-day office work in this too often glamorized industry. I guess until they find a way to sex up Excel spreadsheets and jammed printers we'll have to pacify ourselves with Steven's tired barbs at Deandra and laying awake at night anticipating the next long-lasting, bold lip color (TM L'oreal)!
  13. Zizzlezazzle

    S05.E15: Beads, Beers and Tears

    Growing up Stassi must have been the NOLA-adjacent equivalent of the North East's bridge & tunnel kids bragging about NYC being "their city" and cutting class to take the train in and heading straight to Times Square. She's from New Orleans and her first time on Bourbon street wasn't until after prom?! We know those thirsty parents of hers were unlikely to be super protective, so I wonder what the real story was. I really did want to see some hidden gems! Silly me.
  14. Zizzlezazzle

    S05.E12: Jax's Roast

    She can cram her bigotry and her pink lemonade hued lipstick up her thirsty hoo-haw--I also don't buy that schtick for a second. A true Pentecostal, while not exactly like Fundamentalist and Evangelical Christians, and strictness varies from church to church, would condemn this entire show outright as full of sinners to be avoided at all costs--false idol worshipping, pre-marital sex and co-habitation, divorce, alcohol and substance abuse, etc, etc--homosexuality would be only one slice of the Satan SUR pie. She would have long ago dragged Brittany back home (or even cut off contact) and would never have agreed to be on camera in the first place, much less giggling over anecdotes about Brittany throwing a kegger with a "ho" theme in high school. BULL. SHIT, lady. If you're going to suddenly play the holier-than-thou card, at least convincingly commit to the part.
  15. Zizzlezazzle

    S18.E40: Live Eviction 14

    Random question/musing, are they allowed pens and paper in the house to keep journals? I would think from a production standpoint that wouldn't be allowed because then they could all have a record of who did what on which day to memorize as an obvious advantage for comps. It would be much harder to keep all of the goings-on straight if you had only your memory to rely on; then again, Paul, Nicole, and Cory had minimal trouble coming up with the days and most of the house guests from other seasons seem to fare okay in this comp too... all this is to say, I stopped rooting for James after this episode. COME ON, dude. There's zero hustle in him anymore, and the "aww, shucks, I've got a memory like a fish!" schtick is so lame this late in the season. This contest should come down to Paul and Nicole.